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A young red-haired, white woman. She was married to Tony but was having an affair with her friend Nerissa. Together they planned to murder Tony and make it look like an accident so that they look claim the insurance money. She and Nerissa had sex in a hotel room whilst on a trip to try and discover the wreck of the Fuerza De Dios. She hated the "sneaking around" behind his back. At breakfast she thought they might find the wreck on their diving trip. Whilst diving she grabbed Tony's mask and regulator to distract him when Nerissa went to stab him. When she was dragged aboard the Fuerza De Dios by Hunger she appeared in an orange dress. Clare could not comprehend events and stood moaning. Hunger extended her mouth and reached down her throat to pull out her heart. As she died she cried a single tear of blood. Clare was taken to Hell.
Crewman, Fuerza De Dios
A bulky dark haired man. A member of Eduardo's crew. He witnessed Hunger torturing Mr Diego. Presumably, Hunger took him to Hell.

De Bogodo, Padre
A young, dark-haired padre who was aboard the Fuerza De Dios during its trip to Florida. He locked himself in his cabin and performed a ritual to summon the Cenobites and give both himself and the crew of the ship to them. He was impaled by giant hooks when Hunger was summoned, and enjoyed his success. De Bogado was taken to Hell.
De Narvaez, Governor
The Governor in Florida who was supposed to receive guidance from Padre De Bogado.

Dieago, Mr
A spanish man with brown hair and a moustache. A member of Eduardo's crew. He obtained pages of De Bogado's papers and showed them to the Captain. He also informed him that De Bogado refused to leave his cabin. Eduardo ordered him to break down the door and bring De Bogado to the Captain. Mr Dieago broke in to see De Bogado tortured by Hunger. He was attacked by Hell's chains and was taken to Hell.
The Governor of San German. He instructed Eduardo to take De Bogado to Florida with him.
Great-Great-Aunt, Tony's
Tony's deceased Great-Great-Aunt. She had owned papers and maps that led Tony to the wreck of the Fuerza De Dios.

A very thin Cenobite with a large mouth full of sharp teeth. He was summoned by the ritual conducted by Padre De Bogado that gave him claim to the crew of the Fuerza De Dios. He impaled De Bogado on giant hooks. Hunger used Hell's chains to attack Mr Diego. He dragged several hooked chais around with him as he claimed the crew of the Fuerza De Dios for Hell. Hunger claimed Eduard's only desire was to send him back to Hell and so they had reached a stalemate. Hunger froze time on the ship and used Hell's chains to drag it to the bottom of the sea. In 1992, when Tony, Nerissa and Clare found the wreck, he unfroze time and brought them onboard the ship. He hoped Nerissa would kill both men and break the stalemate. When his plan failed, he reached down Clare's throat and removed her heart. He skinned Nerissa alive for her failure to tip the balance in his favour. Hunger was banished back to Hell when Eduardo and Tony blew up the Fuerza De Dios.
A youung, black haired women. She was having an affair with the married Clare and together they plotted to kill Tony and collect the insurance money. They discussed their plan after having sex in a hotel room. She planned to stab him whislt diving so that the body would never be found. At breakfast she told Tony she did not beleive they would find the wreck of the Fuerza De Dios. When they found it Nerissa decided it was the perfect place to murder Tony. She was about to stab him when Hunger brought them aboard the Fuerza De Dios and unfroze time. Nerissa attempted to kill Tony but was stopped by Eduardo who hit her to the deck. For her failure Hunger skinned her alive and took her to Hell.
Protegeru, Captain Eduardo
An older, bearded Spanish man with brown hair. He looked very similar to his descendant Tony. He was the Captain of the Fuerza De Dios and was instructed to take the ship to Florida. The Governor told him to take De Bogado with him. When he saw some of the padre's papers he demanded to see him. Eduardo went to the cabin to find Hunger torturing Mr Dieago. He fled to the deck and attempted to use gunpowder to blow up the ship and banish Hunger. Hunger froze him to prevent this but Eduardo's desire was too strong to overcome. Hunger froze them in time on board the ship. Eduardo was unfrozen when Tony, Nerissa ad Clare arrived aboard. Eduardo saved Tony's life and hit Nerissa to the deck. He managed to convey to Tony that they had to work together to blow up the ship. Eduardo succeeded and died in the explosion.

A middle-aged, dark-haired man with a moustache. He looked very similar to his ancestor Eduardo. He was married to Clare and did not know she was having an affair with Nerissa. After obtaining maps and papers from his Great-Great-Aunt's estate, Tony went in search of the wreck of the Fuerza De Dios. He thought they could find treasure and become rich. They went diving from his boat. When they reached the wreck, Clare and Nerissa attacked him but all three were dragged aboard the Fuerza De Dios by Hunger. Nerissa tried to stab him but he was saved by Eduardo who begged for his help in blowing up the ship. When Hunger killed Clare he attacked the Cenobite with a rope but was knocked back. He worked out what Eduardo was asking him despite his speaking Spanish and together they blew up the Fuerza De Dios. Tony resurfaced by his boat but was then attacked by Hell's chains.


Cabin, De Bogado's
De Bogado's cabin on board the Fuerza De Dios. He locked himself inside and conducted a ritual to summon Hunger. Eduardo ordered Mr Dieago to break down the door. Mr Dieago witnessed De Bogado being impaled on hooks here and was attacked by Hunger.

