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Brian Dell
Brian Dell with Clive Barker
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Anna is from Sweden and is a fan of Hellraiser, Aliens and Predator. As well as drawn art she enjoys sculpting.

Websites "redtackz" Deviant Art Page
Chronicles work Artwork, Welcome to Oblivion (Issue 01)
Cover, Welcome to Oblivion (Issue 01)
Pin-Up, Pleasures of the Flesh (Issue 02)
Pin-Up, Of Gods and Angels (Issue 04)
Artwork, In Dreams (Issue 07)
Cover, In Dreams (Issue 07)
Artwork, Bindings (Issue 11)
Pin-Up, Dark Waters (Issue 08)
Artwork, House of Hell (Issue 14)
Cover, House of Hell (Issue 14)
Artwork, Scar Tissue (Issue 17)
Cover, Scar Tissue (Issue 17)
Cover, Art of Darkness (Issue 24)
Artwork, Art of Darkness (Issue 24)
Pin-Up, Art of Darkness (Issue 24)
Artwoork, Bindings II (Issue 26)
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