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Ms. Hansell
Ms Hansell spent "six months in a retreat, five thou worth of classes, and books, and programming and de-programming; three years of assertiveness training" before recieving a letter from the "University of Adversity" Program along with a Puzzle Box. She solved it and Hunger took her to Hell to begin her training.
A Cenobite summoned by the Lament Configuration. He is extremely thin with a large mouth. When Ms Hansell and Mr Wallace solved the Box he took them to Hell where he served as their training instructor "for the elite ranks of Leviathan". He made sure Mr Wallace understood his graduation requirements before sending him back to Earth.
Wallace, Donald
Also: "The Wallet"
Donald "The Wallet" Wallace was "the world's first and private trillionaire". His private phone number was on the "University of Adversity" Program's letter that applicants could call for a personal endorsement. When Ms Hansell entered Hell he was ready to graduate from the program. In order to do this he had to complete the impossible task of recruiting a new person on his first week, two on his second and so on with the number doubling each subsequent week for a year. This proved to Hunger that the "art of the deal" still eluded Wallace.
"The Wallet"
See Wallace, Donald


Apartment, Ms. Hansell's
Where Ms Hansell solved the Lamanet Configuration and was taken to Hell.

Hunger took Ms Hansell and Donald Wallace here for their training. Mr Wallace left after graduating from the program.


Books, Ms. Hansell's
How to Win Friends and Influence People, Philosophy of Nietzsche, Dianetics, Myths to Live By, The Road Less Travelled.

Graduation Requirements
1. "To locate and recruit one new applicant within seven days of Graduation and continuitng to locate two new applicants seven days after that, the number doubling each succeeding week, ad infinitum, for one year". 2. "Do so in an orderly fashion which will not premote general unrest". Hunger knew this was impossible as, after six months, Wallace would have to deliver the Earth's entire population.

Lament Configuration
This came with the "University of Adversity" Program letter. Ms Hansell solved it and Hunger took her to Hell.

Letter, 'University of Adversity' Program's
A letter sent to candidates for the Program, it came with the Lament Configuration. It featured Donald Wallace's picture and phone number.

'University of Adversity' Program
A self-help program set up by Hell. A letter and the Lament Configuration are sent to someone seeking answers. Upon solving the Box they are taken to Hell to train "for the elite ranks of Leviathan".


1991, Saturday

4pm - Hansell tries to solve the box but gives up.
6pm - Donald Wallace appears on TV. Hansell begins working on the box again.
11:56pm - Hansell solves the box and Hunger takes her to Hell.

1991, Sunday

Donald Wallace is sent back to Earth.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 7: "I in the Pyramid" by Bob Washington, John Rheaume & Jade Moede

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