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Abaddon, Father Peter
A tall priest with a round face, thinning grey-hair and who wears glasses. Peter ran away from home at fourteen and met Luke in the crypt of the church where Luke read him Revelations. They were discovered by a priest and Peter himself joined the priesthood, eventually returning to the same church. He believed true faith must contain doubt and preached that suffering was caused by man whilst God was all-loving. He aimed to "build a family of humanity, regardless of race, creed or colour, sex or sexuality". Father Abaddon was terrified by Samuel's sermons and his audience who seemed "almost possessed". Luke's example of putting ritual before people kept Father Abaddon to his purpose. He didn't understand why Luke died but felt he must trust God's motives.
Cenobite summoned by "the Dance". She has the appearance of an elderly lady with glasses stitched over her eyes and pointed teeth. She often carries a large book and uses quotations. After she was summoned she removed Martin's hand to create a "Hand of Glory" that would make her invisible. She applauded Luke's motives in wanting to create order but felt he endangered her plans so Balberith killed him.
Investigated the death of Martin. Father Abaddon told him that Luke saved his life as a child.
One of the twelve apostles of Jesus, and the one who betrayed him. Luke called Peter "Judas" for joining the priesthood.
"The Lord of the Labyrinth" and the "one living and true God, everlasting, without body parts or passions; of infinite power" whose "plan is inviolate".
A tall, scrawny man with messy, curled hair who wore a white vest. He had strong emotional problems and believed in a strict, ordered church, putting "pews before people, ritual before reaching out". Peter Abaddon met Luke in the crypt where Luke had built a christ out of trash, cutting himself in the process. When Peter joined the priesthood Luke called him a "judas", offered to become "blood brothers" and then asked for help. Luke became the church resident where he "organised things". He got tickets to Samuel's broadcast. He claimed Peter was jealous of Samuel and sulked when they left the broadcast. He was angry at Peter for allowing Martin into the church and claimed there was only one true church and that Father Abaddon had to be stopped. Luke's example and desire for order kept Father Abaddon to his purpose and so he was killed, falling when Balberith pushed away his ladder.
A young boy in Father Abaddon's choir. He was caught on camera picking his nose but Father Abaddon forgave him "for scene stealing".
A young, dark-haired dancer who was a member of "N.Y. Ballet" until he was fired whilst on tour. He saw Father Abaddon at Samuel's broadcast and asked for sanctuary in the church. Once there, he prayed to Leviathan and performed "the Dance" which summoned Balberith. Martin was killed by "the Dance" before he could be taken to Hell.
He found Luke and Peter Abaddon in the crypt of the church and taught them of "the love of God".
Samuel has dark hair with grey sideburns and a mark of stigmata on his palm. He was a televangelist who taught that "God will return and you shall be judged with fire" and described this time as "the last days". He blamed "anarchists, terrorists, muggers, rapists, sodomites and idolaters" for the state of the world. Samuel spoke with a certainty that scared Father Abaddon when he went to watch his broadcast.


Bell Tower, Father Abaddons's Church
Father Abaddon let Martin spend the night in the Bell Tower. Martin performed "the dance" and summoned Balberith here.

Church, Father Abaddon's
Peter Abaddon met Luke in the crypt here as a boy. Years later he returned as the priest with Luke as "the church resident". Martin killed himself in the Bell Tower of the church. It was here that Balberith made the christ fall and then killed Luke when he went to repair it.

Church, Samuel's
Samuel's sermons are broadcasts from here. It has a vast open space with large screens depicting images of the apocalypse and a large ammount of seating around. Martin first saw Luke and Father Abaddon here.

Crypt, Father Abaddon's Church
A dis-used crypt. Peter Abaddon met Luke here at the age of fourteen. Luke had built a christ out of trash.

Television Studio
Father Abaddon broadcasts "One True Faith" from here. It's a small television studio with room for Father Abaddon and his choir.


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. A sexually transmitted illness. Father Abaddon urged people to donate to the N.I.H. who were researching a cure.

Christ, Luke's Vision of
"[Luke's] vision of christ was never the meek lamb. It was the stuck pig on the cross. A man howling in fear of being forsaken by his Father". Luke made a christ out of trash fitting his vision.

Crucifix, Church's
The massive christ hangs at the far end of Father Abaddon's church. Balberith made it fall and killed Luke when he went to fix it.

"The Dance"
A "puzzle key" that kills the performer before the Cenobites can do anything. The performer draws a design similar to the Lament Configuration's panel on the floor and places eight candles around it. With their head in a noose the performer must "step kick south west, turn, south east, pivot, kick, step, pivot, finally north" and finally hang themselves. Martin killed himself and summoned Balberith using ""the dance".

Hand of Glory
This gave Balberith invisibility. Her book told her to "take the hand of the hanged man" which she cut off before setting fire to each of the fingers and thumb.

National Institute of Health. Father Abaddon urged people to donate money to them to help find a cure for AIDS.

"One True Faith with Father Peter Abaddon"
Father Peter Abaddon's television broadcast. He preached for equality and making the world better, claiming God was all-loving and that the suffering in the world was caused by man.

Puzzle Keys
Ways of summoning Cenobites. Balberith claims that there are "over 100,000 puzzle keys" but only "the dance" kills the solver before the Cenobites get a chance to do anything.

The Book of Revelations is the last canonical book of the New Testament in the Bible. Luke read this to Peter Abaddon when they hid in the church's crypt.


1971 (estimate) At the age of fourteen, Peter Abaddon meets Luke in the church crypt.

Father Peter Abaddon and Luke go to watch Samuel's sermon but leave early. Martin summons Balberith but dies. Balberith kills Luke.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 10: "The Devil's Brigade Part 6: One True Faith" by Nicholas Vince, John Barruso & Gaspar

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