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One of Alma's Cats. Alice often wandered and was killed by Thomas. Alma discovered Alice's corpse in Thomas' house.
Alma had numerous cats, including Lucienda, Arthur and Pearl. They were all killed by Thomas who kept photos of their bodies.
Two Cenobites appeared with Pinhead after Alma solved the Lemarchand Box. One was a large, mure, eyeless male. The other had a hair covering his face and staples driven into his flesh. He suggested Alma feared the wonders of sculpting flesh and that her offer of one life for another may be inequitable.
Merriwhether, Thomas
A young, blonde man who lived alone in the house next to Alma. He secretly tortured and killed her cats with knives and kept photos of their corpses pinned on his wall. He was taken to Hell by the Cenobites as he tried to kill Sebastian.
O'Bright, Steve
A friend of George's who gave him the Lemarchand Box. Steve could not solve it and made a Gentleman's Bet that George could not either.
Summoned when Alma solved the Lemarchand Box. He was angered by Alma wanted to use them as "instruments of revenge". When Alma tried to offer the Cenobites Thomas, Pinhead told her they did not care about his sins, "only for the flesh and art with which we shape it". After Alma begged for two more years, he gave her a month in which to give Thomas the Lemarchand Box. Pinhead told Alma he almost envied her seeing Hell's sights for the first time.
Pritchard, Alma
An old woman with grey hair and glasses who kept numerous pet cats. When she was young her husband disappeared after solving the Lemarchand Box. She kept the Box hidden to stop anyone else being harmed by it. Many of Alma's cats vanished and she thought they had run away. She used a spare key to access Thomas' house whislt searching for Alice and discovered her corpse and photos of her other cats being tortured and killed. Alma solved the Lemarchand Box hoping to get revenge on Thomas. She begged to be allowed two more years and Pinhead offered her a month for her to give the Box to Thomas. Alma regretted her fate but was glad Thomas was paying for his crimes. After a month Pinhead took her to Hell.
Pritchard, George
Alma's husband. Alma suspected he drank, gambled and cheated on her but she still loved him. He was given the Lemarchand Box by Steve who wagered he couldn't open it. George solved the Lemarchand Box and was taken to Hell on Friday July 12th 1951.
One of Alma's Cats. It witnessed Thomas being taken by the Cenobites. Alma spoke with Sebastian as she prepared herself to go to Hell and his face was the last thing she saw before going.


Attic, Alma's
The attic in Alma's House. George solved the Lemarchand Box and was taken to Hell here. Alma hid the Box in the attic until she retrieved it to take revenge on Thomas. She summoned the Cenobites here and made her bargain with them. The Cenobites later took her to Hell here.

The home of the Cenobites which has "so many wonders for its newcomers". The cenobites took Alma, George and Thomas to Hell.

House, Alma's
The house next to Thomas' where Alma lived. George and Alma were taken to Hell in its attic.

House, Thomas'
The house next to Alma's where Thomas tortured and killed her cats. Alma discovered Alice and the photos here. The Cenobites took Thomas to Hell here.


Alma made a bargain with the Cenobites. They would return for her in one months time after she places "the Lament Configuration before Thomas". Pinhead hoped she would suffer for that month as she realises the price of her revenge.

Bet, Gentleman's
George had a Gentleman's Bet with Steve that he could solve the Lemarchand Box. If he could solve it he was allowed to keep it.

Thomas used knives to torture and kill Alma's cats.

Lament Configuration
Also: Lemarchand Box
"Possibly the finest work of art ever created". A colourful puzzle box that summoned the Cenobites. George solved it in 1951. Alma solved it in 1992 and was given a months reprieve by the Cenobites.

Lemarchand Box
See Lament Configuration.

One Month
The Cenobites gave Alma one month before taking her to Hell.

Thomas took photos of the cats he tortured and killed. Alma took some and tried to show them to the Cenobites as proof of Thomas' actions.

There was a storm both nights that Alma met with the Cenobites. Alma's mother told her the rain was the tears of Angels.

Alma drank this as she waited for the Cenobites to come back for her.


1951 Jul 12th Friday 5:35PM: George shows Alma the Lament Configuration and tries to solve it.
9:32PM: George solves the Lament Configuration and is taken to Hell. Alma hides the Lament Configuration.
1992 Sep 7th Tuesday

8:39PM: Alma discovers Alice's corpse and photos of her murdered missing cats.

1992 Sep 10th Friday

10:34PM: Alma solves the Lament Configuration and summons the Cenobites. She makes a bargain with them for one more month of life in which she can give the Lament Configuration to Thomas.

1992 Oct 8th Thursday

11:55PM: The Cenobites take Thomas to Hell.

1992 Oct 10th Saturday

10:04PM: Alma finds Sebastian in her house whilst awaiting the Cenobite.
10:27PM: Alma awaits the Cenobites arrival.
11:03PM: Alma regrets her actions and cuts herself on the Lament Configuration.
11:55PM: The Cenobites take Alma to Hell.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 15: "Of Love, Cats and Curiosity" by James Moore, Ricardo Villagran & Jon Babcock

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