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Cenobite, Female
Cenobite summoned by the Configurix. A "vanguard of Leviathan". She wears a leather corset and knee-high leather boots. Her black hair is tied back and a metal mask has been screwed into her face. She claimed August did Leviathan's bidding but the same could not be said for Zak and so took him to Hell.
Cenobite, Male
Cenobite summoned by the Configurix. A "vanguard of Leviathan". He wears a leather suit and a red band around his exposed brain. He claimed Leviathan would approve of August's department. before taking Zak to Hell he explained that "sometimes what must be solved is more than you can hold in your hand".
Corporate Heads
They appreciated August Moore and the high level of quality work his department produced.
Father, August Moore's
A tall, stern man with grey hair and moustache who wore glasses and smoked a pipe. A picture of him hung on the wall in August's office. He told August that "by the work one knows the workman".
Gleason, Zak
A scrawny, untidy man with glasses and light brown hair. He was "fresh out of college" and "more concerned with female co-workers, clock watching and amusing himself than striving to meet deadlines". August called him into his office where he reprimanded him for being "a gear that has become misaligned". Zak ignored the warning and continued trying to solve the Configurix and distracting other office workers. When August summoned the Cenobites he told them that August had solved the puzzle. Zak was dragged to Hell by chains as "sometimes what must be solved is more than you can hold in your hand".
The Lord of the Cenobites. Leviathan would approve of the order that August created in his department.
Moore, August
A tall, powerful man with short blonde hair. August was "Director of Manufacturing" at M. L. John Inc. and he ran his department like "a well-oiled, finely-tuned machine", standing "for nothing less than complete order". He believed that "by the work one knows the workman" and that "discipline, routine, cohesive structure" were the solutions to the worlds problems. He reprimanded Zak for being disruptive. He solved the Configurix easily, claiming it was "just a matter of structure" and summoned the Cenobites. He told them he only solved it to prevent the chaos it was causing. The Cenobites felt Leviathan would approve and took Zak to Hell instead. August had to start to look for someone to take Zak's position.
Office Workers
"Gears" in the "well-oiled, finely-tuned machine" that was August Moore's department. Zak disturbed them from their work as they watched him trying to solve the Configurix.


Curio Shop
Zak purchased the Configurix here.

Department, August Moore's
Where Zak worked. August felt his department was a "well-oiled, finely-tuned machine" with "perfectly disciplined" staff. August solved the Configurix here, after Zak failed. He felt the Cenobites were causing chaos in his department.

Office, August Moore's
August reprimanded Zak here for not being organised and getting enough work done.


"A wooden puzzle... one wins one's battle with the Configurix when one maneuvers its various adjacent pieces into one whole, uniformed cube". Zak was unable to solve the Configurix. August solved it in order to prevent chaos and summoned the Cenobites. They took Zak to Hell as "sometimes what must be solved is more than you can hold in your hand".

M. L. John Inc.
The company that August Moore and Zak Gleason worked for.



Zak tries to solve the Configurix. August solves it to prevent Chaos in his department. The Cenobites take Zak to Hell.


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