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Make Your Own Lament Configuration Box
  • The movie Box is 3 inches cubed (7.62 cm3)
  • The base is wood, with the 2 Priapus sides stained black and the other 4 faces stained brown
  • The panels are usually brass and very, very thin
  • The panels should be orientated like they are in HR1
  • There are six different panels, all of which can be found in this special directory
Join the Emporium
To sell your own homemade Hellraiser puzzles here, you only need to do two things:
  1. For each different type of puzzle you want to sell, donate a copy to me.
  2. Read and agree to the rules.
This page is provided as a service to the Hellraiser community in response to the hundreds of emails I've received asking: "where can I get the Box?"  When buying puzzles from this page, please keep in mind:
  • Purchase puzzles at your own risk.
  • I, Scarecrow, am not responsible for any troubles you may have with a seller and I will not get involved in any disputes.
  • If you have a legitimate complaint about a seller, email me about it.

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*    Xane's Workshop
Prop-Quality Hellraiser 1 Box Replicas
29 Mar 2001

*    The Pyramid Gallery
Esoteric art replicas - Featuring the secret geometry of Philip LeMarchand
28 May 2001

*    Toy Maker's Studio
Percision Works of Art... or Gateways to Eternal
22 Oct 2002

*    The Puzzle Box Maker
Handmade replicas of the Lament Configuration
13 Nov 2005