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Lord of Hell. It put Mr. Winky Dink in charge of the Too-Innocent-to-be-Truly-Damned so they wouldn't cause chaos in Hell. When Mr. Winky Dink did a non-scary trick it ripped his guts out as a warning.
Mr. Dink
Mr. Winky Dink's sidekick. He is a shorter and green-haired version of Mr. Winky Dink. He was hit in the face with an acidic pie.
Mr. Winky Dink
The host of the Mr. Winky Dink Show who was drafted to look after Hell's Too-Innocent-to-be-Truly-Damned. His face is a permanent, smiling clown head that he hides between shows with a sad human face. He has red hair, blue skin, and wears a black clown suit. He entertains the children with jokes, games, stories and magic tricks all of which are horrific in nature. When Mr. Winky Dink allowed a regular white bunny to be pulled out of a hat, Leviathan ripped his guts out as a warning.
The innocent children that managed to solve one of Hell's puzzles. Leviathan didn't want them causing chaos in Hell, so all of them are looked after by Mr. Winky Dink and his show.


Where Mr. Winky Dink spends eternity "entertaining" the Too-Innocent-to-be-Truly-Damned.


Egg and Spoon Race
Mr. Winky Dink used horrific eggs which had eyes and mouths.

The Mr. Winky Dink Show
On Earth, it had run on Stamford public access channel Q between 4:30 and 5:00. In Hell, it runs forever. It's a children's show for Hell's Too-Innocent-to-be-Truly-Damned with disturbing and horrific games and other forms of entertainment..
Mr. Winky Dink allowed this to be pulled out of a hat and was punished by Leviathan for it.

Stamford Public Access Channel Q
The channel on Earth that ran "The Mr. Winky Dink Show".


1991 Mr. Winky Dink pulls a normal rabbit out of a hat and Leviathan punishes him.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 7: "Clowning Around!" by D.J. Chichester, Kyle Baker & Phil Felix

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