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A gung-ho soldier. He volunteered to enter the tunnel and hunt down some Vietnamese. He killed 6 of them before getting lost in the tunnels, accidently solving the puzzle. Three Cenobites came to take him to be remade into a Cenobite. He refused, and fought with them.

Blue Boy
One of the Cenobites that met Atkins after he solved the puzzle. It was very large and wore a small leather costume over parts of it. A third arm was attached to its back between its shoulder blades. It had a metal band around its head with wires coming from it. These and other wires held its mouth open revealing large, pointed teeth.
One of the Cenobites that met Atkins after he solved the puzzle. It was tall and dressed in a leather suit. It had a halo surrounding its head from which spikes went into its head and shoulders.

Laughing Boy
One of the Cenobites that met Atkins after he solved the puzzle. It was bald , its eyes were stitched together and it had a circled "x" cut into its forehead. It had collar of long metal spikes and its chest had been cut open and stitched back up. It wore a leather suit and threatened to take Atkins with them by force.

The God of Hell. Atkins saw it after solving the puzzle of the tunnels. It wanted to remake him as a Cenobite.

Discovered the tunnel.

Leader of the platoon. Asked for a volunteer to go into the tunnels and bring back some ears as he was worried that the platoon's body count was low that week. He let Atkins borrow his side arm.

Vietnamese Soldier
The sixth Vietnamese soldier attacked by Atkins. He claimed they were protected by the Cenobites. Atkins strangled him.


The realm of Leviathan where Atkins was taken after solving the puzzle of the tunnels.

Where Atkins fights in the war. The location of the puzzle of the tunnels.


Puzzle of the Tunnels
A maze of underground tunnels in Vietnam. When navigated correctly, they lead to Hell. Atkins solved it.

Side Arm
Atkins borrowed this from "Sir" to use against the Vietnamese


(during Vietnam) Atkins enters the tunnels and kills 6 Vietnamese. He solves the Puzzle of the Tunnels and three Cenobites take him to Hell.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 6: "Tunnel of Love" by Erik Saltzgaber, Joe Barruso & Jade Moede

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