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"[A]n ancient entity", "he is a transformer of human flesh; a creator of monsters" whose work has a "bacterial brightness". "Over the years, over the centuries, he has been the answer to countless prayers for deliverance from powerlessness." By "cutting, infibulating, searing, cauterizing, stretching, twisting, reconfiguring," Agonistes remakes his Supplicants into "the image of their terror." Agonistes is summoned by sincere prayers. He is a legend exchanged between assassins. Lucidique introduced Kreiger to him. Agonistes offered to "make [him] the terror of Emperors." When Kreiger accepted, Agonistes took him into the Desert for 8 nights and "traumatically reconfigure[d]" him into the Scythe-Meister. When Lucidique had Cascarellian take her to the desert, Agonistes used his skills in transformation on her. After killing the Emperor, the Scythe-Meister saw him in the desert and Agonistes told him Lucidique was the only thing that could make him happy. When the Sythe-Meister was killed by Venal Anatomica, Lucidique went searching for Agonistes hoping he could resurrect her lover but he never appeared.

The Blind One
See Venal Anatomica.

General Bogoto
One of three Generals who took charge of running Primordium after the Great Insurrection. He was a violent sadist yet possessed a "sickly sentimentality" focused on his mother as well as "a startling capacity for superstition". He met with Urbano and Montefalco and they decided to rid the city of anything unnatural. Montefalco took him to see Talisac where he asked how the Doctor got himself pregnant. If Talisac provided them with a monster of their own he didn't care how many children Talisac had as long as they were kept away from him. After visiting Talisac they returned to their Military Headquarters. When life became difficult he would "seek the comfort of a women called Greta Sabatier" and so visited her shortly after seeing Talisac which had sickened him. She was a fortune teller whose advice had shaped much of his choices in his life though he kept this hidden from the other Generals. She told him that Talisac would bring harm to the world and that she saw death in his future. She advised him to leave Primordium and predicted its destruction. Bogoto was surprised to hear Greta was leaving. Lucidique killed General Bogoto when she returned to Primordium after over forty years in the desert.

"A [naked] female dwarf" who acted as Talisac's assistant. She guided the Generals down into Talisac's laboratory where she translated Talisac's mumblings. She met Montefalco when he returned to Talisac's laboratory and informed him of Venal Anatomica's name. She told Montefalco that Venal would obey him only and requested to come with them. He agreed as long as Camille would cover up and so she put on a "flea-bitten fur coat". Talisac called for her help when threatened by the Mongroid but she had already left.

Cardinal Gaillema
Author of the heretical A Trestise on the Madness of God. He argued that on the seventh day of creation, an exhausted Jehovah created "destroyers and demons."

Cascarellian, Duraf
A gangster in Primordium. He hired Kreiger at the age of 14 as a runner, and later promoted him to assassin. He "treated Kreiger like a son; protecting him from capture by sending men out after Kreiger to clean up after one of his murders." When Lucidique's father criticized the Emperor, Cascarellian had Kreiger kill him. He later realized that Kreiger was the Scythe-Meister. In order to protect himself, he had his sons kidnap Lucidique. She convinced him to bring her out into the desert. Thinking the Scythe-Meister was waiting for her there, he agreed. With a dust storm approaching, Lucidique escaped. Cascarellian ran after her, and then stabbed her in the heart. Eight days later, Lucidique castrated him and cut out his heart.

Cascarellian's Sons
They kidnapped Lucidique and tormented her. When Lucidique returned from the desert, she killed them all. Malleus was seen chewing on a part of one of them by Cascarellian before he died as well.

Emperor Perfetto XI
"[C]ontrolled Primordium for sixteen years until the Great Insurrection." "[A] man familiar with every corruption of mind and spirit. He lived in excessive luxury, in a palace he believed impregnable, caring little or nothing for the two and three quarter million people who occupied Primordium." He ordered the death of Lucidique's father. Kreiger, as the Scythe-Meister, killed him and his entire family.

See Jehovah.

God-fearing Citizens
Lucidique was named in the prayers of "tens of thousands of God-fearing citizens... who begged the Lord to keep them and their faces safe from her".

Holy Child
See Mongroid.

See Mongroid.

Infant of the Second Coming
See Mongroid.

Iscariot, Judas
A Supplicant of Agonistes. He was the only Supplicant to ever been granted the comfort of death; Agonistes hung him from a tree.

