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Tortured Souls: Six Destinies
Book Three: The Avenger
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"[A]n ancient entity" who "traumatically reconfigure[d]" Zarles Kreiger into the Scythe-Meister over the course of 8 days and 8 nights. When Lucidique had Cascarellian take her to the desert, Agonistes did the same for her.

Cascarellian, Don Duraf
A gangster who employed Kreiger as an assassin. He realized that Kreiger was the Scythe-Meister. In order to protect himself, he had his sons kidnap Lucidique. She convinced him to bring her out into the desert. Thinking the Scythe-Meister was waiting for her there, he agreed. With a dust storm approaching, Lucidique escaped. Cascarellian ran after her, and then stabbed her in the heart. Eight days later, Lucidique castrated him and cut out his heart.

Cascarellian's Sons
They kidnapped Lucidique and tormented her. When Lucidique returned from the desert, she killed them all. Malleus was seen chewing on a part of one of them by Cascarellian before he died as well.

Kreiger, Zarles
See The Scythe-Meister.

Convinced Kreiger to give himself over to Agonistes. She had been seen talking to the Scythe-Meister after the Great Insurrection. Cascarellian, out of fear, had his sons kidnap her. She convinced him to take her into the desert. She escaped Cascarellian, but was caught and stabbed in the heart by him. Agonistes remade her over the course of 8 days and 8 nights. When she emerged from the desert, she killed Cascarellian's sons and then castrated him and cut out his heart.

Cascarellian's old dog. He was chewing on a piece of Cascarellian's sons when Lucidique arrived.

Cascarellian's chauffeur for 30 years. He drove the car containing Lucidique and Cascarellian to the desert.

Emperor Perfetto
Emperor of Primordium. He and his family were slaughtered by the Scythe-Meister during the Great Insurrection.

The Scythe-Meister
Also: Zarles Kreiger
"An assassin working for the gangster Duarf Cascarellian... a man who would do anything for a price." Lucidique convinced him to give himself over to Agonistes. He was remade into the Scythe-Meister over the course of 8 days and 8 nights. He slaughtered the Perfetto Dynasty.


Beyond the West Gate of Primordium. Lucidique convinced Cascarellian to take her here. A dust storm containing Agonistes took her away.

The Emperor Perfetto's estate. The Scythe-Meister was spotted washing his weapon in a fountain here, and speaking with Lucidique by one of Cascarellian's spies.

A "vast, degenerate city-state."

West Gate
The boundary between Primordium and the desert.


Great Insurrection
The night the Perfetto Dynasty was slaughtered by the Scythe-Meister.

Perfetto Dynasty
Slaughtered by the Scythe-Meister.


2001, Day 10 The Great Insurrection: The Scythe-Meister slaughters the royal family.
2001 Cascarellian kidnaps Lucidique.
Lucidique convinces Cascarellian to take her to the desert. Cascarellian stabs her and leaves her there.
Agonistes remakes Lucidique over 8 nights.
Lucidique kills Cascarellian and his sons.


Tortured Souls: Six Destinies, Book Three: The Avenger by Clive Barker

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