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The third Cenobite to appear to The Chatterer. "He didn't say anything, just kept licking his lips and fingering the wound his belly".
A writer and producer of movies. The Chatterer claimed that the Order of the Gash were waiting for him.
The Chatterer
A stand up comic, he was born in 1912 and by the age of 19 he was a star. "People were literally fighting to get a ticket" to his shows and he amassed a fortune, possibly because he was prettier than other Comedians. He also used material no one else would use, he'd "tell jokes about niggers and cripples, Jews, spics and commies right there on the celluloid". He "could throw money at any problem" and used his wealth to "settle old scores" and incriminate innocent people. By 1940 he was bored of his power and searched for the Lament Configuration; upon solving it Pinhead, the Female Cenobite and Butterball took him to Hell where the Engineer made him into the Chatterer. Falps of skin were twisted across his face and his "eyeballs were crushed back" and wires were attached to his mouth to make him "chatter". As The Chatterer he is allowed to torture those who wander the Labyrinth free from their rooms. He doesn't know if he died and his only companion is the sound of his teeth.
The Chatterer thought all other comedians were ugly and they first started telling jokes to avoid bullying as youngsters. He gives "Hope, Durante, all three Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello" as examples of this.
The Engineer
A "large scorpion, with the skin of a leprous baby, the eyes of an angry tiger and the mouth of a great white shark". He turned The Chatterer into a Cenobite and may have been human itself eons ago. The Chatterer claimed he was "not the sort of guy to meet in a dark alley".
Female Cenobite
The second Cenobite to appear to The Chatterer, she reminded him of pithing frogs in a biology lesson. He felt she had "come to the grave" eyes and would like "rat poison on the rocks".
Lord of the Configuration
See Pinhead.
Also: Lord of the Configuration
The first Cenobite to appear to The Chatterer, he was "the big boss" who "wore a crown not of thorns but of nails". The Chatterer admired his appearance and felt he was "obviously one mean guy".


Beverly Hills, California
The Chatterer lived here until the Cenobites took him to Hell.
Also: The Labyrinth
Where the Cenobites took The Chatterer. "All the corridors are similar, no two are the same. The walls are damp, grey stone, the floors sand. The roots of trees frame arches to break the monotony". It is a vast Labyrinth of ever changing corridors, it "has no maps, no system or logic for a mind to grasp and apply order to the chaos".
Where The Chatterer made his films.
The Labyrinth
See Hell.
New York, New York
The Chatterer's home town.

Private Chambers
Where those who have solved the box undergo tortures specific to them. For these people this includes "more complicated torments, more ingenious reflections of their life deeds".


The Box's Stories
These have been made into films. "They're quite good. They've got lots of things right and most of them wrong". Mistakes include saying that The Chatterer was a child when he solved the box.
The Greatest Practical Joke of All
See LeMarchand's Lament Configuration.
House Un-American Activities Committee
A committee dedicated to preserving the American way. The Chatterer found it funny to inform the committee of innocent people who had upset him. He paid people to be witnesses and enjoyed watching the innocents "suffer and the pompous bastards of the Committee being fooled into punishing them".
Hay's Office
A pre-MPAA cencorship board that could of got rid of The Chatterer if his material got too offensive.
Jack Daniel's
The Chatterer wished he had a bottle of this when he first saw the Cenobites.
LeMarchand's Lament Configuration
Also: The Greatest Practical Joke of All
A puzzle that isn't actually a box, "just a hunk of wood with some pretty fancy brass inlay work"; because of this The Chatterer considered it the greatest practical joke of all. However, for others it could be "a key to new experiences" and upon solving it the cenobites are summoned.

Michaelangelo's David
A professor took measurments of The Chatterer's features from publicity shots and claimed they were in the same proportion to this piece.
The Chatterer made over thirty of these in a decade. "They were smash hits when they were released, people were literally fighting to get a ticket".
Movie Producer's Soul
The Chatterer claimed this was worth "slightly less" than a Movie Writer's Soul.
Movie Writer's Soul
The Chatterer claimed this was worth "roughly equivalent to that of an inebriated gnat".
Order of the Gash
The Cenobites organisation. The Chatterer was made into a member by The Engineer.


1912 The Chatterer is born in New York

The Chatterer moves to Beverly Hills, California and becomes a famous comedian.


The Chatterer's second film is released

1940 Bored of his power, The Chatterer solves the Box and is made into a Cenobite

A film incorrectly shows The Chatterer to be a child.


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"Hellbound: Hellraiser II" by Peter Atkins and Tony Randel

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