The Hellbound Web
Site FAQs

Is this the official Hellraiser site?
No. The Hellbound Web has nothing to do with Miramax, Dimension, Marvel Comics, or Clive Barker. I'm simply an obsessed fan.

How can I help?
On the bottom of pages I need help with, there will be a button. Click on this for instructions.

What do all of those abbreviations stand for?
THW = The Hellbound Web. To save time and typing, titles of movies, stories and comics are also abbreviated. A full list of title abbreviations will be posted here in the future.

Where can I get up-to-date Hellraiser news?
That would be in our newsletter, Leviathan's Lamentations.

Where can I buy Hellraiser stuff?
The Shoppe is a good place to start.

Can you send me pictures, movies and sounds?
No. Download them yourself.

Can you tell me about [some aspect of Hellraiser]?
No. Everything I know is contained in these pages. If you have a question, ask the people in the Forum.

Why are the Tortured Souls on a Hellraiser page?
I see the Tortured Souls as Barker's revised Cenobites. Check out Hellraiser vs Tortured Souls.

How often do you update?
Whenever I have the drive. Believe it or not, there are periods of time where I am not interested in Hellraiser!

When's the site going to be finished?
Unless I figure out how to make this my full time job, years and years and years.