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A Cenobite summoned by Esioleh's first puzzle. he were black robes and was bald, with two knives inserted through his head. His face contained ridges and his eyes were plain white orbs. When Esioleh summoned him, he left her behind, claiming she was not ready. He found Esioleh beautiful and returned to see her, telling her she should make a better life for herself on Earth. He left without her again but returned at night to watch her sleep. he destroyed another puzzle she attempted to solve and warned her about Hell's sights. he scratched her hand as a warning of the pain he offered. After being summoned a last time he confessed that he loved her and believed this proved that Leviathan was flawed. Esioleh demanded to go to Hell. Draleba agreed to swap bodies and was left on Earth in her human form, seperate from her. He considered this worse than Hell.
A young, determined brunette who wished to learn the secrets of Hell. She was bored of her world, which was full of "weakness and cowardice". She wanted to "know the face of eternity". She killed a young man and summoned Dreleba who told her she was not ready for Hell. She repeated this and demanded to be taken to Hell but was refused. She tried to solve a different puzzle but Draleba destroyed it. She summoned him again and demanded to know why he would not take her and he confessed his love. She told Draleba he was pathetic and di not deserve to be a Cenobite. He agreed to swap bodies and she entered Hell in his Cenobite form, laughing as she went.
God of Hell, a "vast and knowing power" of "absolute order". It created the Cenobites and has secrets and sights beyond understanding. Draleba claimed Leviathan made mistakes and called to "souls it cannot keep, or claims others that are of little use". Leviathan wanted Esioleh. Cenobites were created to do its bidding and should not love humans.

Victim, First
A dark haired man. The first victim killed by Esioleh in her attempts to summon the Cenobites. She removed parts of him in his apartment.

Victim, Second
A young man with long, light hair. He told Esioleh he would do anything for her. She seduced him and then killed him with a knife.


Apartment, Esioleh's
Esioleh's apartment where she conducted research into Hell. She murdered her second victim and encountered Draleba again here. He returned to her apartment to watch her and eventually they swapped bodies here.

Apartment, First Victim's
The apartment of Esioleh's first victim. She killed him and discovered the key to the puzzle here. It was here she first summoned Draleba and he left her.


Esioleh used a knife to kill both her victims and cut out their organs.

Leviathan's realm is based on "absoluet order". Draleba believed it was flawed as it had produced him.

Puzzle, First
The puzzle Esioleh first used to summon Draleba. It involved killing and the removal of organs, alongside "obsession". She repeated this again after he refused to take her to Hell. She used this puzzle a third time to summon Draleba to their final meeting.

Puzzle, Second
A puzzle box that Esioleh attempted to solve after Draleba rejected her twice. Draleba destroyed it to prevent her.


1992, day 1 Esioleh commits murder and solves the puzzle. Draleba refuses to take her to Hell.
1992, day 2

Esioleh murders again but Draleba again rejects her.

1992, day 3

Draleba begins to return to watch Esioleh in her sleep.

1992, day 8

Esioleh attempts to solve a different puzzle. Draleba destroys it.

1992, day 9

Draleba confesses his love for Esioleh. They switch bodies and Esioleh enters Hell as a Cenobite.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 18: "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing..." by Erik Saltzgaber, Mike Hoffman & Gaspar

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