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Christopher's older brother. In 1973 he summoned Hunger but gave Christopher to Hell in his place. Since then he has married and had a child, Benjamin. When Christopher escaped Hell and found him Adam was horrified by what he had become. When Hunger threatened to take him to Hell again Adam offered up his son instead. However Christopher had already killed Ben, Adam tried to offer his wife but Hunger wasn't interested. Adam was then taken to Hell.
Benjamin "Ben"
Adam's son. Adam offered him to Hunger to take to Hell instead of himself. However Christopher had already ripped Ben apart.
Christopher jumped through the schism as Hunger brought the Catholic to Hell.
Adam's younger brother. In 1973 Adam gave Christopher to Hunger to take to Hell in his place. Christopher was turned into Hunger's Pet who was "normally well-disciplined". Even in this state he remembered the brother he had loved and escaped Hell. He returned home where he confronted Adam and killed his nephew, Benjamin. He returned to Hell with Hunger.
A very thin Cenobite with a large mouth full of sharp teeth. Adam summoned him in 1973. Adam convinced Hunger to take Christopher to Hell instead of himself. He made Christopher into his Pet. In 1991, whilst bringing the Catholic to Hell, Christopher escaped and went to Adam's home. Hunger went to collect Christopher and threatened to take Adam as well to "justify the expense" of his journey. Hunger accepted Ben as a replacement but Christopher had already killed him and Hell wouldn't accept "damaged merchandise". Hunger wanted to hear Adam scream and took him to Hell.


A realm of "dark hallways", transformation of flesh and pain and pleasure accessed by opening a doorway. Christopher escaped here. Hunger brought him back along with Adam.

The town where Adam lives.

Home, Adam's
Adam lives here with his wife and his son, Benjamin. Christopher returned here to find his brother and Hunger followed.


"Damaged Merchandise"
Dead flesh that Hell will not accept.

Doorway to Hell
When Hunger brought the Catholic through this Christopher jumped through and escaped.


1973 Hunger takes Christopher to Hell instead of Adam.

Christopher escapes Hell and kills Ben. Hunger takes Christopher and Adam back to Hell.


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