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One of Vito's "homies" who was killed in a gang war four months earlier.
Boys, Vito's
The gang led by Vito. Rivals to the Vultures. They met to discuss territory and ended up fighting. They led Carlos into a trap and chased him into the Maze. Two of them followed him to 103 ST MORTI and witnessed the Box dragging the Guardian into it. They returned to tell Vito what happened. The gang were trapped when the Box was solved and the Cenobites arrived but their fate was unknown.
A young hispanic male with long, dark hair. He was the leader of the Vultures and felt it was his destiny to rule the gangs in Philadelphia. he climbed to his position over the bodies of his predecessors. He was deeply religous and believed in destiny. He desired money, wealth and power. He met with Vito to demand that all the other gangs served under his leadership. When they refused a fight broke out. Carlos chased Vito into a territory and was ambushed. He fled into the maze and discovered 103 ST MORTI. He imagined himself "going out in a blaze of glory" before discovering the opening to the lower level. He witnessed the Guardian being dragged into the Box and took the puzzle himself to challenge Vito with. He organised a duel for leadership of the gangs using the Box thinking he would avoid solving it because he had seen what the Guardian had done. However, Vito insisted they wear blind folds. During the duel Carlos had visions of his future. When the Cenobites arrived he led his gang to the exit where the Box was waiting for him. He kicked it and the Cenobites appeared. Grillard told him his desire had repaired the Box before torturing him, revealing it was Carlos' desire that ahd called them.

Female Cenobite
A Cenobite summoned by the Lemarchand Box. She was bald with white skin and metal spikes inserted through her cheeks. She arrived with Grillard when Vito and Carlos solved the Box.
Fourth Cenobite
A Cenobite summoned by the Lemarchand Box. It was brown and monstrous with a metal spike in its head. It arrived with Grillard when Vito and Carlos solved the Box.
A Cenobite summoned by the Lemarchand Box. He has four breasts and hooks stretching his lips. He was accompanied by Leo Cenobite, Female Cenobite and a Fourth Cenobite. He was summoned when Vito and Carlos solved the Box, trapping Vito's boys from the exit. When Carlos kicked the Box on his way out, the Cenobites appeared again. Grillard explained the Guardian had been punished for allowing the Box to fall into disrepair but that Carlos' desire had realigned it. Grillard said they had much to teach Carlos and "rewarded" him by torturing him with chains. He told Carlos that they were called by his desire, and not by Vito's hands.

Also: Old Man
The Guardian of the Lemarchand Box. He was an old man with grey hair and ragged clothes. Carlos sensed Hell's power surrounding the Guardian. The Guardian had allowed his Box to fall into disrepair and he had lost it in the waters of 103 ST MORTIS's lower levels. He found and opened the Box only to be dragged inside by Hell's chains.
A member of the Vultures. He had spiked, styled hair. He was meant to watch Carlos' back in the fight. He claimed he had three of Vito's boys attacking him.
Leo Cenobite
A Cenobite summoned by the Lemarchand Box. He wore a spiked leather outfit and was bald with symbols cut into his skin. He arrived with Grillard when Vito and Carlos solved the Box. He informed Carlos that they were the Cenobites and that they would not be denied him.

The God of the Cenobites.
A member of Vito's gang. Vito told him to scope out the abandoned station before the duel to make sure there were no traps.
One of Vito's "homies" who was killed in a gang war four months earlier.

Old Man
See Guardian.
A member of Vito's gang. Vito told him to scope out the abandoned station before the duel to make sure there were no traps.
A young, brown-haired Italian and leader of the Vultures rival gang. He wanted to end the fighting by clearly marking the gangs seperate territories but refused to submitto Carlos. He led Carlos into a trap after the failed meeting and had his gang hunt him down in the maze. He thought his gang members reports of the Box were a trick by Carlos but agreed to a duel. To make sure it was fair he insisted they both wore blindfolds whislt operating the Box. He solved it and summoned the Cenobites whsoe arrival trapped him and his gang. His fate was unknown.

The gang led by Carlos. Rivals to Vito's boys. They met to discuss territory and ended up fighting. Carlos blamed them for getting him nearly killed. The gang fled when the Box was solved and the Cenobites arrived. A Vulture spotted the Box at the workman's exit. They stood by and watched as the Cenobites tortured Carlos.


