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The Devil's Brigade Part 14: Echoes, Dreams and Revelations
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Abaddon, Father Peter
A tall priest with a round face and thinning grey-hair. He preached of "building a new Eden where all can grow, all can be forgiven, not in the hereafter but in the here and now". He was opposed to Samuel's "hell and damnation" message but Balberith created doubt as to whether he was right to continue. When he was younger Father Jenner taught him acceptance and to not reject anyone from the church. Balberith manipulated Abaddon's dreams, using images of a Nun, Luke and Samuel to tell him his path was wrong. Abaddon begged God to show him the meaning of his dreams. When he dreamt of Samuel's death before hearing of it, he saw it as a prophecy and a sign that he must continue Samuel's work. Abaddon created a New Inquisition, dedicated to judging and weeding out unbelievers and apostates.
A Cenobite who was successful in helping Decourcy crush opposition in his country.
A Cenobite with the appearance of an elderly lady with glasses stitched over her eyes and pointed teeth. She carried the Hand of Glory which rendered her invisible. Leviathan gave her the task ot making Father Abaddon turn to the path of order. Though unheard, she spoke to Father Abaddon and others to influence them and conspired with Samuel. She manipulated Abaddon's dreams, haunting him with his past and prophecising Samuel's death. She asked Flagellum how the War was going and told her that she would succeed. When Samuel disagreed with her plan she ripped away the railing of his balcony, causing him to fall to his death. Balberith successfully drove Abaddon to begin a new fundamentalist church.
A young man with a long face and rough, brown hair. He was committed to an Asylum after trying to expose the Cenobites. He turned off Abaddon's television show after realising Leviathan had got him. He claimed he was going to become a Buddhist. Dubby attacked him and smashed his face into an electric heater.
Flagellum told Balberith that Abigor has succeeded in helping Decourcy crush the opposition in his country.
"Dubby" Dubskinshy
A large, muscular bald man who was emotionally childlike. He watched Abaddon's broadcast with David and Rebecca and got angry when it was turned off. Dubby believed he would be accepted in heaven. He attacked David and forced his face into an electric heater for being an apostate.
A Cenobite who failed in his task to use Leo Shabel to create Order.
An obese female Cenobite that has blue skin, wears a tiny leather suit and has a crown of steel rods imbedded in her skull and around her eyes. Leviathan spoke through her. She told Balberith that Abigor had succeeded and that Face had failed and warned that failure would not be tolerated.
Father Jenner
An old man with balding white hair and glasses. When he was younger he was a priest who taught Abaddon. He was excommunicated for questioning how the church judged who was acceptable and who should be rejected. He ran a book store which Rebecca found her way to after escaping the Asylum. He told her of his history and that people would always look for a scapegoat for the worlds problems. He believed 'good' would eventually win out.
Lord of Hell who spoke through Flagellum. Leviathan demanded "unquestioning obediance".
A tall, scrawny man with messy, curled hair who wore a white vest. He was Abaddon's childhood friend who had recently died. He appeared in Abaddon's dreams where he renounced their friendship for not being a true priest.
A Nun in Abaddon's dreams who Balberith possibly spoke through. She warned Abaddon that the path he was on could lead to damnation. She warned him not to question doctrine and to follow "the Light of our Lord".
A young woman with short, brown hair. She was committed to an Asylum after accidently cutting Abaddon whilst trying to expose the Cenobites. She escaped in the commotion caused by Dubby attacking David. After wandering the streets she met Father Jenner who invited her into his shop. She told him she wanted to stop blaming people and fight back.
Samuel had dark hair with grey sideburns. He was a televangelist who served Hell. Abaddon dreamt that Samuel denounced him for leading his followers into sin. In a television debate, he claimed the Bible said women could not be ordaned and he believed that Abaddon should "warn and save". He suggested to Balberith that they simplify the plan and not have him step down after his success and instead kill Abaddon. He fell to his death when Balberith ripped away the balcony railing he was leaning on. Abaddon dreamt that Samuel had died and passed on the mantle of his work to him.
Shabel, Leo
Flagellum told Balberith that Face had failed and Leo Shabel had escaped Hell's influence.
A nun who worked at the Asylum. Rebecca told her to get the Porters for help when Dubby attacked David.


Rebecca and David were committed here after attacking Abaddon. They watched Abaddon on television here and released Leviathan had got to him. Dubby attacked David here as Rebecca escaped.

Church, Abaddon's
A traditional church. Abaddon begged God to reveal the meaning of his dreams here.

Church, Samuel's
A modern building where Samuel also lived. Balberith spoke with Samuel here. When Samuel suggested that he should not step down for Abaddon, Balberith caused him to fall to his death off a high balcony..

Dressing Room, Abaddon's
Abaddon had a dream here whilst waiting for his television debate with Samuel.

Abaddon dreamt of a garden he walked through with Father Jenner when he was young. Here Jenner taught Abaddon that sinners did not need to be rejected.

Also: Labyrinth
A vast stone Labyrinth ruled by Leviathan. Balberith spoke to Flagellum here.

Jenner's Books
A book shop owned by Jenner. It was very cluttered, full of books scattered around. Rebecca found her way here after escaping the Asylum.

See Hell

Studio 1
A television studio where the Inquisition programme was made. Abaddon and Samuel had a debate here


Someone who rejects their former religon. Dubby called David an apostate. Abaddon said to "consign the apostate to the flames".

Dreams, Abaddon's
Abaddon has dreams of being on trial for heresy. Abaddon remembers when he was young, talking with Father Jenner before he was excommunicated. He sees Rebecca and says he wanted to help her. He is judged by Luke, Samuel and a Nun who accuse him of ignoring doctrine. These dreams are influenced by Balberith. In the dream Samuel tells Abaddon that he must continue the formers work after his death. When this comes to pass Abaddon sees it as a sign.

Hand of Glory
This gave Balberith invisibility. It consisted of a burning, severed hand on a staff.

A religous television show where Abaddon and Samuel have a debate on their beliefs.

Hell aims to bring the world into order. Balberith manipulated Abaddon into creating an inquisition that would help lead to this.

Abaddon believed his dreams contained prophecy, after having the foretold death of Samuel come to pass. He was told to "build a new Eden" and to "shut out the sinners, weed out the unbeliever, consign the apostate to the flame".

Time of Configuration
A time of change in Hell which could also lead to creating Order on Earth. Before Balberith was successful, Hell had had one victory with Abigor and one failure with Face.

TV Ministry
Abaddons TV Ministry has as "many critics as it has converts". Abaddon originally stated he dreamt of building a new Eden on Earth but after being manipulated by Balberith he preaced more fundementalist messages of sin and damnation.


(Past) Father Jenner is excommunicated by the Church.
1992 (day 1) Abaddon dreams of being denounced. Abaddon and Samuel debate on TV.
1992 (day 2)

Balberith kills Samuel. Abaddon takes over Samuel's Inquisition.

1992 (day 3)

Dubby attacks David. Rebecca escapes the Asylum and meets Jenner. Abaddon leads a New Inquisition.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 14: "The Devil's Brigade Part 14: Echoes, Dreams and Revelations" by Nicholas Vince, Andrew Paquette & Phil Felix

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