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Abaddon, Father
A television priest whose show had become a huge ratings success.
Albert, D.A. Vanessa
A middle-aged, dark haired woman. She was concerned that they had no arrests as the drug gangs were being killed. She was shot and killed by Atkins.
A muscular Cenobite with pale blue skin, his face had patterns cut into it and ammo rounds were threaded through his torso. His mission for Leviathan was to control the situation in Philadelphia and prevent violence. Pinhead impaled him on hooks and warned him to stick to his task. Atkins told Mamiche and Matthew to give information to Jill and Lester respectively and felt his work was nearly complete. He attacked a drugs gang, making a survivor tell him where the rest were. He tried to stop the drug war and riots but, when no one listened, he began randomly killing. Realising he had failed, he shot and killed the Mayor, Vanessa and Louie. Before he could kill Matthew, Pinhead's hooks pulled him back to Hell.

Long haired member of Nutt's drugs gang. He led the gang in their attempt to take over Zane's territory after the leaders were both killed.
The child saw Lester aiming his gun at Jill outside his home.
DaCinza, Chief of Police Louie
A tall, older man with receding black hair and a thick moustache. He blamed the massacre of the drugs gangs on Matthew. Louie felt the people in the poor neighbourhoods were "animals". He organised the security for the Mayors press conference. Louie was shot and killed by Atkins.

Day, Assistant D.A. Matthew
Young with slicked back brown hair and large, round glasses. He accused Louie of blaming others for the Mayors fall in popularity and said he would take care of the situation. He felt Atkins was "screwing things up" but that the Cenobite wouldn't kill him. Atkins told him to inform Lester he had another tip. He suggested that the Mayor held a press conference to keep the situation calm. Atkins tried to shoot him but was dragged to Hell. Matthew saw Pinhead appear in the riot and indicate for Matthew to say nothing. Matthew became Acting Mayor after the riot was over.
The representative for the Mayor's PR Firm. Dennis told the Mayor that his popularity was as an all time low. He helped organise the press conference.
Elliot, Jillian
A middle-aged women with short, dark hair and Lester's partner. She felt she was on a crusade and had been chosen to clean up the streets and didn't care about the deaths. After arguing with Lester she pulled her gun on a Youth who threw a bottle at their car. She wanted to arrest him, and argued with Lester, saying she could not be stopped. Lester shot and killed her.

Gang Member
A member of Nutt's gang. He asked Bill what he thought Zane's gang would do after their leaders death.
George, Lester
A black, older man with black hair and a thick moustache and Jill's partner. He felt they were now hated on the streets because of all the deaths and the situation was "too hot". When Jill pulled a gun on a Youth he told he was sick of her and she should put the gun down. He drew his gun on her but she refused to stand down. Lester shot and killed Jill, sparking the riot. He collapsed to the floor in guilt.
A member of Zane's gang who took charge. He felt Nutt's gang was weak and if they moved quick, they could take over "Nutt's patch".

The God of Hell. Leviathan sent Atkins to create order and prevent the situation in Philadelphia from getting out of control.
Mamiche, Madame
A psychic who was working for Atkins, who based himself in her home. She read cards for Jill. Mamiche saw Pinhead warn Atkins to keep to his mission and phoned Matthew to tell him. Atkins told her to tell Jill the drugs gangs were going to finally end. After the riot was over, Matthew offered her a job.
Mead, Mayor Hizzoner
The Mayor of Philadelphia, he was an older, black man with greying hair, dressed in a smart suit. He was angered by the slaughter of the drugs gangs and the increasing violence. His populairty reached an all time low and so Matthew suggested he held a press conference to show he was a "Mayor of the people". He was determined to return order to the streets. He claimed the streets were safe just before the riots and gang fights began. He was shot and killed by Atkins.

Leader of a drugs gang who was killed by Atkins.
Cenobite who appeared to Atkins and attacked him with chains. He warned Atkins to keep to his mission and to not fail Leviathan. During the riot he appeared totake Atkins back to Hell. He indicated for Matthew to remain silent about what he had seen.
Security provided by Louie at the press conference. They were in various positions. A security group on the roof saw the approaching rioters and drugs gangs.

A young, black youth who threw a glass bottle at Jill and Lester's police car. Jill pulled a gun on him, threatening to arrest him and he accused her of enjoying killing black people.
Leader of a drugs gang who was killed by Atkins.


Apartment, Matthew's
A clean, tidy apartment belonging to Matthew. He spoke to Mamiche on the phone about Pinhead's appearance here.

North Philly
The northern area of Philadelphia. Temple University was located here. Matthew suggested holding the press conference here.

Office, Mayor's
The Mayor's office in city hall. The Mayor demanded action and it was here that Matthew later suggested they hold a press conference.

Old Divine Lorraine Hotel
An old hotel in northern Philadelphia, near Temple University. A Gang Member told Atkins that both gangs were going to confront each other here.

A city that was in crisis due to racial tensions. Atkins was supposed to create order here but his actions resulted in riots.

Security forces for the press conference were located on the rooftops. They saw the advancing rioters and drug gangs.

Shop, Mamiche's
Shop where Mamiche ran her business. Atkins used it as a base of operations and was warned to keep to his mission by Pinhead here. From here he gave his instructions to Matthew and Mamiche.

Atkins' killings had increased tensions. A Youth threw a bottle at Jillian and George's car in the streets and she pulled a gun on him. George pulled a gun on her, telling her to leave the Youth alone. They argued in the streets before George shot and killed Jillian. This spurred the crowds on and they rushed to Temple to confront the Mayor.

Temple University
University in northern Philadelphia where the Mayor was holding his press conference. Rioters and two rival gangs all ended up making their way here where they clashed in a bloodbath. Angered, Atkins joined the slaughter and killed the Mayor, Vanessa and Louie. Pinhead took him back to Hell from here.

Wurst House
The leaders of rival drug gangs were killed here, causing further racial tensions and claims of police brutality..


Car, Matthew's
Matthew's expensive sports car. He parks it outside Mamiche's shop when he goes to visit Atkins. The doors and wheels were then stolen.

Atkins mission was to "prevent chaos". He failed and caused the chaotic violence to escalate.

George accused Jillian of being on a "crusade kick", enjoying the killing as they shut down the drugs gangs.

Drug Gangs
George and Jillian were tasked to shut down the drug gangs. Atkins wanted the drug gangs to end.

Hell's Hooks
Pinhead summoned Hell's Hooks. He used them to impale Atkins when warning him to stick to his mision. He later used them to drag Atkins back to Hell..

The Kold Red
A slang term used by the gangs to describe when someone is killed.

Press Conference
Matthew suggested the Mayor held a press conference to show he cared and defuse the situation. When the gangs attacked it became a war zone.

PR Firm
Represented by Dennis, this was the Mayor's public relations supervisors who helped organise the press conference.


1992 (day 1) Pinhead warns Atkins to keep to his mission. Atkins tells Mamiche and Matthew that the drug wars will end in the next two days.
1992 (day 2)

Jill pulls a gun on a Youth after arguing with Lester. Matthew suggests the Mayor holds a press conference in the afternoon.
Lester shoots and kills Jill. The Press Conference ends in a riot between youths and the drugs gangs. Atkins kills the Mayor, Vanessa and Louie. Pinhead takes Atkins to Hell. Matthew becomes Acting Mayor.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 15: "The Devil's Brigade Part 16: The Kold Red" by Erik Saltzgaber, Mike Vosburg & Gaspar

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