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The Devil's Brigade Part 3: The Haven on Hell Street
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Decourcy, Michael
A white leader of an African country where pressure is building for his removal and an end to apartheid
Elliott, Garrison
The writer of "The Heart of Elegance" and winner of the Purlitzer Prize. Shortly before his death he gave an interview with the New York Times. Face hinted that Garrison was actually in Hell.
Cenobite summoned by "The Heart of Elegance". Once a human actor, he is now skinless and wears other peoples faces stapled over his own and has a voice "trained for the stage". When Lisa Ann solved "The Heart of Elegance" he took control of her body and gave $10,000 to Leo to keep The Street Haven open. As Lisa Ann, Face told Leo to wish for whatever he wanted so that Leo could create order on the streets.
A homeless man who froze to death in an alley 20 yards from The Street Haven, "probably because he didn't want to bother anybody".
Mercer, Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann Mercer ran the Blue Island Community Theatre and felt she was "wed" to her job. She had a strong romantic attraction to Leo but they were both too busy for anything to come of it. Elias Trimble met with her and gave her "The Heart of Elegance". She felt its performance would "be a transfusion of life to [the] whole neighbourhood" and was upset that Leo couldn't see "the good in life". She cut herself trying to solve the puzzle of "The Heart of Elegance" and this summoned Face who took control of her body. She felt "shut away, somewhere inside herself" and realised she was a bit player in "a theatre of cruelty" centred on Leo.
Shabel, Leo
Leo Shabel owned The Street Haven which had been his lifes work, he was 28 but looked like an old man. He used to believe he could "save the world" and "believed in the strength of a dream", but would have settled for the neighbourhood before starting to think he couldn't even save himself. Leo spoke to the media and on television to try and get his message across. He hadn't seen Lisa Ann in "a long while" because of his behaviour. Ernie told him he needed $10,000 to keep The Street Haven open and decided to go on another march and hunger strike now he had "the strength for it". Ernie convinced Leo to phone Lisa Ann, when she dropped the phone he rushed round. Lisa Ann, under the control of Face, gave him $10,000 and kissed him. Hell wanted Leo to achieve Order in the streets.
Trimble, Elias
Guardian of "The Heart of Elegance". He was a dwarf at "not much over four feet high" and had pointed ears and no hair. As Garrison Elliott's "sole representative" he gave Lisa Ann "The Heart of Elegance" to give it "the polish of a workshop production". When Lisa Ann summoned Face, Elias came and reclaimed "The Heart of Elegance", ripping the blood-stained pages up before restoring them.
Walbank, Ernest
Leo's accountant and friend. Ernest lost his office as is seperated from his wife and kids. He told Leo they needed $10,000 to keep The Street Haven open. His Great Aunt told him "A dream will find a way" and he encouraged Leo to phone Lisa Ann.


20 yards from The Street Haven. Luthor froze to death here.

Blue Island Community Theater
"Home of the shabby red curtain", a community theatre based in the Clarion, "three blocks away" from The Street Haven. Lisa Ann ran the theatre and wanted to perform "The Heart of Elegance" here. Face was summoned by Lisa Ann in her office here.

The location of Hell Street.

The building where the Blue Island Community Theater was located.

Hell Street
Location of The Street Haven, "a broken street with a forgotten name", the locals knew it as Hell Street.

Kennedy Centre
"The Heart of Elegance" was originally written to be performed here.

The Street Haven
A homeless shelter located on Hell Street, built and run by Leo Shabel. It had "room to shelter 50 people a night" but low funds meant Leo had to raise another $10,000 to keep it open.


Leo needed $10,000 to keep The Street Haven open. Lisa Ann, controlled by Face, gave it to him claiming it was a "kill fee" for not performing "The Heart of Elegance".

New York Times
Printed an interview with Garrison Elliot before he died in which he mentioned writing "The Heart of Elegance" for the Kennedy Centre.

Pulitzer Prize
Garrison Elliott had won this award.

"The Heart of Elegance"
An unfinished play by Garrison Elliott that was actually a puzzle to Hell guarded by Elias Trimble. It was a "rough first draft" that had "corrections, strike-overs, transpositions, even words spelled backwards... each page progressively worse". Spilling blood upon the script whilst attempting to unlock its mysteries summons the Cenobites.


1963 Leo Shabel is born.
1991 Winter (day before)

Elias Trimble gives Lisa Ann "The Heart of Elegance". Luthor dies during the cold night.

1991 Winter (day 1)

Lisa Ann tells Leo about "The Heart of Elegance". The Street Haven is threatened with closure. Lisa Ann summons Face who takes control of her.

1991 Winter (day 2)

Leo is given enough money to keep The Street Haven. Leo kisses Lisa Ann who is under the control of Face.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 8: "The Devi's Brigade Part 3: The Haven on Hell Street" by Ron Wolfe, John Van Fleet & James Novak

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