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When are all of these encyclopedias going to be done?
A long, long time from now. For the movies, I have to get the scripts into The Library first. Then I have to sit down with the script and the DVD and comb out all of the details. For the comics, I use a similar process. All of this is very time consuming. I have to be in the proper mood to want to work on the encycs. I am really looking forward to finishing them all. I'm personally interested to see how the Census of Hell and Puzzle Directory encyclopedias turns out.
Can I use your encyclopedias on my own page?
Absolutely not. The encyclopedias are the only thing on this site that is 100% mine. It's the only thing that is unique about this site. They are all also copyrighted by my company, Cenobitical Productions.

I see little definition and biography links under some entries. What are those?
These will open up pop-up windows giving your more information on the subject. This information is Real World stuff... not Hellraiser Universe stuff. That is why I place it in a separate windows. The information it contains doesn't necessarily pertain to the Hellraiser Universe, but is useful (and, dare I say, interesting) as background knowledge. If you have a program that kills web browser pop-ups, these won't work for you.

Objects? Some of these entries aren't really "Objects!"
If you can think of a better catch-all term for that section of the encyclopedias, please let me know. I'm using a broad definions of the word "object," encompassing more than physical things.

Why are the Tortured Souls on a Hellraiser page?
I see the Tortured Souls as Barker's revised Cenobites. Check out Hellraiser vs Tortured Souls.

Is it Duraf or Duarf Cascarellian?
Barker uses each name twice in Tortured Souls: Six Destinies. He uses "Duraf" in Books Two and Four, and "Duarf" in Book Three. Since "Duraf" spans more than one book and sounds better, I chose that as Cascarellian's official first name.

How do I contribute?
Click on the button at the bottom of the page.

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