An abandoned station in the maze of tunnels under Philadelphia. It was "inexplicably lit by several antiquated work lights". The tunnels were blocked and the only exit was a small opening leading to a lower level. Carlos was chased here by Vito's boys and escaped through the opening.

Base, Vito's
Vito's gang were based here. Vito was told about the Box by his gang here. It was here that he decided to accept the duel but that he would be prepared.

Boat House
The Vultures were based here. It was located at Penn's Landing. Carlos told his gang about the Box here and decided to send the challenge to Vito.

Darkened Corner, Philadelphia
An area of Philadelphia near the territory of two gangs. They met here to "create new oundaries, and empower a new chain of command". When this failed, the gangs fought here.

Enemy Territory
Vito's territory. Carlos was led into a trap here and was cut off from his own men. He fled down a workman's entrance into the maze.

Lower Level, 103 ST MORTI
An area under the abandoned station 103 ST MORTI, accessed by a small opening. The air was rancid and there was a "raw power" here. It was flooded with knee-deep water and heavily neglected. Carlos hid here and witnessed the Guardian getting dragged into the Lemarchand Box.

The Maze
An underground maze of tunnels and abandoned subway stations. Carlos had hunted and killed Vito's boys in the past before being hunted here himself. Whislt fleeing through the maze he discovered 103 ST MORTI.

An American city. It had been subject to a fierce gang war and four months later the gangs met to establish new boundaries.

Penn's Landing
A harbour area in Philadelphia where the Vultures were based out of their boat house.

Workman's Exit
The entrance and exit to the maze. Carlos climbed down here when hunted by Vito's boys. After the duel Carlos fled and found the Box waiting for him at the wokman's exit. He kicked it and summoned the Cenobites who tortured him here.


Cat and Mouse
A chase. Carlos and his gang hunted down any of Vito's boys who came onto their territory in "a deadly game of cat and mouse".

Devil's Brigade
A group from Hell who caused a war in Philadelphia four months before Carlos and Vito's meeting.

See Russian Roulette.

Hell's Chains
Metal chains ending in hooks. These were used by the Cenobites. Carlos and two of Vito's boys saw these dragging the Guardian into the Box. Grillard used them to torture Carlos.

Kold Red
Gang slang for death.

Lemarchand Box
A puzzle box created by LeMarchand that summoned the Cenobites. It was a cube with colourful patterns on each side. Its Guardian had allowed it to fall into disrepair and was punished by being dragged into it by Hell's chains. Carlos took the Box and used it to challenge Vito to a game of Russian Roulette. The took turns to try and not solve the box whislt blindfolded. Vito opened it and summoned the Cenobites. Even though Carlos lef tit behind, he found the box at the workman's exit. He kicked it and the Cenobites arrived. His desire had called them rather than Vito's hands and this had caused the box to be "realigned to its purpose".

A small gap Carlos discovered leading the the lower level of 103 ST MORTI.

Russian Roulette
Also: Duel
A game where each player takes it in turn to gamble their life. Carlos and Vito held a duel where they would play russian roulette with the Lemarchand Box. They would take turns to operate the Box without wanting to open it. Carlos thought he would win as he had witnessed the solution but Vito insisted they play blindfolded. Vito still lost the game, making the final move, that summoned the Cenobites.

About this The areas of Philadelphia that belonged to the two gangs. Opposing members found on the others turf would be hunted and killed. Carlos demanded that all gangs would operate under his leadership but Vito refused. Fighting broke out over this. Carlos challenged Vito to a duel to decide who ruled the city.

When manipulating the Lemarchand Box, Carlos gained visions of money, power and freedom. He saw these as visions of his future.


1992 (4 months earlier) Gang warfare breaks out in Philadelphia.
1992 (day 1))

At midnight the Vultures and Vito's gang hold a meeting that turns to violence.

1992 (day 2)

Carlos witnesses the Guardian get sucked into the Box. The following night the gangs meet up to play russian roulette with the Box. Vito solves it. The Cenobites arrive and torture Carlos.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 19: "Roulette LeMarchand" by Dean Shreck, Ricardo Villagran & James Novak

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