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Cenobite Pet. A knee-high, bilky and dog-like creature. It was purple with tiny yellow eyes. It was Clowns pet. It asked Clown is they could consider Thorndike's plea for mercy and Clown destroyed him.
Servants of Leviathan, part of Hell's Order. The Cenobites torture people in Hell. Clown was a Cenobite.
Clown / Winky Dink
Also: Winky Dink
A male Cenobite with pale skin, dressed in long, leather robes whose mouth is stretched into a permanent smile. As a human he was a clown called Winky Dink. He tortured Thorndike in Hell. Thorndike begged with Clown to trade his life for a "final, truly horrible soul". Clown destroyed his pet Agathion after it demonstrated sympathy. Thorndike's influence in Agathion's destruction impressed Clown and he agreed to the bargain. Clown dragged Delming to Hell with Hell's chains. He felt Delming's experience would serve Leviathan well. He offered words of caution to Thorndike but was ignored. He watched as Thorndike's new body decayed and told him "dead thing's rot".
Delming, Gardner
A serial killer who lived in apartment 4C of a building in Connecticut. The media called him the "Parts-is-Parts Killer" as he took body parts from his victims who numbered in the dozens. Delming boiled the parts in a "soup" and hung the bones up round his home. His murders began to spread from Connecticut into New York state and the F.B.I. were helping track him down. He owned large numbers of radio's and a television which he spoke to as if they were alive. He took pride in his work and hoped to become more productive. He wanted the voices he heard to tell him what to do with his victims and became frustrated without any response. Andy kept offering to repair the lock to his door but he refused. Thorndike began talking to Delming and instructing him to build a body out of the parts he obtained. He covered his face in blood and smashed his television when it told him the police were closing in. He killed Andy and used his hair and face to complete the body. He felt it was "not about death" or destruction but creation. Thorndike gave Delming to Clown who dragged him to Hell with hooked chains.
Ferhel, Andy "Handy Andy"
The superintendant of the building where Delming lived. He had long, thick black hair, beard and moustache and wore a blue jacket over a white vest. He enjoyed his work and kept offering to fix Delming's lock but was refused. He often stated "s'what they pay me for". He entered Delming's room, offering to fix the lock and discovered the body Delming had built. Delming killed him with a jagged piece of bone and used his hair on the new body and stuck his face around a plug socket on the wall.
Lord Leviathan, the God of Hell and ruler of the Cenobites. Leviathan led a "campaign against the flesh". Thorndike had led many victims to Leviathan.
The Order of the Cenobites. Thorndike had led many victims to them.
Thorndike served Hell and led many victims to Leviathan and was eventually rewarded by being taken there himself. He was tortured by Clown, strung up on hooked chains, with portions of his skin removed, his lower half torn apart and instruments inserted into his torso. He claimed he had been lied to and wanted out. He offered to bring them one "final, truly horrible soul" in exchange for his life. Clown agreed. Thorndike spoke to Delming, and had him build a new body from the parts of his victims. When it was finished Thorndike was free from Hell in exchange for Delming. He ignored Clown's warnings and tried to leave before the police came looking for Delming. His body, made from the dead, began to rot and Thorndike died.
Winky Dink
See Clown


Delming's apartment in the building. The door's lock was broken. Delming brought parts of his victims here. He was taken to Hell and Thorndike died here.

A building in Connecticut where Delmin lives.

A state in America. Delming lived in Connecticut and his early murders took place here.

A World of "eternal damnation" full of hooked chains, ruled by the God Leviathan. Thorndike was tortured by Clown here. He was released and Delming taken in his place.

New York State
A state next to Connecticut. Delming's murders began to spread to here.


Bargain, Thorndike's
Thorndike's bargain with Clown: "A final, truly horrible soul to add to your collection--and all I ask in return is my life back!".

Behavorial Sciences Unit
A department of the F.B.I. that deals with criminal profiling. They worked with police officials to "establish links" between the killings New York and "the Connecticut murderer".

Body, New
Thorndike's new body, "made from the dead". Delming constructed it from parts of his victims and a lamp. Thorndike possessed it and restored his body but the dead parts rapidly decomposed and he died.

Body Parts
Delming took these from his victims and used them to construct Thorndike's new body.

Campaign against the Flesh
Clown suggested Delming's experience would of use in "Lord Levithan's Campaign against the flesh".

Chains, Hell's
Chains used by Clown that end in sharp hooks. Thorndike was hooked up in Hell. When Clown came for Delming he was dragged to Hell by the chains.

Eternal Damnation
The eternal torture in Hell. Thorndike traded Delming into this.

The F.B.I. helped investigate the murders committed by Delming.

Final, Truly Horrible Soul
Thorndike offered Clown a "final, truly horrible soul" in exchange for his freedom. He chose Delming.

The lock to the door of 4C, Delming's apartment. To open it "you have to know how to get the key in just right". Andy offered to fix it but Delming refused.

Marker Pen
Delming used this to draw lips on stretched skin and scribble across his television if he didn't like what he heard.

Radios, Gardner's
Delming had almost a dozen of these on a cabinet and he spoke to them as if they were alive. Sometimes he told them to stay quiet if he wanted to listen to the television instead.

Service Industry
Delming believed he was in a "service industry providing to a growing list of satisfied customers", his victims. He thought they must be happy as no one ever complained.

Delming boiled parts of his victims in a "soup" to clean them off.

The tabloids referred to Delming as the "Parts-Is-Parts Killer for the trademark removal of body parts from his victims".

Television, Gardner's
Delming spoke to his television as if it were alive and often wanted to listen to what it said. He used a marker pen to scribble over a reporters mouth if he didn't like what he heard. he got frustrated if it only told him things he knew. When the television suggested the authorities were closing in on him he smashed it with a human skull.


1992 (6 months ago) Delming leaves his job and begins killing.

Andy offers to fix Delming's lock. Delming tries to discover what to do with his body parts. Thorndike offers Clown a final soul in return for his life. Clown accepts. Thorndike begins talking to Delming and directing him to construct a body.

1992 (later)

Delming kills Andy and completes his work. Thorndike claims his new body and is free of Hell. Clown takes Delming to Hell. Thorndike dies when his body rots.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 13: "Dead Things Rot" by Mike Mignola, D.G. Chichester, Mark Nelson, Mark Chiarello & Jade Moede

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