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A Cenobite who listened to the Stalker's story. She wears a dominatrix-style suit and is bald with metal spikes inserted into her head. Her mouth has zips extending from either side and her finger nails are razor sharp.
Two other Cenobites listened to the Stalker's story alongside Master and Abigor. One had an exposed brain, with wires holding the skin to his clothes. The other was large, bald and pale.
Lord of Hell. The Stalker believed he had provided Leviathan with "a multitude of fodder souls".
A Cenobite who listened to the Stalker's story. He had large horns protruding from his head which was composed of three faces seemingly fused together into one. He tortured the Stalker in Hell and agreed to listen to his story. He felt the story had merit but that the Stalker had missed the point. He felt the Stalker had potential but did not yet understand the Cenobites philosophies. He tore the Stalker apart.
Roberts, Janice
(1962-1991) One of the Stalker's victims, a young black woman, who he followed off the subway. She was attacked in the streets and thrown to the ground where she pleaded for her life. The Stalker stole her ID and promised to return for her later. He whistled "it's a small world" as he left her. She was tormented by the Stalker and eventually shot herself in the head.
A young, dark haired man who was taken to Hell after solving the Lemarchand Configuration. He was tortured by the Cenobites but desired to become one of them. He offered to tell Master his story to prove his worth. He was a Stalker who searched for victims on the subway, followed them, and attacked them on the streets. He enacted "every nightmare they had ever dreamed" on his victims before suddenly stopping. He would take their identification and promise to return later. He then stalked them, sent them mail and phoned them, "drank their torment and anguish". Their terror made the Stalker happy and he took photographs of them for his collection. He drove some of them to suicide, the rest were mentally broken. Eventually he felt ready to solve the lemarchand Configuration and was taken to Hell. Master felt the Stalker had potential but did not fully understand the Cenobites philosopies. Master said that the Stalker may become a Cenobite later before tearing him apart.
The Stalker's victims. After his attacks he would take identificiation from them and leave with the promise to return later. He tormented them with phone calls, sending messages in the mail and by stalking them. All of his victims were either eventually broken or commited suicide.


The Stalker was tortured in a room in Hell. He was taken there by the Cenobites after solving the Lemarchand Configuration. He told Master his story in Hell.

Home, Stalker's
The Stalker pinned photographs of his victims to the wall in his home.

Homes, Victim's
The Stalker tormented his victims in their homes, watching them and sending them messages.

The Stalker followed his victims through streets, getting closer until he was ready to attack. He assaulted Jancie Roberts in the streets.

The Stalker rode the subway at night in order to find victims.


Arcane Clues
The Stalker spents half his life studying these.

The Stalker spents half his life studying these.

Blank Pages
The Stalker sent these in the mail to his victims so they could read his soul.

Chains, Hell's
Chains with hooked ends. The Cenobites tortured the Stalker with these in Hell.

The Stalker took identification from all his victims and read out their name and address before promising to return for them later.

Lemarchand Configuration
A puzzle box that could also transform into a diamond. The Stalker solved the Lemarchand Configuration and was taken to Hell.

The Cenobites strive for Order. They considered random attacks as "purposeless pain, born of a lack of order".

Philosophies, Cenobites
Master felt the Stalker did not properly understand the Cenobites philosophies.

The Stalker took photographs of all his victims after his attacks in order to collect their emotions. He pinned them to his wall.

The Stalker drove some of his victims to suicide including Janice.


1962 Janice Roberts was born.

The Stalker attacks his victims and continues to terrorise them.


Janice Roberts shoots herself. The Stalker solves the Lemarchand Configuration and is taken to Hell.


The Stalker tells Master, Abigor and the Cenobites his story. They tear him apart.


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