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A priest who began "a new inquisition", a victory for order. One of the six "unknowing souls... placed at the crossroads of chaos and order".
The Cenobite assigned to Decourcy.
The Cenobite assigned to Elliot and George.

The Cenobite assigned to Abaddon.
A white supremacist leader who chose "repression and order". One of the six "unknowing souls... placed at the crossroads of chaos and order".
Dilliard, Morris
See Pinhead.

A police officer who instigated a race riot, a victory for chaos. One of the six "unknowing souls... placed at the crossroads of chaos and order".
The Cenobite assigned to Leo.
Fisher, Dr. Bernard
An older man with short, dark hair, who taught casey "the difference between commitment and passion". He contracted AIDS, and then Kaposi's Sarcoma, losing a large ammount of weight. His friends stopped caling him, his insurance company waslooking for loopholes in his policy andhe faced eviction. Casey went to him for help, offering her vaccine. The vaccine seemed to work and bernard recovered rapidly. He helped Casey replace a new FDA approved "AZT alternative" with her vaccine. However, some time later he died due to side effects of the vaccine and Casey discovered his body..

A police officer who instigated a race riot, a victory for chaos. One of the six "unknowing souls... placed at the crossroads of chaos and order".
Gioeli, Dr. Casey
A young, dark-haired Doctor, who believed she had developed a cure for AIDS. One of the six "unknowing souls... placed at the crossroads of chaos and order". She believed she always got the right answers and would do anything to get what she wanted. She slept with "morris" to get access to a computer for her research. She did not know if she had the right to attempt to use her untested vaccine but felt guilty for the deaths that occured whilst she decided. She visited Bernard and offered him the vaccine. When it appeared to work she secretly switched it with a new "AZT alternative" that was about to be mass produced and shipped globally. After her vaccine shipped she discovered Bernard had died due to side effects. Casey began screaming over the body of Bernard as she realised what she had done.
Interviewee 1
A dark haired, young man. He claimed he didn't know much about AIDS and that it wasn't his problem.

Interviewee 2
A middle-aged, smartly dressed man. He did not understand why anyone would "want to have casual sex anymore".
Interviewee 3
A middle-aged woman. She thouhgt "sex and drugs are both pleasure at a price".
Interviewee 4
A middle-aged black man. He believed that no one cared about AIDS because only "junkies and faggots" were getting it.

Interviewee 5
A middle-aged, obsese woman. She believed people don't deserve to suffer.
Interviewee 6
A scrawny, bald, elderly man. He believed AIDS was a punishment from God for sinners, to wipe them out..
Interviewee 7
A grey-haired, smart-suited man. He believed AIDS sufferers wouldn't be ill if they "kept their parts where they belong".

Interviewee 8
An eldery, black woman. Her grandson caught AIDS whilst sharing a needle. She wondered who else he shared with.
Interviewee 9
A young, injured male. He felt the solution seemed easy. He thought if people were ill with AIDS they should be sent to a Doctor to make them better.
Nameless One
See Pinhead.

Also: Dr. Morris Dilliard, Nameless One
The "nameless one" and the "favourite son" of Hell. He manipulated Casey in order to work towards developing a cure for AIDS. As order and chaos were tied, the fate of Hell rested with Pinhead. He disguised himself in the skin of Morris Dilliard and had slept with Casey. As Morris, he argued that she had to use her vaccine. When Casey discovered the vaccine had failed, Pinhead appeared to witness her screaming over Bernard's body.
Security Guard
He worked at the Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Warehouse. He greeted Casey and Bernard, commenting that the latter looked good.

Shabel, Leo
A "gentle community leader" who Face drove to becoming "a serial killer, taking a savage turn towards chaos". One of the six "unknowing souls... placed at the crossroads of chaos and order".


Apartment, Fisher's
Casey visited Bernard at his apartment and was shocked by his condition. She administered her vaccine to him here. Casey later found his body in his apartment, along with an eviction notice.

Hell was at a "crossroads" and threatened by chaos. The fate of Hell was in the hands of Pinhead and needed his success.

Office, Dillard's
Pinhead, disguised as Dillard, waited in this office for Casey to fulfill his plan.

Research Lab
Casey spent hours here reviewing taped interviews about AIDS. Here she argued with Pinhead, as Morris, about using her untested AIDS cure.

Warehouse, Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's
A storage location for FDA approved master drugs. It was here that Casey, with bernard's help, switched a new AZT alternative for her own vaccine.


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. A sexually transmitted illness. Bernard was suffering from AIDS. Casey believed her research had led her to a cure.

Azidothymidine. A drug used in the treatment of patients with AIDS. Casey swapped the masters of a new "AZT alternative" with her own vaccine.

Chaos threatened Hell in the Time of Configuration. There had been two victories for chaos.

An advanced computer Casey needed for her research. She slept with Pinhead, as Morris, in order to obtain its use.

Eviction Notice
A notice sent to Bernard evicting him from his apartment because of his AIDS. It arrived after his death.

Food and Drug Administration. They are responsible for approving new drugs in the US. Casey switched an approved AZT alternative for her own vaccine.

Kaposi's Sarcoma
A tumor caused by a virus, and common in AIDS sufferers. Bernard suffered from this when visited by Casey.

The master used for mass-producing a new drug. Casey switched a new "AZT alternative" master with her own vaccine.

Hell aimed to achieve "blessed order" in the Time of Configuration. There had been two victories for order.

A red pen Casey used to make notes. When she broke it the ink was like blood on her hands.

Side Effect
The side effect of Casey's cure for AIDS. It killed Bernard. The victim displays red blotches and external bleeding.

Time of Configuration
A "time of testing" where "unknowing souls are placed at the crossroads of chaos and order". If the majority choose order then Hell will fall. The score is tied and Hell's future depended on Pinhead's success.

A vaccine developed by Casey that she believed could cure AIDS. Her research had been banned due to "unusual circumstances". Pinhead, as Morris, convincedher it could save lives and she tested it on Bernard. It appeared to work and she replaced the master of a new "AZT alternative" with her vaccine. It was mass produced and shipped worldwide. However, its side effects resulted in the bloody death of Bernard.

World Health Organization
A global organisation that researched into cures for diseases and issues of public health. They banned Casey's research "pending an investigation".


1992 (day 1) Morning: Casey and Morris/Pinhead argue about whether to use her vaccine. Casey tests the vaccine on Bernard and he recovers rapidly.
Evening: Casey and Bernard switch a new AZT alternative master drug for her own vaccine.
Night: Bernard dies of side effects from the vaccine.
1992 (day 2)

Morning: The vaccine is mass produced and shipped worldwide. Casey discovers Bernard's body and collapses in horror.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 16: "The Devil's Brigade Part 17: Fury" by Dwayne McDuffie, D. G. Chichester, Gil Ashby & Gaspar

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