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The Doctor in charge of Joshua at the Children's Hospital. He told Ellen's Neighbour that they would continue to work on Joshua's injuries but warned that "with child abuse, there's always the fear that the child will identify himself with the parent, the abuser, and learn to relate to others only through violence and pain, continuing the cycle".

Ellen "Ellie"
Joshua's mother, a single-parent with brown hair and a worn face.
A patient at the Children's Hospital. Joshua tormented her and told her she "better not cry".
Cenobite summoned by the Lament Configuration. Halo has long, black robes and blue skin with a circle of nails hammered around his head in the shape of a halo. When Joshua solved the box Halo came and took him to Hell. When Ellen solved the box he greeted her in Hell and congratulates her on the pain she caused her son. Halo then summoned the Transformation Chamber which began to make Ellen into a Cenobite.
Joshua "Josh"
Ellen's young son, light brown hair and dark eyes. Joshua's father had left Ellen and she blamed him. He knew he wasn't supposed to but he broke into his mother's bedroom cabinet because he had to know what was in there. Ellen's Doll fell out and she told Joshua she hated him before locking him in the closet where he had to pray to God for forgiveness. He was afraid of the dark. Joshua solved the Lament Configuration and Halo took him to Hell. He greeted his mother when she entered Hell and Halo told him to go as he was not made for that world. Ellen's Nighbour found Joshua in the closet with his skin covered in bruises and his lips sewn together. He was taken to the Children's Hospital where he wore a mask to torment a Girl patient.
The God of Hell. He transformed Ellen into a Cenobite.
Neighbour, Ellen's
Ellen's Neighbour from the house opposite. The Policeman told her about Joshua's disappearance and she tried to support Ellen. She later found Joshua in the closet after he left Hell and visited him at the Children's Hospital.

He told Ellen's Neighbour about Joshua's disapperance.

Children's Hospital
Joshua was taken here after he was freed from Hell.

Ellen locked Joshua in the closet when she was angry with him. Joshua and Ellen both solved the Lament Configuration here. Ellen's Neighbour found Joshua here after he was freed from Hell.
A large, stone labrynth. Ellen arrived in Hell after solving the box and found Joshua there. Halo let Joshua go as he was "not made for this world".

A suburban house, painted red which was the home of Ellen and Joshua. They have a large, upstairs living room. Joshua broke into a cabinet in his mother's upstairs bedroom. The closet was at the bottom of a spiral staircase.


Butter Knife
Joshua used this to break into Ellen's bedroom cabinet where she kept her Doll.
Ellen kept her Doll locked up in her bedroom cabinet. She caught Joshua breaking into it and told him not to "touch her". When the Doll fell, Ellen became angry and locked Joshua in the closet. She later hugged the Doll for comfort after Joshua had vanished. In Hell Ellen saw Halo with her Doll and begged for him to give it back.

Lament Configuration
A decorated puzzle box that summons Halo when solved. It "arrived the other day" and Ellen thought it was from Joshu'a father. Angered, she threw it in the closet. When she locked Joshua in the closet he solved the Lament Configuration. Later Ellen also solved it, believing it would lead her to Joshua.

Joshua wore a mask in the Children's Hospital to torment another patient.
A type of embroidery. Ellen makes one for father's day.

Transformation Chamber
A large chamber with a similar design as the Lament Configuration that rose up out of the ground in Hell. Chains dragged Ellen into it. Once inside, Leviathan began to transform Ellen into a Cenobite.


1979 Ellen's father dies.
1991 Jun 2 Ellen locks Joshua in the closet for disobeying her. He solves the Lament Configuration and Halo takes Joshua to Hell.
1991 Jun 3

The police search for the missing Joshua. Ellen befriends her neighbour. At night she solves the Lament Configuration and goes to Hell. Halo releases Joshua and makes Ellen into a Cenobite.

1991 Jun 4

Ellen's Neighbour discovers the tortured Joshua and take him to hospital. That night Joshua torments a girl patient.


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