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Abaddon, Father Peter
A tall priest with a round face and thinning grey-hair. He preached that "only minds are closed. The God of love listens and can open them". He was opposed to Samuel's "hell and damnation" message but after the death of Luke he began to doubt whether he was right to continue. He could sense Balberith talking to him but believed it was Luke and asked him for forgiveness. Father Abaddon listened to Rebecca's story about Samuel and the Cenobites "with an open mind". He thought he believed them but asked for proof. He confronted Samuel and felt his actions indicated he was guilty. When Rebecca claimed to see Balberith Father Abaddon started to doubt her. Rebecca accidently slashed Father Abaddon across his left eye and he had her and David commited to an asylum. His doubts grew and he worried his crusade brought only destruction.
A Cenobite with the appearance of an elderly lady with glasses stitched over her eyes and pointed teeth. She carried the Hand of Glory which rendered her invisible. Leviathan gave her the task ot making Father Abaddon turn to the path of order. Though unheard, she spoke to Father Abaddon and others to influence them and conspired with Samuel. She encouraged both Samuel and Father Abaddon but seeded the latter with doubts. One Father Abaddon's crusade was stronger she planned to remove Samuel, and twist Father Abaddon to lead both congregations on a New Inquisition. She was angered by Rebecca and David's interference. She allowed Rebecca to see her and attacked her with a knife, causing Rebecca to seemingly attack Father Abaddon. She was disappointed in how easy Father Abaddon was to manipulate.
An old bishop with glasses who was sent by Rome to talk to Father Abaddon. Influenced by Balberith, he instructed him to continue his work.
Balberith and Legion were both Cenobites. Rebecca and David saw the Cenobites drag Samuel to Hell. They told Father Abaddon about the Cenobites.
A young man with a long face and rough, brown hair. He rescued Rebecca from Samuel's religous commune and wanted her help in exposing him. After seeing Father Abaddon on television they went and told him about Leviathan, Samuel and the Cenobites. When confronting Samuel, David told Father Abaddon that Rebecca could see Balberith. He tried to attack Samuel with a letter opener but was struck down. David was locked up in an asylum.
Leader of Volskland. Samuel felt he was a fool for not crushing the insurgents in his country.

Talk show host. Rebecca thought, at best, they'd end up on his show if they tried to tell people about Leviathan.
A priest from the town of Loudon. As a nun, Balberith helped destroy him "by calling on imaginary devils". She felt Grandier "was too stupid to see the political machinations behind his plight". "In Loudon, they lanced Grandier's testicles, tore his nails from his fingers and crushed his legs in 'the boot" and "he confessed only to his belief in his God and himself".
The Cenobite that dragged Samuel to Hell. Rebecca told Father Abaddon about how Legion scarred Samuel's hand.
The God of Hell who instructed Balberith to lead Father Abaddon on to the path of order. Leviathan sent Samuel back from Hell to preach his gospel. David and Rebecca told Father Abaddon about Leviathan though Samuel denied the connection.
Father Abaddon's friend who recently died. After his death Father Abaddon had doubts about continuing his work. He was buried in the Graveyard.
A young woman with long, brown hair who had been part of Samuel's commune before David took her away. She felt they could not prove the Cenobites existance and that no one would believe them. After seeing Father Abaddon on television they went and told him about Leviathan, Samuel and the Cenobites. When confronting Samuel, Balberith revealed herself to Rebecca and attacked her with a knife. Rebecca lashed out trying to defend herself and cut Father Abaddon across his left eye. Rebecca was locked up in an asylum.
Revere, Paul
A messenger who kept watch for the British. Rebecca told David he could not ride through the streets shouting "the Cenobites are coming".
Samuel has dark hair with grey sideburns and a mark of stigmata on his palm which he covers with a fingerless black glove with a red half-moon design on it. He was taken to Hell by Legion but released to preach "Leviathan's gospel". He built "one of the world's largest televangelical ministries" and ran religous communes that fed and sheltered its followers. He preached that the last days had come and there would be "hell and damnation" for sinners. Balberith told him to deny Rebecca and David's claims of working for Hell but he only offered threats to Father Abaddon. When David attacked him he struck him. He had David and Rebecca commited to an asylum.
Velma Louise
A patron in the Salvation Diner. She thought David "dressed like a heathen".
An overweight, older woman with wild red hair who worked in the Salvation Diner. She felt Father Abaddon was a "heretic hippie" and supported Samuel.