Also: God
According to Cardinal Gaillema, Agonistes' creator. Instead of resting on the seventh day of creation, Jehovah, "driven into a kind of ecstatic fugue state by the labours of His Creation," created "destroyers and demons."

Kreiger, Zarles
See The Scythe-Meister.

They lived in the murdered Senator's house on Diamanda Street. Voyeurs came to try and glimpse them making love and they created a reputation for the house. "They seemed to be hybrids; one third human, one third metallic, one third the no man's land between flesh and devices made to strip it and slash it and scour it". They bled as they made love and kisses each others wounds. When the Urbano and Montefalco witnessed the lovers the Generals decided to have them killed.

The daughter of a Senator critical of the Perfetto Dynasty. She discovered Kreiger arranging her dead father's body on the dinner table, and she asked that he show her the city. Upon viewing the poverty of Primordium, Lucidique convinced Kreiger that killing the Emperor was necessary. At the West Gate of Primordium, Lucidique introduced Kreiger to Agonistes. Eight nights later, she awoke to discover that Kreiger, as the Scythe-Meister, had slaughtered the entire Perfetto Dynasty. She had been seen talking to the Scythe-Meister after the Great Insurrection so, out of fear, Cascarellian had his sons kidnap her. She convinced him to take her into the desert. She escaped Cascarellian, but was caught and stabbed in the heart by him. Agonistes remade her over the course of 8 days and 8 nights. When she emerged from the desert, she killed Cascarellian's sons and then castrated him and cut out his heart before returning to her father's house. At night she would go out into the back-alleys of Primordium and, one night, she was re-united with the Scythe-Meister. She slept with him and believed it felt taboo as they were "both Agonistes' children". When the Scythe-Meister wanted them to leave Primordium she persuaded him to stay and see how the events they began would end. She and the Scythe-Meister made love in her dead father's house. When he didn't return from picking her flowers in her garden, Lucidique went in search of the Scythe-Meister. She found that he had been attacked by Venal Anatomica who then hunted her. Lucidique hid up a tree she had climbed as a child, when Venal Anatomica tried to use the dying Scythe-Meister as bait she jumped down and slit his eyes. She took the Scythe-Meister's body out into the desert to look for Agonistes, hoping he could resurrect her lover. She never found him and after a week she buried his body and never strayed far from it. After forty-one years Lucidique returned to her father's house in Primordium. She killed randomly, her victims including the three Generals, and she went to see the Mongroid and Venal Anatomica. She somethimes thought about returning to the Scythe-Meisters grave and letting the sand bury her but decided she had to stay in Primordium. Lucidique felt she gained "a kind of immortality" from those who prayed to be kept safe from her.

Lucidique's Father
A Senator critical of the Perfetto Dynasty. He said that they were "using the people's taxes to fund [their] own pleasures." The Emperor ordered Cascarellian to kill him. Cascarellian ordered Kreiger to kill him. Kreiger gutted him.

Cascarellian's old dog. He was chewing on a piece of Cascarellian's sons when Lucidique arrived.

Cascarellian's chauffeur for 30 years. He drove the car containing Lucidique and Cascarellian to the desert.

Also: Infant of the Second Coming, Homunculus, Holy Child
Mongroid "walked, crab-like, on four hands" and had "a well-formed head" which had some resembelance to Talisac. It's stomach "split open, revealing a vast mouth, completely arrayed with glistening teeth". "It was a creature of instinct" that would be denied nothing. Mongroid was the child of Talisac, a virgin birth created from semen and science. It grew in "a semi-translucent bag hung from the lower portion of [Talisac's] abdomen, down between his spidery legs" which it tore its way out of. "It had more self-reliance than any creature five minutes old should reasonably have" and quickly learnt to distinguish between the living and the dead. It licked up the fluids that leaked from the womb that had held it despite Talisac's commands not to. Mongroid killed and devoured Talisac. It then went to live in the sewers of Primordium.

