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Is this for real?
Yes. I'm completely honest here.

What happens if you make a profit?
I will ask the Hellraiser Message Board members what I should use it for. We could buy some kind of fancy chat room program, buy prizes for contests, or just put it in a savings account until we decide what to do with it.

Is the Amazon Associates store the only shoppe that brings in money?
Yes. (and some of that money comes from me, spending way too much on DVDs and books)

Can I donate money?
Of course! Paypal might be a good way of doing this. Email me and we'll talk about it.

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 Leviathan's Lamentations 

How often do you update this page?
I typically update it after I gather enough new Hellraiser news to make it worth while. I don't have a set schedule. On average, the page gets updated 6-8 times a year.

How do I contribute news?
Click on the button at the bottom of the page.

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Why don't you put your awards on the main page like other websites?
Some people give out awards only as a way of gaining links back to their page. I solve this problem by collecting them all in one page buried inside of the site. I still link back to the award-giver's page, but they don't get free advertising on the main page. This also reduces clutter on the main page.

Why are some of the links broken?
Websites change addresses or die all of the time. I don't check the links on this page very often. If the giver of the award fails to let me know they're moving their page, the broken link is their fault and not mine.

Can I send you an award?
Of course! No matter where it comes from, I'm always honored. Just send me an email about it.

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Where's my name?
I'm sorry. To tell you the truth, I tend to forget about this page. If you contributed to this site, please email me and I'll add you to the thank-you list.

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