Father Abaddon and Samuel had Rebecca and David commited here. Father Abaddon felt the Asylum was of little benefit to them.

Church, Father Abaddon's
Father Abaddon met with the Bishop here and expressed his doubts. It was here Father Abaddon, Rebecca and David confronted Samuel and Rebecca injured Father Abaddon when trying to attack Balberith. Afterwards, Samuel and Father Abaddon spoke together here.

Church, Samuel's
A modern building conatinging a television studio. Balberith spoke with Samuel here.

Rebecca and David discussed what action to take here after he saved her from Samuel's commune

Located at Father Abaddon's Church, Luke was burried here. It was here that Rebecca and David told Father Abaddon about Leviathan, the Cenobites and Samuel.

Rebecca and David saw Samuel taken here by the Cenobites. He was freed to preach "Leviathan's gospel".

Centuries ago Balberith, as a nun, helped destroy a priest named Grandier here.

The Bishop told Father Abaddon that Rome instructed him to continue his work.

Salvation Diner
Located in the Desert. A religous diner where Rebecca and David discussed what to do. They saw Father Abaddon speaking on television here.

Samuel watched a news report on the suppression of minor riots in this country.


Father Abaddon and Samuel both have their own religous congregations. Balberith planned to unite them and lead them into order.

Hand of Glory
This gave Balberith invisibility. It consisted of a burning, severed hand on a staff. Balberith extinguished a single finger to allow only Rebecca to see her.

"Hell and Damnation" Ministry
See Televangelical Ministry

Journal of Balberith
Balberith keeps a record of her actions in this.

Letter Opener
Rebecca grabbed this as a weapon to defend herself from Balberith. She accidently cut Father Abaddon's left eye with it. David used it to attack Samuel.

Little Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song Book
A book of nursery rhymes that Balberith quoted from as she attacked Rebecca. "Here comes a candle to light you to bed. Here comes a chopper, to chop off your head" was found on page 14.

Mark 14:22
A verse of the Bible that was written in the menu's of the Salvation Diner. It read "Take, Eat, This is my Body".

New Inquisition
Balberith aimed to create this by merging Samuel and Father Abaddon's congregations and having Father Abaddon lead them into a new age of order.

Televangelical Ministry
Also: "Hell and Damnation" Ministry
Samuel's evangelical ministry, one of the worlds largest, that preached that the last days had come and there would be "hell and damnation" for sinners. It included a religous commune where people were fed and shelterd. Behind this message Samuel really preached "Leviathan's gospel".

Television Show, Abaddon's
Father Peter Abaddon's television broadcast. He preached for making the world better, claiming God was all-loving and opposed Samuel's message.

Time of Configuration
A time of change in Hell. "At five points, are the chosen; are five choices to be made; are five hands to be played". The chosen could turn to the side of chaos or order. Balberith aimed to turn Father Abaddon to order.

"Wild Cards"
Balberith considered David and Rebecca "Wild Cards" in her game of manipulation, "the Joker and the Fool".


1991 (day 1) Rebecca and David discuss how to reveal Samuel.
1991 (day 2)

Rebecca and David tell Father Abaddon about Samuel and Hell. Father Abaddon confronts Samuel. Balberith tricks Rebecca into attacking Father Abaddon.

1991 (day 3)

Father Abaddon and Samuel have Rebecca and David commited to an asylum.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 12: "The Devil's Brigade Part 11: Believe the Sinners" by Nicholas Vince, Sam Kieth, Sam Parsons & Phil Felix

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