General Montefalco
One of three Generals who took charge of running Primordium after the Great Insurrection. He was a violent sadist yet possessed a "sickly sentimentality" focused on "girls of six or seven" as well as "a startling capacity for superstition". He met with Urbano and Bogoto and they decided to rid the city of anything unnatural. He installed Talisac in a laboratory under the Hospice of the Sacred Heart after having the nuns removed. He took Bogoto and Urbano there to see if Talisac could provide them with a creature "that will drive the unholy elements out of Primordium". He agreed not to harm Talisac's Mongroid as long as he was given his own creature. After visiting Talisac they returned to their Military Headquarters. Montefalco heard the reputation of the house on Diamanda Street and visited it late at night. He saw the lovers and felt "a wave of something like superstition" pass through and sicken him. He saw Urbano there and they agreed to kill the lovers. Montefalco went back to see Talisac alone and was greeted by Camille who led him to Venal Anatomica. He unveiled Venal from beneath a tapestry. Camille told Montefalco that Venal was loyal to him alone and then all three left together. When Venal Anatomica was blinded he took care of him "out of a bizarre sense of loyalty" and ordered that anyone found taunting him was to be shot. Lucidique killed him when she returned to Primordium over forty years later.

Pilate, Pontius
A Supplicant of Agonistes.

A citizen of Primordium in favor of a representative government, instead of the monarchy.

A citizen of Primordium in favor of the monarchy, instead of a representative government.

Sabatier, Greta
"A reader of fortunes", she read the future from a dirty pack of cards. General Bogoto often visited her and based much of his decisions on her advice. She warned him that talisac would bring harm to the world and that he should leave Primordium. Greta left to go to Calyx but was killed by bandits on the way, "a fate she had not forseen".

The Scythe-Meister
Also: Zarles Kreiger
"[A] messy killer." "He liked to use scythes, first disembowelling his victims then strangling them with their own entrails." He born with the name Zarles Kreiger and "came from the lowest strata of the city". At 14-years-old, he became a runner for "the gangster Duarf Cascarellian... a man who would do anything for a price." His willingness to do anything asked of him allowed him to become an assassin for Cascarellian. He was often ordered to kill critics of the Emperor. Cascarellian had him kill Lucidique's father. She discovered him arranging her father's body on the dinner table, and she asked that he show her the city. Upon viewing the poverty of Primordium and remembering his troubled childhood, Kreiger agreed to kill the Emperor. Lucidique introduced him to Agonistes, who took Kreiger into the Desert. He was remade into the Scythe-Meister over the course of 8 days and 8 nights. The "machinations of his flesh had been bound to Agoniste's own creations. Silver bonded with bone and nerve; gold and bronze the same"" and his flesh had a "sickly luminescence... a bacterial brightness". Parts of his body were designed never to heal. He returned to Primordium as the Scythe-Meister, and slaughtered the Emperor and his entire family, wiping out the Perfetto Dynasty. After his slaughter, The Scythe-Meister returned to the desert to meditate on his new form. Here he met Agonistes who told him he would only find happiness with Lucidique. They made love in her dead father's home, the Scythe-Meister wanted to leave Primordium but Lucidique persuaded him to stay until the cities end. After having sex with Lucidique in her bedroom he went into the garden to pick flowers where Venal Anatomica attacked him, taking him by surprise. His face ripped apart and his flesh had been "torn away from its seating, exposing the breastbone and the ribs and the long bone of his thigh". The Scythe-Meister tried to warn Lucidique when she came in search of him. Venal Anatomica used the Scythe-Meister as bait to lure Lucidique out of hiding, holding him up like a doll. He died from blood loss and Lucidique buried his body in the desert.

One who seeks Agonistes's services. "They become objects of perverse beauty beneath his hand; their bodies remade in fashions that they have no power to dictate." Agonistes "has transformed potentates and gangsters, failed actors and architects; women who've been cheated by their husbands and come seeking a new form to greet their adulterer in their marriage beds; school mistresses and perfumiers, dog-trainers and charcoal burners. The mighty and the insignificant, the noble and the peasant." Through "cutting, infibulating, searing, cauterizing, stretching, twisting, reconfiguring," Agonistes remakes his Supplicants into "the image of their terror."

