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Cenobite summoned by a puzzle box. She wears a dominatrix-style suit and is bald with metal spikes inserted into her head. Her mouth has zips extending from either side and her finger nails are razor sharp. She was chosen by Leviathan to lead Volksland into Order and she chose Schoeman to help her. Schoeman was shown a vision of Niles and Zoya by her. She made Schoeman tell Wagner about them. Abigor was determined not to fail Leviathan.
Five times as many Afircans lived in Volksland compared to the Afrikaner.
Afrikaner Pioneers
The founders of Volksland who followed Joseph Decourcy and "fought the Zulu, the British, the land itself". Michael claimed it was their "sweat and blood" that made the desert furtile.

The Afrikaner Pioneers fought the British for their land.
He was trusted by the Africans. Niles wanted to allow him to negotiate.
The Comrades
A group of Africans that demanded free elections: "one man, one vote".

Decourcy, Daniel
Michael Decourcy's young son. Michael took him to the statue of Joseph Decourcy and told him the origin of Volksland there.
Decourcy, Joseph
Michael's great-great-grandfather and the founder of Volksland. He resembled Joseph Stalin and died from starvation when he gave the little food he had to his family and friends. It was his leadership that made Volksland fertile and a monument was built to him.
Decourcy, Mrs
Michael's wife. She was concerned that he was not eating.

Decourcy, Michael
Prime Minister of Volskand. Abigor needed him to lead the country into order before the equinox passes. He intitated the process of reform in the countries apartheid laws but was hindered by a conservative government. He suffered reoccuring nightmares about eating corpses and felt guilt for the increasing racial riots. He took his son to the Decourcy Monument and told him the story of how Joseph Decourcy founded Volksland.
Hollander, Niles
Minister of Education in Volksland. He was secretly in a reclationship with Zoya who he loved. He opposed Schoeman's proposal of a media blackout and Abigor felt he would be a problem. He was afraid the situation was getting worse and di not know why Schoeman was no longer reasonable. He wanted to go to Sweden with Zoya who was pregnant with his child. Niles told her he wanted to marry her. Wagner burst in on Niles and Zoya having sex and attacked them. Niles tried to fight back and Wagner killed him.
An American journalist reporting on the situation in Volksland. He thought the government would never give in to demands for free elecetions as the native africans out numbered the white men in the country. He decided to stay in Volksland to see how things developed. Jack and Zach photographed Wagner fleeing from Niles murder and Zoya holding his body.

A derogatory term used for native Africans. Wagner used this term.
The Lord of Hell who chose Abigor to make Michael lead Volksland into order. She was determined not to fail him.
Michael Decourcy's driver.

Jack thought his readers would care more about the racial tensions in Philadelphia than something happening "5000 miles away".
A colleague of Wagner who attacked Niles and Zoya. He used a lead pipe to throttle Niles who struck him with a torch. Rudy fled the scene with Wagner.
Schoeman, Pieter
Minister of the Interior in Volksland. "Considered one of the most influential in Decourcy's cabinet... once considered a moderate". Abigor chose him to help her manipulate Michael. He held the Lament Configuration whilst in conference and could see and hear Abigor with him. He argued that Volksland who expel diplomats, close its borders and enforce a media blackout. Abigor showed Schoeman a vision of Niles and Zoya having sex. Schoeman anonymously phoned Wagner and told him about them.

Jack's editor who wanted him to return to Amierca. When Jack decided to stay Skully warned him to be careful.
Lieutenant Wagner
Member of Volksland's military. He lost two men in the riot in the Zoato Township. Schoeman anonymously informed him that Niles was sleeping with a black woman. Wagner and Rudy burst in on them having sex and attacked them. Wagner tried to force Zoya to suck his gun barrel and threatened to have her pregnancy aborted with a coathanger. When Niles attacked Rudy, Wagner shot and killed him before fleeing. Jack photographed him as he fled.
Zachariah "Zach"
Jack's friend who worked with him. They went looking for stories and saw Wagner fleeing Niles' murder.