"In these blue depths lie Hell". The depths of the ocean where the Fuerza De Dios was dragged down to by Hell's chains. Tony, Clare and Nerissa went diving here and the women planned to murder him, hoping his body would never be found in the unexplored depths.

The destination of the Fuerza De Dios.

Fuerza De Dios
"Power of God". A ship captained by Eduardo Protegeru. It was instructed to sail to Florida. Shortly before leaving the orders were changed to take Padre De Bogado with them. Seven months into the journey they reached the Straits of Florida. De Bogado summoned Hunger in his cabin on the ship. Hunger stalked the ship, taking the crew members to Hell. Eduardo attempted to blow up the ship but was prevented by Hunger. Unable to claim his soul, Hunger dragged the Fuerza De Dios to the depths of the ocean and froze time. Tony, Clare and Nerissa were brought here by Hunger to kill Eduardo. This failed, and so Hunger killed Nerissa and Clare here. Eduardo and Tony worked together to blow up the Fuerza De Dios and banish Hunger.

The hotel where Tony, Clare and Nerissa were staying. It was in the tropics, near the sea. The trio had breakfast here where they planned their dive.

Hotel Room
A room in the Florida hotel where Clare and Nerissa had sex. It was here that they planned Tony's murder.

Office, Governor's
The office of the Governor of San German. The Governor called Eduardo here to inform him he would be taking De Bogado with him on his journey to Florida.

Puerto Rico
An island off the east coast of America. The Fuerza De Dios set sail from here.

San German, Puerto Rico
A large colony town in Puerto Rico where Eduardo was based. The Fuerza De Dios set sail from San German's harbour.

Straits of Florida
An area of water in the tropics, between the United States and Cuba. The Fuerza De Dios was travelling through the Straits of Florida when Hunger was summoned. The sip was dragged to the unexplored depths here. Tony visited the Straits of Florida in search of the lost wreck.

An area of the world known for its hot conditions. The hotel that Tony, Clare and Nerissa stayed at was in the tropics, near the Straits of Florida.


Boat, Tony's
A small speedboat owned by Tony. He, Clare and Nerissa used it to travel to the site of the Fuerza De Dios' wreck. They dived into the depths from here. When Tony escaped to the surface he saw Hell's chains emerging to drag the boat down.

Chains, Hell's
Hell's weapon of choice. Metal chains with sharp hooks on the end. Hunger dragged these around with him as he stalked the Fuerza De Dios. Giant versions dragged the ship down to the depths after Hunger froze time. They also appeared to drag down Tony's boat after he attempted to escape. Metal hooks impaled De Bogado after he summoned Hunger.

Tony, Nerissa and Clare went on a dive to try and find the wreck of the Fuerza De Dios. Nerissa and Clare planned to murder him whislt diving.

"The perfect way to send Hell back where it belongs". Eduardo tried to use fire to detonate the ships gunpowder.

De Bogado used this to flaggelate himself in his ritual to summon Hunger.

Fuerza De Dios
See Fuerza De Dios in Locations.

Stored on the Fuerza De Dios. Eduardo planned to detonate this to destroy the ship and send Hunger back to Hell. He was unable to do it alone but was successful with the help of his descendant, Tony.

Heart, Clare's
Hunger reached down Clare's throat and pulled out her heart.

Insurance Money
Clare and Nerissa planned to murder Tony and make it look like an accident so that they could claim the insurance money.

Nerissa's weapon of choice. She planned to stab Tony to death whilst they were diving. When she arrived in the past she attacked Tony with the knife but was stopped by Eduardo.

Maps and papers
Tony obtained these from his Great-Great-Aunt's Estate. He believed they would lead him to the wreck of the Fuerza De Dios.

Part of Tony's diving apparatus. Nerissa told Clare to remove it to distract Tony whilst she stabbed him.

Papers, De Bogado's
Papers containing strange writing that De Bogado used as part of his ritual to summon Hunger. De Bogado read from them whilst sat in a circle and flagellating himself. When blood landed on the pages they began to burn. Eduardo obtained some of the papers and became concerned and demanded to see De Bogado. The ritual involve offering the crew of the ship as "sheep" to the Cenobites.

Picture, Eduardo's
A picture of Eduardo Protegera that belonged to Tony. Clare noted how similar they looked.

Hunger and Eduardo reached a stalemate aboard the Fuerza De Dios. Hunger wanted to claim Eduardo's soul but could not overcome the captain's desire to defeat Hell. Eduardo wanted to dstroy the ship but Hunger prevented him by freezng time. Hunger froze time and dragged the ship to the depths of the ocean until someone could arrive to prevent Eduardo from destroying the ship.

Part of Tony's diving apparatus. Nerissa told Clare to remove it to distract Tony whilst she stabbed him.


January 1528 The Fuerza De Dios sets sail from San German with Eduardo and De Bogado aboard.
July 1528

De Bogado summons Hunger. Hunger takes the crew of the ship to Hell except Eduardo. They reach a stalemate and Hunger freezes time and sinks the ship.

1992 (day 1)

Clare and Nerissa have sex and plan Tony's murder.

1992 (day 2)

Clare, Nerissa and Tony go diving and are brought aboard the Fuerza De Dios where time is unfrozen. Hunger takes Clare and Nerissa to Hell for failing him. Tony and Eduardo blow up the ship. Eduardo dies. Tony is attacked by Hell's chains.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 19: "In These Blue Depths Lie Hell" by Lurene Haines, Ray Lago & Gaspar

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