Dr Talisac
Dr Talisac was a scientist hired by Montefalco to create the perfect soldier, Monterfalco had him hidden in a secret laboratory beneath the Hospice of the Sacred Heart. "[Talisac] hung by his mouth from a device whose purpose was beyond... comprehension, his mouth hooked up, as though he were a fish... he had created some kind of external womb for himself. A semi-translucent bag hung from the lower portion of his abdomen, down between his spidery legs". He hoped to give birth to a "perfect, vicious child... a hymn to the glories of testosterone". His maimed mouth meant he could not communicate well and his assistant, Camille, translated for him. "The dead were Talisac's raw material" and "he was an unenonomic consumer" taking only small pieces from each body. He felt that he had always been alone, "even in the company of his fellow human beings", and all he had were his failures and his ambition. Talisac spent years experimenting on himself and others. He told Bogoto he got himself pregnant through science. He promised to build them a fiend to rid Primordium of monsters if they promised to leave his child alone. He also asked that General Montefalco come alone on his next visit. Greta predicted that Talisac's actions would cause harm to the world. He created Venal Anatomica for the Generals but it had no loyalty to him. Having made himself pregnant he came to believe that there was something holy about his child as "it was another Virgin Birth". Talisac hoped to produce something praiseworthy so that Montefalco would fund him for "further, more ambitious researches" but was disappointed when he gave birth to the Mongroid. He aimed to subdue and vivisect it to learn from his errors before trying again. However, the Mongroid killed and devoured Talisac shortly after its birth.

General Urbano
One of three Generals who took charge of running Primordium after the Great Insurrection. He was a violent sadist yet possessed a "sickly sentimentality" focused on his mother as well as "a startling capacity for superstition". He met with Bogoto and Montefalco and they decided to rid the city of anything unnatural. Montefalco took him to see Talisac. After visiting Talisac they returned to their Military Headquarters. Urbano went to Diamanda Street and threw up after seeing the lovers. He agreed with Montefalco that the lovers should be killed. Lucidique killed General Urbano when she returned to Primordium after over forty years in the desert.

Venal Anatomica
Also: The Blind One
Venal Anatomica was created by Dr Talisac for the three Generals. "It was of heroic size, nine feet tall or more. It had death's face, and was equipped with a variety of medieval murder weapons. There were nails crudely hammered into its shoulder and leg. Blood had coagulated around the nails, but when Anatomica began to move fresh blood bubbled up from the wounds and ran down his body". "A charnel-house child", Venal Anatomica was "made of parcels of rotten flesh and nerve and bone, all nailed together and given foetid breath". It had "a misshapen head, armoured shoulders, the chest of an ox... it walked with a pronounced limp, dragging its left leg" and "a hood of flesh slid slickly back from the upper half of its face, revealing its skeletal features". It had no loyalty to its creator, only to General Montefalco who collected Venal from Talisac's laboratory. Venal Anatomica attacked the Scythe-Meister, tearing his flesh apart, before waiting for Lucidique in her garden. He attacked Lucidique who managed to blind him causing Venal to go into "a state of child-like terror". Montefalco took care of Venal Anatomica after this, having anyone tauntiing the blinded creature shot. Venal continued to live in Primordium's graveyards, eating the bodies of the recently dead.

They went to Diamanda Street and "lingered in the shadows of the nearby houses" in order to try and see the lovers in the dead Senator's house.


Bedroom, Lucidique's
Lucidique and the Scythe-Meister made love here. It "stank of the pungent oil that their violently transfigured bodies gave off". The window looked out over the garden where the Scythe-Meister went to fetch flowers in order to cover up the smell. When Lucidique returned to Primordium decades later she returned to this room.

Bunker, Talisac's
Located at The Hospice of the Sacred Heart. Filled with "dirt and corpses", this is where Talisac gave birth to the Mongroid.

The Burning Places
Where Agonistes can be found. These can be deserts, or within cities in "places where despair has seared away all belief in hope and love."

Another city close to Primordium. Greta meant to go there and escape the destruction of Primordium but was killed by bandits on the way.

See Graveyards.

Charnel Houses
Venal Anatomica haunted the Charnel Houses when Lucidique returned to Primordium.

"[V]ast and largely uncharted, out to the West and South-West of the city. The West Gate stood between Primordium and the Desert. Agonistes took Kreiger here for 8 nights to remake him into the Scythe-Meister. Later, Lucidique convinced Cascarellian to take her here. A dust storm containing Agonistes took her away. After the Great Insurrection, the Scythe-Meister meditated on his changed state and spoke to Agonistes here. When the Scythe-Meister was killed Lucidique went out into the desert in search of Agonistes who hid amongst sandstorms but "the desert was preternaturally still". The Scythe-Meister was burried here and Lucidique lived near it for forty-one years. Lucidique later contemplated going to the desert to die.

Diamanda Street
The location of the house that once belonged to the murdered Senator. People came here to try and "catch a glimpse of the lovers".

