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Cenobite that greeted Cassidy in Hell. He is obese with his stomach slit open and he wears dark sunglasses. Butterball threw Cassidy into the Creation Chamber.

Owner of a race horse. He fed his horse coke and beat it when it didn't win. He bought the stopwatch from Wine Head in order to make his horse run faster. He dropped the watch and it shattered. He took it to a watch repairman, but it couldn't be fixed. He put the watch back together himself "almost in record time." Wine Head appeared, revealed his true form, and threw Cassidy into Hell. There he met Pinhead, the Female Cenobite, and Butterball who told him he was to be recruited. Cassidy thought his luck had finally changed but changed his mind once he was put in his Creation Chamber. Pinhead decided to call him The Trainer "if he masters the discipline to stop screaming".

"Lord Leviathan's front line in the war against the flesh." They are created in creation chambers.

The Female Cenobite
Cenobite that greeted Cassidy in Hell. She has a nail through her nose and a wire that goes through her cheeks and her throat, holding it open.

He threatened to petition the stewards to bar Cassidy from the track.

Lord of the Cenobites.

Cenobite that greeted Cassidy in Hell. He is studded with nails and told Cassidy that they admired his discipline.

Race Horses
Dinah Girl, Crank Dave, Spank Me, Liliana's Surprise, Turbo Buffy, Kandu ran the race. Dinah Girl won, and Cassidy beat the his horse for losing. He had Weiss feed it coke to make it run faster.

Cassidy's jockey.

Stable Boy
He groomed and took care of Cassidy's horse. He told Cassidy that Wine Head had been dead for a month.

Watch Repairman
He had been fixing watches and clock for 30 years. Cassidy brought his broken stopwatch to him. He couldn't fix it, and didn't think it was actually a watch.

He fed Cassidy's horse coke before races. Cassidy fired him because he refused to participate in abusing the horse any further.

Wine Head
The puzzle guardian of the Stopwatch. It hid in a dead body and sold the stopwatch to Cassidy for $5. When Cassidy fized the watch he appeared and ripped off his skin to reveal his true form. He is a human-shaped lizard with red eyes and tentacles protruding from his side. He threw Cassidy down into Hell.


Cassidy searched these locations for Wine Head but couldn't find him.

The realm of Leviathan and home of the Cenobites. Wine Head threw Cassidy ehar and he landed in a red lake infested with various creatures. Pinhead, the Female Cenobite and Butterball met him here and took him up a stairway to his Creation Chamber.

Race Track
Cassidy's favourite place to be. He owned a horse and ran races here.


Cassidy used this to beat his horse after it lost its race.

Creation Chamber, Cassidy's
"A glowing cell filled with an impossible number of burning horses, their eyes aflame". When Cassidy entered they ripped him apart with their teeth.

A puzzle that Wine Head sold to Cassidy that supposedly made horses run their fastest ever. Cassidy dropped it and it smashed. The Watch Repairman said it wasn't a stopwatch. When Cassidy fixed it himself it opened the door to Hell.


1991 (day 1) After losing a race Cassidy beats his horse and fires Weiss.
1991 (day 2)

Shortly after dawn Cassidy buys the Stopwatch from Wine Head. Later that day Cassidy drops and breaks the Stopwatch. The Watch Repairman says it cannot be repaired. Cassidy searches bars for Wine Head.

1991 (day 3)

Cassidy fixes the Stopwatch and Wine Head throws him into Hell. Cassidy meets Pinhead, the Female Cenobite and Butterball. Butterball throws him into the Creation Chamber.


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