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A "theologian, and servant of Leviathan". Their ideology was based around order and symmetry. Whirl-Jack claimed evil was a "Judeo-Christian belief" and that Cenobites were "not unlike most people... demons to some, angels to others".
A young, black woman. She was a photographer who was skilled in solving puzzles. She bought the puzzle box for $2.50 from a junk shop and solved it in five minutes. She claimed it was the easiest puzzle she had ever done. Daphne was skeptical of Whirl-Jack's claims. She had Whirl-Jack shared a bottle of vodka as they talked. Daphne claimed to like chaos as it made things unpredictable. She didn't want to go to Hell but suggested Whirl-Jack take her photos instead. She kept the box in case she ever changed her mind. Daphne did not think the puzzle box looked hard even after Whirl-Jack improved it.
LeMarchand, Phillip
The creator of the puzzle box. Daphne had never heard of him.
Ruler of the Cenobites and Hell.

Order of the Gash
The order the Cenobites belonged to. Whirl-Jack was a Cenobite in the Order of the Gash. Whirl-Jack claimed the leader of the Order had a fondness for a young girl who he kept letting go. In Hell the Order could give pleasure, immortality and "the ability to taste the darkness, to hear the heartbeat of a butterfly, to see music".

A Cenobite with pale blue skin and fingers stitched across his forehead. He was summoned by the puzzle box. He claimed he was a member of the Order of the Gash and a "theologian, and servant of Leviathan". He thought Daphne had a good eye for symmetry. Whirl-Jack was shocked that she felt the puzzle was easy and that she had no real desire for Hell. He shared a bottle of vodka with Daphne and came to like her as they talked. He allowed her to stay and took her photographs to Hell instead. Before he left he made the puzzle box much harder to solve.


Apartment, Daphne's
Daphne solved the puzzle box and summoned Whirl-Jack in her apartment. It was on the second floor of a building in an urban enviornment. The apartment was cluttered and chaotic. Whirl-Jack let Daphne stay here when he returned to Hell.

A world of order and structure ruled by Leviathan. Whirl-Jack arrived to take Daphne to Hell.


Ideology, Cenobite's
The Cenobites ideology centres around "order and structure... the perfect balance between mind and body, pain and pleasure". There is "no room for chaos".

Photographs taken by Daphne. Whirl-Jack examined them and told Daphne she had "a good eye for symmetry and design". Daphne told him the photographs came from her soul. Whirl-Jack took the photographs back to Hell with him instead of Daphne.

Puzzle Box
A puzzle box made by Phillip LeMarchand. It summoned Whirl-Jack from Hell. Solving the puzzle was supposed to prove that whoever did it truly wanted Hell. Daphne purchased it for $2.50 in a junk shop because it looked interesting. She solved it in five minutes and claimed it was the easiest puzzle she had ever done. Whirl-Jack made the puzzle box "much harder" to solve and left it with Daphne.

Rubik Cube
Daphne took nearly an hour to solve this puzzle.

The only drink Daphne had in her apartment. She and Whirl-Jack shared a bottle as they talked.


1992 Daphne summons Whirl-Jack. They talk and Whirl-Jack realises she has no desire for Hell. He makes the puzzle box harder to solve and leaves with her photographs.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 17: "Taste the Darkness" by John Rozum, Bo Hampton & Richard Starkings

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