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The Champ
See Billy Moore.
The Heavyweight Champion of the World
See Billy Moore.
Cenobite summoned by the Puzzle in Billy's mind's eye. He is extremely tall and very muscular and wears shorts, trainers and a pair of boxing gloves. He has razor blades inserted above his eyes, knives inserted through his ankles and wrists in a cross shape and is covered in various cuts and scarring. Before he was a Cenobite he was a fighter who got bored just like Billy. He was a better boxer than Billy and the first person to ever knock him down. He told Billy that he would experience a lot of things and that however good he was, somebody was always better. He told Billy he had an eternity to find a challenge.
Moore, Billy
Also: The Champ, The Heavyweight Champion of the World.
A massive, black boxer with dark hair. Born and raised in the slums of detroit, he graduated Cum Laude from Cornell. His casual clothes were a black top and jeans with a black hat and a watch and a chain with "#ONE" on it. Billy was the heavyweight champion of the world, said to be "better than Jack Johnson, better than Dempsey, Louis, Ali, and Tyson". He had "all the money, titles, and material items anyone in the world could ask for". Despite this, Billy was bored and had no challenges. Billy walked the streets looking for people to attack him. He beat up three punks that tried to mug him in Red Hook. Billy saw a puzze in his mind's eye and solved it by perfecting his boxing movements. He arrived in Hell where he met Jackson. Jackson was the first person to ever knock him down. In Hell, Billy had eternity to find his challenge amongst an infinite number of boxing matches.
Punk, First
A white male with white hair and goatee, dressed in blue jeans, a red t-shirt and wearing a blue bandana. He attacked Billy with a metal pipe. Billy punched him in the gut and knocked him down with a right-hook.
Punk, Second
A black male with dark hair, dressed in black jeans with a red stripe, a white t-shirt and wearing a white, backwards baseball cap. One of the group that attacked Billy. Billy hit him with a right-hook, knocking one of his teeth out.
Punk, Third
A black male with dark hair, dressed in blue jeans and a pink shirt with the number 33 on it. He told Billy it would cost him his watch to breath their air. When Billy refused he attacked him with a knife. Billy struck him with two right-hooks. He was the only Punk able to talk after and Billy revealed his identity to him.


Apartment, Billy's
An expensive apartment furnished with national treasures and one of the world's finest art collections. It features a massive living room with a seated balcony and a gym.

Billy went here in search for a challenge two weeks before going to Red Hook.

The location of Billy's apartment.

Billy went here in search for a challenge three weeks before going to Red Hook.

Gym, Billy's
Located in Billy's apartment and containing a ring that had belonged to the greatest fighter of all time. It was here that Billy entered Hell.

Billy went here in search for a challenge a week before going to Red Hook.

Hell, Billy's
A seemingly endless room filled with boxing rings where Billy must fight for eternity and find his challenge.

Red Hook
Billy went here in search of a challenge and beat up three street punks.

Slums, Detroit
Billy was born and raised here.


Art Collection
Billy has one of the finest personal art collections in the world.

The one thing Billy really wants. He fights two or three men at once and will do anything in order to find one.

National Treasures
All of Billy's equipment could be considered national trasures and included "the gloves worn by Sugar Ray Robinson in his first title fight".

A puzzle in Billy's "mind's eye". It pits him against "an opponent that demands all of [his] skill and resources to beat". Billy moves about the ring, evolving complex arrangements and patterns until his fighting it perfect. As he does so, Billy is unknowingly transported to Hell.

The Sweet Science
Boxing. Billy understood the science part but felt the 'sweet' depended on whether you were on the winning side or not.

Training Ring
Used by Billy in his gym, this was previously used by "the greatest fighter of all time... from his final fight". It was whilst training in this ring that Billy found his way into Hell. In Hell, the training ring's floor appears as a panel of the Lament Configuration.

The three street punks demanded Billy give them his watch. He told them they would have to try and take it.


1991 (3 weeks ago) Billy looks for a challenge in Canarsie.
1991 (2 weeks ago) Billy looks for a challenge in Bedford-Sty.
1991 (1 week ago)

Billy looks for a challenge in Harlem.


Billy beats up three punks in Red Hook. Billy gets transported to Hell to find his challenge.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 10: "The Sweet Science" by Erik Saltzgaber, Mike Zeck, Phil Zimmelman & Ken Lopez

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