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The Devil's Brigade Part 13: Breakdown in Red
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A Cenobite who restored the power of a white supremacy government in Africa.
Head of a white supremacist government in Africa.
A theatrical, skinless Cenobite who staples other peoples faces over his own. During the Time of Configuration he was "sent to keep Leo Chabel in control" so Leo could organise the homeless. He possessed Lisa Ann who Leo then murdered in a moment of insanity. Flagellum warned Face he was pushing Leo too far and Face felt he had been "too self-indulgent" and "hammed it up". He felt he could still save the situation and animated Lisa Ann's corpse. Leo ripped off her face to reveal Face who pulled off her skin to confront Leo. Leo ripped off the stapled skin that Face wore and saw his own image. Face was not worried about his failure and felt it was "a hell of a show".
An obese female Cenobite that has blue skin, wears a tiny leather suit and has a crown of steel rods imbedded in her skull and around her eyes. She came to tell Face of Abigor's victory and was angered that he had pushed Leo Shabel too far. She warned him not to fail as she flagellated herself with cat-o-nine-tails. After Leo went mad she berated Face for his failure.
Homeless Man
He asked Leo for some change and was murdered by him.
The Lord of Hell. Leviathan chose Face to make Leo organise the homeless and "stop the chaos in the streets". Leviathan's mandate is "a world in order".
Magic Man
See Shabel, Leo
Mercer, Lisa Ann
The owner of the Community Theatre, which was her life's work. Lisa Ann loved Leo Shabel and wanted to share the Theatre with him. Lisa Ann had been under the control of Face. Leo throttled her to death in a moment of madness. Face reanimated her body but Leo ripped her face off, revealing the Cenobite.
Shabel, Leo
Also: Magic Man
Leo Shabel campaigned for establishing a series of Street Haven shelters and dedicated his "whole life to helping the poor". He loved Lisa Ann but throttled her to death in a moment of insanity and could not understand what he had done. She had called him the magic man and Leo wished she was still alive. Face animated her corpse but Leo was horrified and ripped her face off revealing the Cenobite. Leo was not satsified and ripped off the stapled skin Face wore, demanding to know who was turly responsible. However, he saw his own face which sent Leo insane. He felt he could offer people the escape of death and ran from the Community Theatre, into the streets, where he murdered a homeless man.


Abigor restored the power of a white supremacy government in Africa.

Community Theatre
A Community Theatre run by Lisa Ann Mercer. Tennessee Williams "The Glass Menagerie" was performed here. Leo killed Lisa Ann on the stage. Face revealed himself to Leo who went insane here.

Streets outside the Community Theatre. An insane Leo killed a homeless man here.

Street Haven Shelters
Homeless shelters established across America by Leo Shabel.


"Charley's Aunt"
A play by Brandon Thomas. Face claimed it was fun "to star in 'Charley's Aunt'" when he revealed himself to Leo.

Leviathan dreams of "a world in order". Face was meant to help Leo unite the homeless into a force for order.

"The Glass Menagerie"
A play by Tennessee Williams. It was a play performed at the Community Theatre. Leo killed Lisa Ann on the stage set for the play.

Time of Configuration
A point of Hell's history where Face is required to "break the puzzle" of Leo Shabel. the Cenobites must perform certain tasks. Abigor succeeded in restoring order in Africa. Face had to help Leo unite the homeless into a force for order but he failed.


1992 Leo kills Lisa Ann. Face reveals himself to Leo who goes insane. Leo runs out into the streets in a murderous rampage.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 14: "The Devil's Brigade Part 13: Breakdown in Red" by Ron Wolfe, Kieron Dwyer & Richard Starkings

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