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Tortured Souls: Six Destinies
Book Two: The Assassin Transformed
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A legend exchanged between assassins. Lucidique introduced Kreiger to him. Agonistes offered to "make [him] the terror of Emperors." When Kreiger accepted, Agonistes took him into the Desert for 8 nights and made him into the Scythe-Meister.

Cascarellian, Duraf
A gangster in Primordium. He hired Kreiger at the age of 14 as a runner, and later promoted him to assassin. He "treated Kreiger like a son; protecting him from capture by sending men out after Kreiger to clean up after one of his murders." When Lucidique's father criticized the Emperor, Cascarellian had Kreiger kill him.

Emperor Perfetto XI
"[C]ontrolled Primordium for sixteen years until the Great Insurrection." "[A] man familiar with every corruption of mind and spirit. He lived in excessive luxury, in a palace he believed impregnable, caring little or nothing for the two and three quarter million people who occupied Primordium." He ordered the death of Lucidique's father. Kreiger, as the Scythe-Meister, killed him and his entire family.

Kreiger, Zarles
Also: The Scythe-Meister
"[A] messy killer." "He liked to use scythes, first disembowelling his victims then strangling them with their own entrails." At 14-years-old, he became a runner for Duraf Cascarellian. His willingness to do anything asked of him allowed him to become an assassin for Cascarellian. He was often ordered to kill critics of the Emperor. Cascarellian had him kill Lucidique's father. She discovered him arranging her father's body on the dinner table, and she asked that he show her the city. Upon viewing the poverty of Primordium and remembering his troubled childhood, Kreiger agreed to kill the Emperor. Lucidique introduced him to Agonistes, who took Kreiger into the Desert for 8 nights. He returned to Primordium as the Scythe-Meister, and slaughtered the Emperor and his entire family.

The daughter of a Senator critical of the Perfetto Dynasty. She discovered Kreiger arranging her dead father's body on the dinner table, and she asked that he show her the city. Upon viewing the poverty of Primordium, Lucidique convinced Kreiger that killing the Emperor was necessary. At the West Gate of Primordium, Lucidique introduced Kreiger to Agonistes. Eight nights later, she awoke to discover that Kreiger, as the Scythe-Meister, had slaughtered the entire Perfetto Dynasty.

Lucidique's Father
A Senator critical of the Perfetto Dynasty. He said that they were "using the people's taxes to fund [their] own pleasures." The Emperor ordered Cascarellian to kill him. Cascarellian ordered Kreiger to kill him. Kreiger gutted him.

A citizen of Primordium in favor of a representative government, instead of the monarchy.

A citizen of Primordium in favor of the monarchy, instead of a representative government.

The Scythe-Meister
See Kreiger, Zarles.


"[V]ast and largely uncharted, out to the West and South-West of the city. The West Gate stood between Primordium and the Desert. Agonistes took Kreiger here for 8 nights to remake him into the Scythe-Meister.

"[A]ccording to many sources, the first city ever built." "[I]t was ruled by a dynasty of Emperors."

A place in Primordium where "the rich food disgorged by the wealthy and over-fed could be purchased for a small amount of money, and consumed a second time." Kreiger ate here as a child.

West Gate
The barrier between the Desert and Primordium. Lucidique introduced Kreiger to Agonistes here.

Winter Palace
The Emperor's estate. "[A]ny one room of which contained sufficient wealth to clear the slums of the city, and feed every starving child."


Great Insurrection
When the Scythe-Meister slaughtered the Emperor Perfetto XI and his entire family.

Perfetto Dynasty
The rulers of Primordium for 11 generations. Over the years, it had "produced a capacity for cruelty that would have challenged the worst excesses of Rome's corrupted Caesars."


Before 3000 BCE Primordium founded.
16 Years Before Day 1 Emperor Perfetto XI begins his reign.
Day 1 Kreiger kills Lucidique's father.
Lucidique convinces Kreiger to kill the Emperor.
Day 2, 01:09 a.m. Lucidique introduces Kreiger to Agonistes.
Day 10 The Great Insurrection: The Scythe-Meister slaughters the royal family.


Tortured Souls: Six Destinies, Book Two: The Assassin Transformed by Clive Barker

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