Dreyfus Hill
The location of The Hospice of the Sacred Heart.

Garden, Senator's
"The garden was large, and its layout complex" and it featured "narrow, labyrinthine paths" and "secret groves". As well as numerous thorn bushes and thick vegetation there was a large tree with a "verdant canopy" that Lucidique "had climbed a thousand times as a child". "The garden was full of sweet smelling flowers... and some of the strangest scents were those of blossoms that opened after dark". The Scythe-Meister was attacked and killed here whislt picking flowers for Lucidique. Lucidique hid from Venal Anatomica in the large tree before blinding him and leaving with the Scythe-Meister's body.

Also: Cemetery

Venal Anatomica haunted these places, often digging up and eating the dead.

The Hospice of the Sacred Heart
"An enormous edifice, it's upper floors in darkness". General Montefalco had the nuns that lived here removed by his men who abused them. He hid Talisac here and had trespassers "killed and thrown in the canal".

House, Senator's
Located on Diamanda Street it used to belong to a murdered Senator, Lucidique's father. "Passers by heard the sound of lovemaking" and it soon gathered a reputation. "Energy seeping out from open windows" was felt here and voyeurs came "hoping to catch a glimpse of the lovers". Generals Montefalco and Urbano visited it and were sickened by what they saw. Lucidique and the Scythe-Meister lived here until he was killed by Venal Anatomica. When Lucidique returned forty-one years later she was surprised to find it still standing, it had been "left by authorities too superstitious to knock it down". She once more occupied her fathers house.

Laboratory, Talisac's
"His [Talisac's] workspace had been dug out of the earth so as to accommodate the scale of the Doctor's experimentation and still preserve the secrey of the location". Found under The Hospice of the Sacred Heart, down two flights of stairs, the laboratory stank of the grave and was littered with corpses that served as Talisac's raw material. When Montefalco returned to collect Venal Anatomica he found it had "deteriorated considerably". The bodies were now devoid of moisture "leaving them withered". Talisac hung in the shadows and Venal Anatomica was located "at the end of the chamber... covered with a threadbare tapestry".

Military Headquarters
The three Generals returned here to wait for Talisac to create them a creature.

The Emperor Perfetto's estate. The Scythe-Meister was spotted washing his weapon in a fountain here, and speaking with Lucidique by one of Cascarellian's spies.

A "vast, degenerate city-state.". "[A]ccording to many sources, the first city ever built." "[I]t was ruled by a dynasty of Emperors." It has an "illegal immigrant quarter". "Inundated in unholy matters", General Urbanao believed "this damned city is haunted". Following the Great Insurrection, people were fleeing Primordium for either safer cities or the country. When General Bogoto went to see Greta she predicted Primordium's destruction. In one night Primordium lost two monsters (Lucidique and the Scythe-Meister) and gained two new ones (Venal Anatomica and the Mongroid). Forty-one years after she left, Lucidique returned here, she decided to stay perhaps until Primordium burnt down. In the end there were three monsters in Primordium, "the Mongroid in the sewers, Venal Anatomica in the charnel houses, [Lucidique] in her father's mansion.

The Mongroids "excremental kingdom". Lucidique went and viewed it here when she returned to Primordium.

A place in Primordium where "the rich food disgorged by the wealthy and over-fed could be purchased for a small amount of money, and consumed a second time." Kreiger ate here as a child.

West Gate
The barrier between the Desert and Primordium. Lucidique introduced Kreiger to Agonistes here.

Winter Palace
The Emperor's estate. "[A]ny one room of which contained sufficient wealth to clear the slums of the city, and feed every starving child."


Age of Lovers
A period in Primordium's history. The creation of Venal Anatomica signalled that it was coming to an end.

These "sweet smelling flowers" that only opened after dark had "some of the strangest scents" which were "giddyingly strong". Lucidique and the Scythe-Meister used them to cover up the "bitter and unpleasant smell" that their transformed bodies gave off. The blossoms included honeysuckle and jasmine. The Scythe-Meister had gone to collect some for Lucidique when Venal Anatmoica attacked him.

They regularly eulogized General Bogoto. He wondered if Greta knew his profession from the broadsheets.

Cards, Pack of
Greta Sabatier used this dirty pack of cards to read the future. It included a card called The Tower.

