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Birmingham, UK based Gary Smart has been a lifelong fan of all things horror. He first fell in love with the Hellraiser franchise after watching Hellbound: Hellraiser II at the age of 8 and being mesmerised by the Channard Cenobite.
Smart’s Hellbound Chronicles debut came in 2011 with the gory ‘A Mother’s Love’ featuring a story based around the Channard massacre. Since then Smart has completed ‘Pleasure and Pain’, ‘A Family Reunion’ and ‘The Dead and the Damned: Parts 1 and 2.
Gary is also the co-author of the book ‘The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead’, the documentary ‘More Brains: A Return to the Living Dead’ and also contributed to the release of the 2012 Limited Edition blu-ray steelbook release of ‘The Return of the Living Dead’.

Chronicles work Script, A Mother's Love(Issue 21)
Cover, A Mother's Love(Issue 21)
Pin-Up, A Mother's Love(Issue 21)
Artwork, A Mother's Love(Issue 21)
Script, Pleasure and Pain(Issue 28)
Cover, Pleasure and Pain(Issue 28)
Pin-Up, Pleasure and Pain(Issue 28)
Artwork, Pleasure and Pain(Issue 28)
Cover, The Dead and the Damned Part I (Issue 31)
Artwork, The Dead and the Damned Part II (Issue 32)
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