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Edward's secretary. She reminded him that a "gentleman from the the funding agency" would be coming for a site visit.
A Cenobite representative of the LeMarchand Foundation. Lace has a bloated blue head with only basic features and wore a business suit. He waited in Edward's office and took him to Hell to see the progress they had made thanks to his research. Lace used Edward's Delta Pattern on a human to create his Masterpeice. When Lace sped the process up the Masterpeice returned to its original human form, unchanged. Lace felt Edward's theory was wrong and gave him a year to fix his mistake.
Masterpeice, Lace's
A human subjected to Edward's Delta Pattern. Lace was attempting to make the chatoc human form more ordered. When Lace sped the process up the Masterpeice eventually returned to its original human form.
Schneider, Professor Edward J.
A Theoretician who lectured at a University and was doing research into Fractals. He was funded by the LeMarchand Foundation and he created the Delta Pattern. He met Lace in his office and was taken to Hell to see his his theories put into practice. He discovered that with his Delta Pattern, "as the number of iterations approaches infinity" the object returned to its original shape. Lace beleived the theory was flawed and gave Edward a year to fix his mistake. If Edward failed, Lace threatened to make him a test subject, telling him to "publish or perish".


Where Lace works. He took Edward there to see his theories put into practice.

Office, Edward's
Located at the University. Lace was waiting for Edward here.

Edward worked here and held lectures on Tuesdays.


Delta Pattern
A Fractal pattern created by Edward. Edward discovered "with this paticular pattern... as the number of iterations approaches infinity... the object assumes its original form". Lace used the Delta Pattern for his Masterpeice.

A fragmented, geometric shape used in mathematics. They can be used to create seemingly random shapes, such as a snowflake, in an orderly way. Edward claimed some mathematicians "like to think of Fractals as bringing order out of chaos". Edward created a Fractal pattern he called his "Delta Pattern" and made a discovery he felt could "revolutionize the field".

Funding Agency
See The LeMarchand Foundation

The LeMarchand Foundation
Also: Funding Agency
"Unlocking Your Tomorrow". Lace was their Field Reprentative and they funded Edward's research.

Lace hoped to bring order to the "chaotic human form" using Edward's theories of Fractals. Edward's Delta Pattern suggested the ultimate order was the original human form.

Puzzle Box
Lace used this to take Edward to Hell.

"People generally think of snowflakes as having random shapes. But with the aide of Fractals we see that this is not necessarily the case". Edward demonstrated this in his lecture by forming a snowflake from triangles.


1992 Lace escorts Edward to Hell to see his Delta Pattern in use but is unhappy with the results. Lace gives Edward a year to fix his mistakes.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 11: "Publish or Perish" by Sholly Fisch & Mike Hoffman

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