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The Devil's Brigade Part 9: No Loss to the Community
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Albert, D.A. Ms. Vanessa
She shared the credit for the creation of the special Task Force.
The "bastard son of order". A muscular Cenobite with pale blue skin, his face had patterns cut into it and ammo rounds were threaded through his torso. An Emissary of Leviathan sent to resolve the racial tensions in Philadelphia so order would prevail. He made the Drug Dealer tell him who the big men in the series were before killing him. He ignored Matthew's warnings that the situation was getting worse, saying he called the shots. Atkins slaughtered both Zane and Nutt's gangs at the Wurst House where he met Jill and Lester. He told them to "just sit back and enjoy the fame". Atkins began to relish "the chaos of [his] means".
DaCinza, Chief of Police Louis
A tall, older man with receding black hair and a thick moustache. He claimed the Task Force was his idea.
Day, Assistant D.A. Matthew J.
Young with slicked back brown hair and large, round glasses. He wanted his share of the credit for the Task Force and knew its success was vital for the Mayor at the next election. He was getting fed up with Atkins but felt he would not be killed as he was needed. He left a paper trail leading to Atkins in case anything happened to him. Matthew felt the the racial tensions were getting worse and that Lester and Jill were no longer getting on. Atkins ignored his concers. Matthew told Lester to be at the Wurst House at 10PM.
Diehl, Inspector
The Chief's "right hand man", older with white hair. He examined the body of the Drug Dealer and wondered how the Task force managed to be so successful.
Drug Dealer
A drug dealer who worked for Nutt and sold cocaine on the streets. Atkins threatened to torture him for information. He told Atkins where to find Nutt before Atkins killed him. Diehl said he was "no loss to the community".
Elliot, Officer Jillian "Jill"
Lester's partner. A middle-aged women with short, dark hair and one half of the Task Force. Jill wanted to make a difference in the city. She felt the Drug Dealer's death was "no loss to the community". Jill began to believe she had been "chosen" and felt she no longer needed Lester. She began to fall out with Lester and she murdered a white suspect when Lester accused her of only killing black people. Sections of the public accused her of killing black people.
Leviathan sent five Emissaries "into the world to quell the infection of chaos". Atkins was one of them.
A member of a drug dealing gang, killed by Atkins.
"Fraulein Svengali"
A psychic who was working for Atkins, who referred to her as "Fraulein Svengali". She read cards for Jill and was worried that Jill believed she was "chosen" and no longer needed Lester.
George, Officer Lester
Jill's partner. A black, older man with black hair and a thick moustache and one half of the Task Force. He was unhappy with the deaths that they were getting credit for and began to fall out with Jill. He accused Jill of being a racist and murderer. Sections of the public accused him of killing white people.
The Lord of Hell whose edict was "order must prevail". He sent five Emmissaries to earth to ensure this during the Time of Configuration. Leviathan chose Atkins, his "most Chaotic son", to try and solve the racial tensions in Philadelphia.
The Mayor of Philadelphia, he was an older, black man with greying hair, dressed in a smart suit. He was delighted with the success of the Task Force which was his last chance to save himself in the next election.
News Reader
A grey haired, male news reader for Channel 7. He reported on the massacre at the Wurst House and Leo Shabel's hunger strike.
Leader of a drug gang who was doing business with Zane. The Drug Dealer sold cocaine for him. He hung out at the Wurst House. He was killed by Atkins.
Shabel, Leo
A homeless activist who ended a hunger strike, "achieving several of his demands".
Leader of a drug gang who was doing business with Nutt. He was killed by Atkins.


Abandoned Warehouse
A large abandoned warehouse where Atkins contacted Matthew and "Fraulein Svengali".

Location of the Wurst House in Philadelphia, near a University.

City Hall
Philadelphia's City Hall. The Mayor reported the success of the Task Force here.

"Philadelphia is supposed to be known for its brotherly love". Atkins' murders sent racial tensions in the city "to an all time high". The Wurst House massacre increased Philadelphia's "already stretched racial tensions".

West Side
Location of the Baltimore area. Atkins killed the Drug Dealer here.

Wurst House
Located "on the west side, near the University. Somewhere up on Baltimore". Nutt hung out here. Nutt and Zane held a meeting here but Atkins killed both gangs. Jill murdered a survivor at the Wurst House.


Channel 7
Channel 7 News reported on the Wurst House massacre and Leo Shabel's hunger strike.

Drug War
The Drug War between rival gangs was causing racial tensions in Philadelphia. Atkins attemptedto bring it to a halt.

"Rainbow Task Force"
See Task Force

Task Force
Also: "Rainbow Task Force"
About this Thing.

"The Rock"
Slang name for cocaine. The Drug Dealer was selling this for Nutt.

Time of Configuration
"A time in which mankind's nature threatens Hell's perfect order, and its war on flesh". Atkins was sent to Philadelphia to make sure order would prevail.


1992 (day 1) 4pm - The Mayor reports on the success of the Task Force.
1992 (day 2)

3am - Atkins kills the Drug Dealer.
5am - Jill and Lester investigate the dead Drug Dealer.
Later - Atkins instructs Matthew and "Svengali" to tell Jill and Lester to go to the Wurst House at 10pm.
9:45pm - Atkins slaughters everyone at the Wurst House. Jill and Lester meet Atkins and get credited for the massacre.
Later - Atkins watches the news report on the Wurst House massacre.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 11: "The Devil's Brigade Part 9: No Loss to the Community" by Erik Saltzgaber, Jackson Guice, Alfred Ramirez & Phil Felix

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