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About The Shoppe Associate Store 

Buying things from here donates money to THW?
Certain books you buy here donate 15% of their cost to THW. All other merchandise donates 5% of their cost to THW.

What is the money used for?
The money earned from this store is only used to support THW. A complete disclosure of finances can be found here.

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 The Puzzle Emporium 

Do you make any money from these pages?
No. These pages are a service to the Hellraiser community. Everyone always wants to know where they can buy a Box and no official Boxes are being made. So, the next best option is to have real fans make accurate models of puzzles. The only payment I get from this page is the fact that my "Where can I buy the Box???" emails have gone down.

But, you get free puzzles from this page. Isn't that payment?
A little bit. Getting copies of all puzzles being sold here is necessary, and I certainly can't afford to buy one of each puzzle everyone wants to sell here. I explain more about this in the Puzzle Emporium Rules.

Can I sell a puzzle here?
Sure. Just read the Puzzle Emporium Rules first.

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