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Summoned by "My Sweet" when he solved a puzzle. They took him to Hell.
Delivery Boy
The Delivery Boy looked and dressed like a normal person but had no skin around his mouth, jaw or neck. His job was to deliver new victims to Cenobites. He delivered "My Sweet" to Sculptress. The Delivery Boy and Sculptress had a sexual relationship and had sex together in front of "My Sweet". He was angered that he could not kiss Sculptress due to his lack of lips. Sculptress gave the Delivery Boy the lips of "My Sweet".
Mr. Shine
Sculptress' latest creation. An upper body hung upside-down from chains. Sculptress added the pancreas and ring finger of "My Sweet" to Mr Shine.
"My Sweet"
A blonde, unnamed male who Sculptress referred to as "My Sweet". He was taken to Hell by the Cenobites after solving a puzzle and the Delivery Boy provided him to Sculptress. She used parts of "My Sweet" in all her best work and he fell in love with her and longed to kiss her. He considered Hell to be paradise and loved the pleasure he felt there. However, when he witnessed Sculptress and the Delivery Boy having sex it was more painful than anything he ahd ever experienced. Sculptress removed his lips and gave them to the Delivery Boy so they could kiss. This was the ultimate suffering for "My Sweet".
A female Cenobite with pale, blue skin and a revealing leather outfit. She was bald with knives imbedded in the ends of her fingers. "She understood the connection between pain and pleasure perfectly... she was a masseuse of torture... completely at one with her work". She created works of art such as Mr Shine and used victims as raw material. She named "My Sweet" and used him in many of her best works. She had a sexual relationship with the Delivery Boy and gave him the lips of "My Sweet" so they could kiss.


Also: "Paradise"
"My Sweet" was taken here by the Cenobites after he solved a puzzle. He felt it was paradise but when Sculptress began to have sex with the Delivery Boy he felt it truly was Hell.

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"My Sweet" expected "great sex. Highs like no drug could provide. Dreams made real". He felt this was mundane compared to what he got.

The ring finger of "My Sweet" that Sculptress gave to Mr Shine.

Heart-shaped skin
Sculptress carved this from the chest of "My Sweet".

"My Sweet" wanted to kiss Sculptress with his lips. She removed them and gave them to the Delivery Boy so she could kiss him.

Sculptress took this from "My Sweet" to give to Mr Shine.

"My Sweet" solved this and was taken to Hell by the Cenobites.

The first item that Sculptress removed from "My Sweet".


1992 "My Sweet" has his lips removed by Sculptress and given to the Delivery Boy.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 12: "With My Lips" by John Rozum, Rod Whigham, Matt Hollingsworth & Phil Felix

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