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Gordon Napier

Drawing of Scarecrow Cenobite
Drawing of Scarecrow Cenobite
Writer Bio

Gordon Napier is an artist and illustrator based in Buckinghamshire, UK. He is inspired by historic and mythological subjects. History is his other area of expertise. He is also the author of two factual books on the Knights Templar, which incorporated some of his illustrations. He has provided illustrations for other publications, and has sold and exhibited paintings internationally. He has also designed products for a major manufacturer of gothic/fantasy merchandise, and worked as a Creative Designer for a company specializing in gothic and fantasy clothing. He is currently working freelance as an artist and illustrator, and welcomes proposals for future projects.

Websites Gordon Napier's Website
"dashinvaine" Deviant Art Page
Chronicles work Script, Her Room in Hell (Issue 03)
Artwork, Her Room in Hell (Issue 03)
Cover, Her Room in Hell (Issue 03)
Pin-Up, Her Room in Hell (Issue 03)
Cover, Dark Waters (Issue 08)
Script, Sisters Under the Skin (Issue 10)
Script, King of the World (Issue 12)
Artwork, King of the World (Issue 12)
Cover, King of the World (Issue 12)
Pin-Up, King of the World (Issue 12)
Artwork, Inspiration for a Guillotine (Issue 16)
Script, Art of Darkness (Issue 24)
Contributor, Bindings II (Issue 26)
Artwork, Black Widow (upcoming)
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