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The Devil's Brigade Part 5: Passion
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Dilliard, Dr. Morris
The fifty-two year old director of the Institute for Disease Centre. He believed "life is a series of puzzles to be solved". Upon meeting Casey he tried to work out how to lure her into bed with him. He gave her a tour of the Centre and showed her the MIDI computer. Morris suggested he could give Casey more time on the MIDI if she was to do something for him. He solved the Lament Configuration and summoned Pinhead. Pinhead told him his skill with puzzles would serve him well in Hell. Morris submitted to Pinhead. Morris begged Pinhead not to stop as the Cenobite tore off his skin before sending him to Hell.
Gioeli, Dr. Casey
A young, brunette doctor who was obsessed with finding the cure for AIDS. She is "awesomely intelligent and relentlessly driven" and is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Casey moved to the Institute for Disease Centre to conduct her research. She met with Morris who gave her a tour of the centre. Her research proposal needed "hundreds of hours of computer time" and she wanted to use the centre's 5th generation MIDI computer. She was prepared to sleep with Morris to achieve her goals.
Interviewee 1
A dark haired, young man. He claimed he didn't know much about AIDS. He believed he couldn't catch it through sex as he was straight.
Interviewee 2
A middle-aged women. She didn't understand why anyone would want casual sex and was proud that she was married.
Interviewee 3
A middle-aged, smartly dressed man. He believed "life is full of tradeoffs" and that AIDS was the price for casual sex.
Cenobite summoned by the Lament Configuration. When Morris solved the puzzle Pinhead arrived in his office. Pinhead removed Morris' skin and sent him to Hell. He then disguised himself as Morris and agreed to have dinner with Casey.


Apartment, Dr. Gioeli's
Casey bathed and prepared herself to seduce Morris here.

Institute for Disease Centre
A centre for research into diseases. The "entire complex [was] less than a year old. Absolutely state of the art". Dr. Morris Dilliard was its Director. Casey wanted to make use of the MIDI computer in the centre's labs.

John Hopkins
Where Casey previously conducted her research.
Research laboratories at the Institute for Disease Centre. The MIDI was located here.

Office, Dr. Dilliard's
Morris' office at the Institute for Disease Centre. It is a large room on an upper floor with Morris' desk in one corner, covered in various puzzles. Morris met Casey here before showing her around the Centre. Morris summoned Pinhead here and was sent to Hell. Pinhead took up residence disguised as Morris.


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. A sexually transmitted illness. Casey considered the search for an AIDS cure a "challenging intellectual puzzle". She hoped to find a cure with her research.

Lament Configuration
"An irritatingly difficult" puzzle box. Morris solved the Lament Configuration and summoned Pinhead who sent him to Hell.
MIDI, 5th Generation
"Arguably the most advanced computer in the world... one of only three currently in operation". One was located in a laboratory at the Institute for Disease Centre. Time using the MIDI was near priceless. Casey needed to use it for her research project.

Research Proposal, Dr. Gioeli's
Casey hoped her research would lead to the discovery of a cure for AIDS. She needed "hundreds of hours of computer time" to complete it.


1991 Dr. Morris Dilliard meets with Dr. Casey Gioeli. Morris summons Pinhead and is sent to Hell. Pinhead disguises himself as Morris and agrees to dinner with Casey.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 9: "The Devil's Brigade Part 5: Passion" by D.G. Chichester, Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, George Pratt & John Costanza

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