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Able, David "Davy"
Rebecca seduced him in a field and Samuel caught them making love. Samuel showed him and Rebecca the Genesis Revelation in the old Chapel. He watched Samuel summon Legion. When Rebecca denied her love for him to save her life he forgave her. He appeared on TV claiming Samuel was lying and appealed to Rebecca to tell the truth.
Cenobite summoned by the Genesis Revelation. She is an obese female with four heads, one on each shoulder and one coming out of her chest. She asked Rebecca is she would deny her love for David in order to save her own life. She told Samuel there was no "devine plan", "only the war". She grabbed his wrist with her tongue and carved a triangle in his palm before dragging him to Hell.
Rebecca "Becky"
She seduced David in a field and they were caught making love by Samuel. When Samuel summoned Legion in the old Chapel, Legion asked her if she would deny her love for David to save her life. She agreed but David forgave her. After Legion and Samuel were gone, she couldn't forgive herself for her actions and left David. When David appeared on TV begging her to tell the truth she stayed silent.
Samuel's sister. He saw her having sex against a tree at their fathers funeral. She told him to "read the dirty bits in [his] Bible".
Leader of the Christian Army Fellowship. He banned "running, sporty games, boisterous laughter, sugar in tea, newspapers, novels" and window shopping. In 1963, he caught his sister fornicating at his father's funeral. He then was given the Genesis Revelation by Thomas. He was sent the Testament of Peter that allowed him to solve it after 28 years. He solved it in front of Rebecca and David to show them the error of their ways.. Legion arrived from Hell. She grabbed his arm with her tongue and cut a triangle of flesh from his palm. Samuel was then taken to Hell. Hell released him to continue his work with the Christian Army Fellowship. He covered his wounded hand with a black, finger-less glove with a red crescent moon on it. When David accused him of lying, he claimed David was in the clutches of Satan.
A puzzle guardian who appeared as the ghost of St. Thomas. He gave Samuel the Genesis Revelation claiming St. Peter had given it to him. He said it was the key to kingdom of Heaven.


Located near the Old Chapel. Rebecca and David had sex here after she seduced him.

"The Kingdom of Leviathan". Legion took Samuel here after he solved the Genesis Revelation.

Old Chapel
Next to the field where David and Rebecca were caught making love. Samuel brought them here where he solved the genesis Revelation. Legion arrived here from Hell.

Samuel met Thomas here and was given the Genesis Revelation.


Christian Army Fellowship
A Christian organisation led by Samuel. Rebecca and Davis were among its 200 members.

The Genesis Revelation
A puzzle given to Samuel by Thomas. To solve it, it must be transformed it into several Christian symbols. It starts as "the rod and staff of comfort," changes to "the grail that held [Jesus'] blood," then to "the cross on which [Jesus] died," and finally to "the tree of knowledge." Solving it summoned Legion.

Testament of Peter
A manuscript with instructions on how to solve the Genesis Revelation. A dealer sent it to Samuel a week before his solving of the puzzle.


1963 Samuel sees his sister fornicating at their father's funeral. Thomas gives him the Genesis Revelation.
1991 (a week before)

A dealer sends Samuel the Testament of Peter.


Samuel catches Rebecca and David fornicating. Samuel solves the Genesis Revelation using the Testament of Peter. Legion takes Samuel to Hell.

1991, Later

Samuel released from Hell to serve Leviathan. David accuses Samuel of lying on live TV.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 7: "Demons to Some, Angels to Others" by Nicholas Vince, John Bolton & James Novak

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