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Cenobite summoned by a puzzle box. She wears a dominatrix-style suit and is bald with metal spikes inserted into her head. Her mouth has zips extending from either side and her finger nails are razor sharp. Pieter Schoeman summoned her and she told him she had been "chosen by the God to show Decourcy the way". She told Schoeman he would help her create order in Volksland before kissing him and cutting his face.
The Afrikaner
Afrikaners are white South Africans of predominantly Calvinist Dutch or German descent. Pieter Schoeman felt only the Afrikaner could understand the situation in Volksland.
Charula, William
A teacher at the University of Kreisberg. He had been a leader of the African movement and a follower of Gandhi but was jailed for thirty-four years after his peaceful protests were broken up with violence. Once free he had no students and believed the movement he had led had failed. He felt that a war was coming between the government and the comrades and he only hoped it would be over quickly.
The Comrades
The group of black Africans who fought against the government. They "necklaced" those that opposed them. "Death" was the leader of a group of Comrades.
A comrade leader who agreed to be interviewed by Kurtis, "Death" was actually a child less than 13 whose parents had been killed five years previously in a riot. He was "a ruthless militant" responsible for most of the "necklaces" in his area. His voice was blank and and life-less as was his expression but beneath his emotionless exterior "there was a core of hatred" that cared nothing for life. He claimed to be fighting to rid Africa of "the white tribe" and would necklace anyone who opposed them. He threw a bomb into the crowd at the 4th July celebration and was shot by the National Security Force.
Decourcy, Michael
Prime Minister of Volksland. He stands at a crossroad and Abigor needs him to restore "order and peace" to the country. He started minor reforms, allowing Africans into Decourcy Memorial Park for the 4th July celebration. Kurtis saw him crying when fighting broke out.
Holt, Tom
The Volksland reporter who had met Kurtis at the airport. He arranged Kurtis to meet with "Death".
The Kaffir
A derogatory term used for native Africans. Klaus Wagner used this term and claimed they "ain't real smart".
Mr. Kurtis
An American journalist who was invited to witness the July 4th celebration in Volksland. Klaus Wagner briefed him "on what areas were 'off-limits'" and Kurtis was sickened by his racism. He interviewed Pieter Schoeman about apartheid and wondered how long Michael decourcy could stay balanced between both sides of the issue. Kurtis also interviewed William Charula who told him a war was coming. Tom Holt arranged for him to meet "Death". Kurtis at first thought "Death" was emotionless but soon realised "there was a core of hate" caused by apartheid. He wondered if his presense was just making things worse and he wrote that Volksland "was a ticking bomb, set and primed to go". On July 4th Kurtis attended the celebration and saw "Death" throw a bomb into the crowd. He photographed the following riot and felt this was the only "significant reform" that could occur. Kurtis then witnessed Decourcy in tears.
Schoeman, Pieter
The Minister of the Interior in Volksland. He was considered a moderate, "walking a delicate line between the conservative and liberal parties pf parliament". Pieter was also the closest person to Prime Minister Michael Decourcy. He solved a puxxle box and Abigor enlisted his help to bring "order and peace back to Volksland". Pieter's great-grandfather had been inside the laager. Mr Kurtis interviewed him. Pieter told him he felt America was hypocritical and that only the Afrikaner could understand the situation in Volksland. He claimed the opposition to reform was only a small, radical faction and claimed he and Decourcy were commited to restoring peace.
Wagner, Lieutenant Klaus
Member of the National Security Force. He briefed Kurtis on what areas were off limits. He disliked foreigners and felt reporters only made things worse. Klaus was a racist and tortured the Kaffir, he said they were "too damn stupid to know what'd for their own good". He told Kurtis the situation was a boiling pot and was "gonna boil over" soon.


Location of Volksland.

Decourcy Memorial Park
Location of the July 4th celebration commemorating Volkslands independance from the British Empire. For the first time Africans were to be allowed in as a symbol of continued reform. At the celebrating thousands of Africans waited outside the gates. it was here that "Death" through a bomb into the crowd and started a race riot.

Office, Charula's
Room 204 at Kreisberg University. When he was first offered the room William Charula tried to refuse, telling the University Directors it was "a room for students".

Office, Schoeman's
A large office featuring a painting of the conflict at Blood River and where Schoeman kept the puzzle box on a pedestal. Kurtis interviewed him here.

University, Kreisberg
"The only school in the country admitting blacks and whites". After his release William Charula took a position here though he had no students.

An African country where the moderate government was attempting social reform despite the continuation of apartheid and a growing Neo-Nazi movement. It was once part of the British Empire before achieving independance.


Volksland had strong apartheid laws.

Blood River
A battle where Afrikaners formed a laager to fight back against Zulu warriors. Pieter Schoeman's great-grandfather fought there and he has a picture of it on his office wall. "The Afrikaner believes God gave him victory that day".

Celebration, July 4th
A celebration to commemorate the anniversary of Volkslands independance from the British Empire. It took place in Decourcy Memorial Park and involved a large firework display.

The Laager
A defencive position where wagons are used to create a circle in which those under attack may shelter. At Blood River five-hundred Afrikaners defended against ten-thousand Zulu warriors and won. Pieter Schoemans great-grandfather was there. Kurtis wondered if the Conrades attacks were forcing the government "into a laager".

National Security Force
Volkslands militia. They used violence and torture to keep the population under control.

The "Necklace"
A form of execution the Comrades used on "other Africans who opposed them or the cause". The victims were tied up, a rubber tire filled with kerosene placed around their neck, dowsed in and fed gasoline before being set on fire. "Death" personally poured gasoline down the throat of a victim who made him mad.

Puzzle Box
Pieter Schoeman solved this puzzle and summoned Abigor from Hell. He later kept it in his office on a pedestal covered by a glass dome. He examined it whilst talking to Kurtis.


1838 Battle at Blood River.

William Charula is jailed.

1991 April

William Charula is released and is hired at Kreisberg University.

1991 May

Pieter Schoeman solves a puzzle box and summons Abigor who enlists his help.

1991 June

Mr Kurtis arrives in Volksland. He interviews Pieter Schoeman, William Charula and "Death".

1991 July 4th

A race riot starts at Decourcy Memorial Park during the celebration of independance.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 8: "The Devil's Brigade Part 2: Inside the Laager" by Larry Wachowski, Joe Barruso & John Costanza

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