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The Devil's Brigade Part 12: Endolsüng: The Final Solution
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Cenobite summoned by a puzzle box. She wears a dominatrix-style suit and is bald with metal spikes inserted into her head. Her mouth has zips extending from either side and her finger nails are razor sharp. She was chosen by Leviathan to lead Volksland into Order and she chose Schoeman to help her. Abigor believed when domination was absolute, it was perfection and that "pure domination transcends morality". After completing her mission she told Schoeman he was "a perfect slave" and instructed him to hang himself. She returned to Hell and faced Leviathan.
Also: Cargo, Units
The majority of the population of Volksland who were repressed by the white government. Parliament announced a "free election" but murdered the African leaders before beginning a genocide of the African population. "One hundred thousand Africans" who lived in Zoato were gased in trains and then their bodies turned into fertiliser or burnt. This continued all across Volksland.
The white founders of Volksland. Decourcy claimed they had battled for the land for over 200 years.

See Africans
An important African leader in Volksland. Charula was a popular political figure amongst the African population. He was invited to a committee meeting but was killed shortly after.
Child, Zoya's
The unborn child of Zoya and Niles Hollander. Jack wanted to protect the baby above everything else.

A group of Africans that demanded free elections: "one man, one vote". The government used the murder of Niles as a reason to round up many young, black males, mainly "comrades".
Prime Minister of Volskand. Abigor needed him to lead the country into order. After Abigor removed obstacles, Decourcy was convinced genocide of the Africans was the best course of action for Volksland. He felt the final solution was an option due to historcial precedent. He felt the world would forget in fifty years and it was worth it to secure Volksland for the Afrikaneer. He offered to free Jack if he told him where Zoya was heading but Jack declined.
The Germans designed the Processing Plants during World War II.

Hollander, Niles
A white politician and the murdered father of Zoya's unborn baby. Parliament used his death as a reason to round up the "comrades".
A industrialist who organised the plan for the genocide. He made the proposals to the government and only needed Decourcy to fund the project.
Kurtis, Jack
An American journalist reporting on the situation in Volksland. He was given expulsion papers but ignored them and hid with Zach and Zoya in Zoato. He didn't want to do an AIDSstory and he never believed the genocide would actually happen. He continued to take pictures and write in his journal, and wrote the last entry on 13th August 1992. They tried to escape Zoato with Jack pretending to be a guard escorting prisoners. When it failed they attacked the solders and Jack was injured. He told Zach and Zoya to escape without him. Jack was tortured and then questioned by Decourcy and Wagner. Decourcy offered to send him back to America if Jack told them where to find Zoya. Jack refused and Wagner shot him.

The Lord of Hell, a giant diamond that towers over the Labyrinth. Leviathan chose Abigor to make Decourcy lead Volksland into order. Abigor saw Leviathan after succeeding.
Foreigners. They were expelled from Volksland and then the borders were closed.
Schoeman, Minister
Minister of the Interior in Volksland. He summoned Abigor and only he could see her. Schoeman was her puppet and she used him to manipulate the government towards order. Abigor treated him as a slave and whipped him whilst he was naked and bound. She had him stand on a stool with a rope round his neck and told him to step off. Abigor took Schoeman to Hell.

Sentry 5
A sentry post that guarded the border of Zoato. Jack, Zach and Zoya approached them pretending to be prisoners and a guard. The leader of Sentry 5 suspected them and ordered his men to kill them. All of Sentry 5 were killed already they wounded Jack.
Armed soliders rounded up the comrades and organised the African populations on to the trains. They also guarded the townships in sentry posts.
Train Conductors
Conductors on the trains that gased the Africans. The first found the hours exhausting, the second just thought of all the overtime money they were getting.

See Africans
Member of Volksland's military. He was a bigot and a racist. Wagner shot Jack after he refused to reveal where Zoya was going.
Jack's friend who worked with him. He, Jack and Zoya hid in the Zoato township together. They attempted to escape, with Jack posing as a guard escorting them. They were shot at and Zach killed a soldier with a machete. Zach drove Zoya to safety.

A black teacher at Decourcy University who was in love with Niles and pregnant with his child. She, Jack and Zach hid in the Zoato township together. They attempted to escape, with Jack posing as a guard escorting them. They were shot at and Zoya shot and killed a soldier. She didn't want to leave Jack but couldn't carry him. Zach drove her to safety.