A black teacher at Decourcy University. She was in love with Niles and pregnant with his child. He wanted them to leave Volksland and go to Sweden but Zoya felt they had to stay to help the countries reforms. Niles told her he wanted to marry her. Wagner burst in on them havign sex and Wagner tried to force her to suck his gun barrel but she refused. When Wagner shot Niles she cradled his body and told him she loved and needed him.
The Afrikaner Pioneers fought the Zulu for their land.


Apartment, Jack's
Jack stayed here whilst in Volksland.

Apartment, Schoeman
Schoeman phoned Wagner from here to tell him about Zoya and and Niles.

Decourcy University
Zoya worked here and her Dorm Office was located here.

Volksland was once almost entirely a desert.

Dorm Office
Where Zoya worked and lived at Decourcy University. She often met and had sex with Niles here. Wagner and Rudy burst in on them and killed Niles here.

House, Decourcy's
Home of the Decourcy family, located in a rural landscape. Michael suffered from his nightmares here.

Monument, Decourcy
A giant statue of Joseph Decourcy located in the mountains. Michael took his son here.

Location of the Decourcy Monument. Joseph Decourcy crosses these before founding Volksland.

American city where racial tensions were "at bursting point". Jack suggested his readers were more interested in Philadelphia than Volksland.

South Africa
Another country that was divided by apartheid laws.

Niles wanted to leave Volksland and go to Sweden with Zoya.

"A small country that owes much of its history to the great trek of the South Afrikaner Pioneers... Volksland had long been a country divided by its government's apartheid policies". Attempts at reform had been resisted by the conservative parliament and aggravated racial tensions leading to numerous riots. Michael's ancestor Joseph Decourcy founded the country and helped make the desert fertile.

Zoato Township
A riot was reported here where Wagner lost two men.


Volksland had strong apartheid laws.

Schoeman suggested a media blackout "including the expulsion of foreign correspondets and diplomats" and the temporary closing of Volksland's borders.

Civil War
Schoeman claimed Volksland was on the verge of civil war.

Dreams, Decourcy's
Michael Decourcy suffered from nightmares. In the first, after the Independance Day riots, Michael dreamt he smelt something good in the oven but opened it to find numerous burnt remains of people. In the second he was served dinner in a vast hall, but the meal consisted of a tied and skewered black baby.

Abigor told Schoeman that Volksland must be led into order before this passes.

Globe Glass and Steel
A foreign company that threatened to pull out of Volksland unless they got more protection for their plants.

Abigor used this to count down how much time she had to succeed. When the last grain fell the Equinox would have passed.

Independance Day Celebrations
The celebrations ended in a bloody riot and Michael had not slept or eaten since.

Lament Configuration
Schoeman held this whilst in conference with Michael and Niles.

London Oil
A British corporation that decided to pull out of Volksland as their stockholders were "no longer comfortable with the situation" developing there.

Abigor was instructed to lead Volksland on the "path of order" by the time the Equinox passed.

Michael attempted to initiate reforms in the apartheid laws but the conservative government caused them to become "token gestures" that aggravated tensions.

Statue of Joseph
A massive statue of Joseph Decoury, the founder of Volksland, located at the Decoury Monument.


(past) Joseph Decourcy founds Volksland.
1991 July 4th

Independance Day Celebration explodes into a bloody riot.

1991 July 5th

A riot occurs in the Zoato Township.

1991 July 6th

Michael Decourcy asks for solutions. Schoeman suggests a media blackout which Niles opposes. Zoya tells Niles she is pregnant.

1991 July 7th

Michael Decourcy takes his son to the Decourcy Monument. Abigor has Schoeman inform Wagner about Niles and Zoya. Niles is murdered by Wagner.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 12: "The Devil's Brigade Part 10: Black and White" by Larry Wachowski, Denys Cowan, Noelle Giddings & Michael Heisler

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