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Mark Adams

Drawing of Scarecrow Cenobite

Drawing of the Scarecrow Cenobite by Daniel Holland

Writer Bio

Mark Adams is a dedicated Hellraiser and Clive Barker fan who took over the running of The Hellbound Web in April 2003. A student of film and a self-confessed fanboy, Mark's favourite Hellraiser film is Hellbound and his favourite Cenobite is Doctor Channard.

He has loved Hellraiser since around 1998 and hopes one day to see a decent new film in the cinema.

Websites Hellraiser: The Hellbound Web
Chronicles work Editor, Hellbound Chronicles
Script, Cut From the Same Cloth (Issue A)
Script, Welcome to Oblivion (Issue 01)
Script, Pleasures of the Flesh (Issue 02)
Script, Of Gods and Angels (Issue 04)
Script, In Dreams (Issue 07)
Script, Dark Waters (Issue 08)
Editor, Bindings (Issue 11)
Script, King of the World (Issue 12)
Script, House of Hell (Issue 14)
Script, Art of Darkness (Issue 24)
Editor, Bindings II (Issue 26)
Script, The Infernal Machine (upcoming)
Script, Demons & Angels (upcoming)
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