Chicago Stockyard
The Germans based their "most efficient plants" on the Chicago Stockyards.

Nazi Germany was used as a template for Volksland's own genocide. The reunification of Germany became a symbol of hope and peace.

A vast, grey labyrinth which Leviathan towers above. Abigor returned here with Schoeman after completing her mission.

Processing Plants
Where the Nazi's gased their victims. In Volksland the transport trains themselves were converted into "streamlined versions".

Stalin murdered millions here.

Steel Works Plant
Where the trains would deliver the bodies of Africans for processing. Bodies were burnt or turned into fertiliser here.

An African country where the moderate government was attempting social reform despite the continuation of apartheid and a growing right-wing movement. The manipulation of Abigor led the country genocide. Foreigners were deported and the borders closed. Decourcy felt the Afrikaneer had battled 200 years for the land and felt the impact of the genocide would be forgotten in 50 years, making it worthwhile.

A township in Volksland. It contained "one hundred thousand Africans". It was emptied on the pretense of tearing it down to build modern housing and the people sent away on trains to "temporary housing". The people were gased. Jack helped Zach and Zoya escape the nearly empty township but was captured.


Jack didn't want to do a story on AIDS.

Birth Certificate
Anyone without a Volksland birth certificate was deported from the country.

Knopf referred to the dead Africans as "by-products". His proposal was to turn the corpses into fertiliser.

Jack stayed hidden with his camera, "taking picture after picture". He recorded events but felt he could do nothing else. Jack dreamt the camera was a throttle of a train her was driving, stuck on automatic.

Commitee Meetings
Charula and "other important African leaders" were invited to the Volksland governments commitee meetings. At first the reports "were encouraging" but they soon stopped. The leaders were likely killed. After the first meetings the redevelopment of the townships were announced.

Abigor believed when domination was absolute, it was perfection and that "pure domination transcends morality".

Also: The Final Solution
Volksland took the option of genocide of the African population in order for the white government to keep power. This involved destroying the townships and murdering Africans by gasing them in converted trains. The bodies were either turned into fertiliser or burnt. They took this option after Abigor manipulated events through Schoeman. Decourcy claimed historical precedent made genocide an option.

Expulsion Papers
Anyone without a Volksland birth certificate were given expulsion papers. Jack ignored his and stayed hidden in Zoato.

The corpses of the murdered Africans were to be turned into fertiliser. Knopf believed no farmer in Volksland could turn it down at their prices and the fertiliser would "cut costs almost 40%".

The Final Solution
See Endolsüng

Final Stage
The trains delivered the corpses to the Steel Works Planet for the final stage. This is where the corpses are turned into fertiliser and the backlog is burnt.

"Free Elections"
These were announced amongst the panic of the government rounding up the "comrades". They were said to be "one man, one vote".

Pumped into the trains to murder the Africans as they were being transported.

Journal, Jack's
Jack kept a record of events in Volksland in his journal. He made his last entry on 13th August 1992 before attempting to flee Zoata.

Abigor's mission for Leviathan was to create order in Volksland. Decourcy brought order by commiting genocide and gaining complete control of the country. She returned to Hell after completing her mission.

Leviathan needed Decourcy to bring order to Volksland.

The Volksland parliament announced "free elections" during the panic caused by rounding up the "comrades".

Reports came from the committee meetings between Decourcy and the African leaders and were positive at first. The reports "came less and less frequently. Until they stopped coming altogether".

Knopf claimed trains were the "essential peice of the German puzzle" in making genocide efficient. He suggested modifying the trains, adding "a layer of foam insulation" and a "layer of silicon" with "a length of neoprene hose" allowing them "to directly vent gas into the cars; the transport itself becomes a streamlined version of the processing plant, delivering cargo all ready for the final stage". The Africans were told the trains were taking them to temporary housing whilst the townships were redeveloped.


1992 July Niles Hollander is murdered.
1992 July 31st Foreigners are expelled from Volksland. Jack stays in hiding.
1992 August 1st-12th The "comrades" are rounded up. Free elections are announced. African leaders are killed and the genocide begins.
1992 August 13th Jack writes his last diary entry. Abigor takes Schoeman to Hell. Zoya and Zach escape Volksland. Jack is captured.
1992 August 14th

Jack is killed by Wagner.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 13: "The Devil's Brigade Part 12: Endolsüng: The Final Solution" by Larry Wachowski, Russ Heath, Gloria Vasquez & James Novak

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