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Tortured Souls: Six Destinies
Book Five: The Haunter of Primordium
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General Bogoto
One of the three Generals ruling Primordium. After visiting Talisac they returned to their Military Headquarters. When life became difficult he would "seek the comfort of a women called Greta Sabatier" and so visited her shortly after seeing Talisac which had sickened him. She was a fortune teller whose advice had shaped much of his choices in his life though he kept this hidden from the other Generals. She told him that Talisac would bring harm to the world and that she saw death in his future. She advised him to leave Primordium and predicted its destruction. Bogoto was surprised to hear Greta was leaving.
A naked female dwarf who acted as Talisac's assistant. She met Montefalco when he returned to Talisac's laboratory and informed him of Venal Anatomica's name. She told Montefalco that Venal would obey him only and requested to come with them. He agreed as long as Camille would cover up and so she put on a "flea-bitten fur coat".
General Montefalco
One of the three Generals ruling Primordium. After visiting Talisac they returned to their Military Headquarters. Montefalco heard the reputation of the house on Diamanda Street and visited it late at night. He saw the lovers and felt "a wave of something like superstition" pass through and sicken him. He saw Urbano there and they agreed to kill the lovers. He went back to see Talisac alone and was greeted by Camille. She led him to Venal Anatomica who Montefalco unveiled from beneath a tapestry. Camille told Montefalco that Venal was loyal to him alone and then all three left together.
Sabatier, Greta
"A reader of fortunes", she read the future from a dirty pack of cards. General Bogoto often visited her and based much of his decisions on her advice. She warned him that talisac would bring harm to the world and that he should leave Primordium. Greta left to go to Calyx but was killed by bandits on the way, "a fate she had not forseen".

They lived in the murdered Senator's house on Diamanda Street. Voyeurs came to try and glimpse them making love and they created a reputation for the house. "They seemed to be hybrids; one third human, one third metallic, one third the no man's land between flesh and devices made to strip it and slash it and scour it". They bled as they made love and kisses each others wounds. When the Urbano and Montefalco witnessed the lovers the Generals decided to have them killed.

Dr Talisac
A scientist who experimented on himself, he hung from hooks and had a self-made womb hanging down between his legs. Greta predicted that Talisac's actions would cause harm to the world. He created Venal Anatomica for the Generals but it had no loyalty to him.
General Urbano
One of the three Generals ruling Primordium. After visiting Talisac they returned to their Military Headquarters. Urbano went to Diamanda Street and threw up after seeing the lovers. He agreed with Montefalco that the lovers should be killed.

Venal Anatomica
Venal Anatomica was created by Dr Talisac for the three Generals. "It was of heroic size, nine feet tall or more. It had death's face, and was equipped with a variety of medieval murder weapons. There were nails crudely hammered into its shoulder and leg. Blood had coagulated around the nails, but when Anatomica began to move fresh blood bubbled up from the wounds and ran down his body". It had no loyalty to its creator, only to General Montefalco who collected Venal from Talisac's laboratory.

They went to Diamanda Street and "lingered in the shadows of the nearby houses" in order to try and see the lovers in the dead Senator's house.


Another city close to Primordium. Greta meant to go there and escape the destruction of Primordium but was killed by bandits on the way.

Diamanda Street
The location of the house that once belonged to the murdered Senator. People came here to try and "catch a glimpse of the lovers".

House, Senator's
Located on Diamanda Street it used to belong to a murdered Senator. "Passers by heard the sound of lovemaking" and it soon gathered a reputation. "Energy seeping out from open windows" was felt here and voyeurs came "hoping to catch a glimpse of the lovers". Generals Montefalco and Urbano visited it and were sickened by what they saw.

Laboratory, Talisac's
Talisac's laboratory was full of grotesqueries. When Montefalco returned he found it had "deteriorated considerably". Bodies were everywhere but were now devoid of moisture "leaving them withered". Talisac hung in the shadows here and Venal Anatomica was located "at the end of the chamber... covered with a threadbare tapestry". Once awakened Venal Anatomica left here with Montefalco and Camille.

Military Headquarters
The three Generals returned here to wait for Talisac to create them a creature.

People were fleeing Primordium for either safer cities or the country. When General Bogoto went to see Greta she predicted Primordium's destruction.


Age of Lovers
A period in Primordium's history. The creation of Venal Anatomica signalled that it was coming to an end.

They regularly eulogized General Bogoto. He wondered if Greta knew his profession from the broadsheets.

Cards, Pack of
Greta Sabatier used this dirty pack of cards to read the future. It included a card called The Tower.

The Tower
A card in Greta Sabatier's pack. It was drawn when General Bogoto went to see her after visiting Talisac. It depicted, in "a simplified, even crude, form, a tower struck by lightning. Its upper half was erupting, raining down rubble, and bodies, the lower half was cracked and ready to topple". Greta claimed it showed one of the possible futures for Primordium.


Day 1 Generals Montefalco, Urbano and Bogoto leave their meeting with Talisac.
Day 1 (night)

Bogoto visits Greta Sabatier who warns him to leave Primordium before its destruction.

Day 2

Greta is killed by bandits on her way to Calyx.

Day 2 (night)

Montefalco and Urbano visit Diamanda Street and see the lovers who they decide to have killed.

Day 2 (later night)

Montefalco visits Talisac and collects Venal Anatomica. He leaves with the creature and Camille.


Tortured Souls: Six Destinies, Book Five: The Haunter of Primordium by Clive Barker

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