First Art
Also: Holy Art
"The art God used to call life into being." Agonistes claims this is what he practices when he transforms the flesh of Supplicants.

Great Insurrection
When the Scythe-Meister slaughtered the Emperor Perfetto XI and his entire family.

Holy Art
See First Art.

A Treatise on the Madness of God
"A heretical volume in the Vatican Library... written by one Cardinal Gaillema in the mid-seventeenth century." In it, Gaillema argued that on the seventh day of creation, an exhausted Jehovah created "destroyers and demons." One of these was Agonistes.

Perfetto Dynasty
The rulers of Primordium for 11 generations. Over the years, it had "produced a capacity for cruelty that would have challenged the worst excesses of Rome's corrupted Caesars." It was slaughtered by the Scythe-Meister.

Prayer to Agonistes
'O Agonistes, dark deliverer, make me in the image of my enemies' nightmares. Let my flesh be the stuff from which you carve their terrors; let my skull be a bell which sounds their death-knell. Give me a song to sing, which will be the song of their despair, and let them wake and find me singing it at the bottom of their beds.

'Unmake me, unknit me, transform me.

'And if you cannot do that for me, Agonistes, then let me be excrement; let me be nothing; less than nothing.

'For I want to be the terror of my enemies, or I want oblivion.

'The choice, Lord, is yours.'

The Second Coming
Talisac believed the Mongroid to be the infant of the Second Coming. "It was another Virgin Birth" which he hoped would be "a hymn to the glories of testosterone".

The Tower
A card in Greta Sabatier's pack. It was drawn when General Bogoto went to see her after visiting Talisac. It depicted, in "a simplified, even crude, form, a tower struck by lightning. Its upper half was erupting, raining down rubble, and bodies, the lower half was cracked and ready to topple". Greta claimed it showed one of the possible futures for Primordium.

The leaders of "the Military junta that had taken charge of the running of the city" following the Great Insurrection. It consisted of Generals Bogoto, Urbano and Montefalco.

Virgin Birth
Mongroid was to be another Virgin Birth having been conceived through science, using only Talisac's semen, rather than sexual intercourse.


7th Day of Creation Agonistes is created by Jehovah.
Before 3000 BCE Primordium founded.
Early 1st Century Pontius Pilate and Judas Iscariot become Supplicants of Agonistes.
Mid 1700s Cardnial Gaillema writes A Treatise on the Madness of God.
16 Years Before Day 1 Emperor Perfetto XI begins his reign.
Day 1 Kreiger kills Lucidique's father.
Lucidique convinces Kreiger to kill the Emperor.
Day 2, 01:09 a.m. Lucidique introduces Kreiger to Agonistes.
Day 10 The Great Insurrection: The Scythe-Meister slaughters the royal family.
Days 11 - 13 Minor insurrections break out across Primordium.
Day 14 Cascarellian kidnaps Lucidique. Lucidique convinces Cascarellian to take her to the desert.
Day 15 Cascarellian takes Lucidique to the desert. He stabs her and leaves her there.
Agonistes remakes Lucidique over 8 nights
Day 23 Lucidique kills Cascarellian and his sons.
Post Great Insurrection

Generals Montefalco, Urbano and Bogoto take charge of Primordium.

Day 1

The Generals decide to rid Primordium of demonic forces. Lucidique goes out and is reunited with the Scythe-Meister. They make love at her father's house.

Day 4

Montefalco takes the other Generals to see Dr Talisac. He promises to give them their own fiend if they do not harm his unborn child. The Scythe-Meister asks Lucidique to leave Primordium but she persuades him to stay.

Day 4 (night)

Bogoto visits Greta Sabatier who warns him to leave Primordium before its destruction.

Day 5

Greta is killed by bandits on her way to Calyx.

Day 5 (night)

Montefalco and Urbano visit Diamanda Street and see the lovers who they decide to have killed.

Day 5 (later night)

Montefalco visits Talisac and collects Venal Anatomica. He leaves with the creature and Camille.

Day 5 (night) Talisac gives birth to Mongroid who kills his father. Venal Anatomica kills the Scythe-Meister. Lucidique blinds Venal Anatomica and leaves Primordium with the Scythe-Meisters body.
Day 8

Lucidique buries the Scythe-Meister in the desert.

41 Years After Day 8

Lucidique returns to Primordium. Lucidique kills Generals Urbano, Bogoto and Montefalco.


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