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The Devil's Brigade Part 8: Command Performance
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Abaddon, Father Peter
A priest who described Leo's success as "a miracle".
A theatrical, skinless Cenobite who staples other peoples faces over his own. He was "charged with keeping Leo Shabel in line with Hell's interests" during the Time of Configuration. He tried to discover what would keep Leo happy and took control over Lisa to use her to seduce him. He used Lisa Ann to convince Leo to tell her about his past. When Leo killed Lisa Ann, Face wondered how high Leo's aims were.
Homeless Man
Asked Leo for some change but was refused. He recognised Leo and accused him of being a fake. Face killed him after Leo wished he would die.

The Lord of Hell. Leviathan watched over Face and instructed him to "break open" the puzzle that was Leo Shabel.
Mercer, Lisa Ann
The Director of the Community Theatre, Lisa Ann loved Leo Shabel but was under the control of Face who manipulated her for his own agenda. She tried to resist but was unable to do so. She was concerned he stole money from his Shelter to buy her a necklace but Face made her profess her love for him. Under Face's control she told Leo he deserved to reward himself and took him to the theatre where she convinced him to share his past with her. This sparked off Leo's madness and he throttled Lisa Ann, killing her. As she died she was free from Face's control and tried to warn Leo about him.

Mother, Leo's
She never blamed Leo for his sisters death.
News Reporter
A blonde, female reporter for News 5. She covered the story of Leo's hunger strike and homeless march. She asked him what he would wish for himself.
They found Leo after he ran away from home. They told him his sister had died of Crib Death.

A TV Evangelist. He agreed with his rival Father Abaddon that Leo's success was "a miracle".
Shabel, Leo
Leo Shabel campaigned for establishing a series of Street Haven shelters and led a homeless march to commemorate their opening despite being on a two-week hunger strike. His success was called "a miracle". Face was reponsible for the success in his attempts to make Leo happy. Leo stole money from the shelter to buy Lisa Ann a necklace as he was tireed of denying himself. He claimed it was just "a night off" but refused to give change to a homeless man who accused him of being a fake. Leo stuffed money into the mans mouth and wished him dead. He told Lisa Ann that as a child he murdered his baby sister out of jealousy and ran away from home. The police found him but the death was blamed on S.I.D.S. He swore he would "be sorry forever" but he wasn't and he wished he could kill her again. In a moment of madness Leo throttled Lisa Ann, imagining she was his sister.
Shabel, Lisa
Leo's pretty baby sister. Leo hated her and felt she "stole his mother's love. His room. His toys". He suffocated her with her one-eyed teddy bear but her death was blamed on S.I.D.S.
Williams, Tennessee
A famous playwright whom Lisa Ann Mercer was a fan of. He was the author of "The Glass Menagerie" and wrote that only animals are compelled by instinct and that "surely your aims are somewhat higher than theirs". Face quoted him.


Street Haven Shelters were established here. The Clarion Theatre was located here. Leo returned to Chicago to be with Lisa Ann.

Clarion Theatre
A Community Theatre run by Lisa Ann Mercer. Tennessee Williams "The Glass Menagerie" was performed here. Lisa Ann, under the control of Face, took Leo to the theatre. Leo killed her here.

Detroit Inner City
Street Haven Shelters were established here. Leo led a homeless march here and was interviewed by News 5.

Ruled by Leviathan, it was in the Time of Configuration. Face tortured a victim here whilst considering his next move.

Street Haven Shelters were established here.

Lake St. Clair
A massive lake near to Detroit.

The Magnificent Mile
See Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue
Also: The Magnificent Mile
A major north-south street in Chicago where Leo took Lisa Ann on a date. It has very expensive restaurants and is a place "where nobody lives in need".

Street Haven Shelters were established here.

Street Haven Shelters
Homeless shelters established across America by Leo Shabel.


Community Theatre
Lisa Ann Mercer's theatrical group in Chicago. They performed "The Glass Menagerie".

Crib Death
See S.I.D.S.

Leo's Street Haven Shelters gained massive donations due to Face's influence. Leo stole some of the donations to treat himself.

Hunger Strike
Leo went on a two week hunger strike.

A necklace Leo purchased for Lisa Ann from stolen donations, it was "worth a month's salary" in Lisa Ann's job. Face made her attempt it. The necklace broke when Leo throttled Lisa Ann to death.

News 5
A news programme that reported on Leo Shabel's Detroit march.

One-eyed Teddy Bear
Leo's toy bear as a child. It was given to his baby sister and he used it to suffocate her.

Also: Crib Death
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Leo's sisters death was attributed to this.

Street Haven
A chain of homeless shelters set up by Leo Shabel.

"The Glass Menagerie"
A play by Tennessee Williams. "The story of a girl who aches for someone to care about her... to listen to her secret thoughts". It was the last play performed by Lisa Ann at the Clarion Theatre. Lisa Ann took Leo to the stage set where he killed her.

Time of Configuration
A point of Hell's history where Face is required to "break the puzzle" of Leo Shabel.


1971 Leo murders his sister and runs away from home. Leo is found and her death is blamed on Crib Death.
1991 (day 1)

Leo leads a homeless march to commemorate the opening of new shelters.

1991 (day 2)

Leo steals donations to pay for a night out with Lisa Ann who is controlled by Face. Leo tells Liss Ann that he murdered his sister. Leo kills Lisa Ann.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 11: "The Devil's Brigade Part 8: Command Performance" by Ron Wolfe, Derek Yaniger & Gaspar Saladino

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