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Affinito, Dr James
The physician Hub went to see after he accidently hit Cal. He believed Hubs fear came from feelings of guilt for being homosexual and the pressure of living in a new place.

Building Manager
Also: Century 21 Agent, Realtor
The puzzle guardian for the Sculpture, she has long brown hair and red eyes. As the manager of the apartment she first showed Cal and Hub around, Hub thought he saw her kissing Cal but it was a trick of the shadows. She later coaxed Cal to solve the puzzle of the Sculpture and then, after he vanished, she suggested the same to Hub.

Calvin "Cal"
Hub's boyfriend he has short dark hair and wheres round glasses. They moved to Atlanta together where they found the apartment and shortly moved in, Cal was instantly mesmerised by the sculpture in the bedroom. After moving in he began to work on the puzzle which caused him and Hub begin to fight, he believed Hubs attitude was causing them to not make many friends. When Hub ruined the progress he had made on the puzzle he stormed out, when he returned Cal was accidenly elbowed in the face by his lover. Cal demanded Hub see a doctor and he organised a party with new friends he had made at work who worried he had been battered due to the bruises on his face. Cal solved the puzzle of the sculpture and something came through the door to take him away.

Century 21 Agent
See Building Manager

Friends, Cal's
New friends made by Cal after moving to Atlanta, they worried that his bruises were the results of a battering. Cal invitied them to the apartment for a party shortly before he vanished.

Cal's boyfriend he has spiky, blond hair and blue eyes. Hub would follow Cal anywhere and they moved to Atlanta together where they found the apartment and shortly moved in. Hub was uneasy about his homosexuality and feared Cal would chat on him with a women, he had nightmares where his hometown were disgusted with him for being different. Hub was uneasy with both the puzzle and the door which he was certain he could hear noises behind. He almost solved the sculpture once but broke it up again when he realised how afraid he was. When Cal saw this he stormed out and Hub listened at he door only to hear muttering voices. He accidently elbowed Cal in the face and had to go see a physician to prevent Cal leaving him. When he came home one day he found Cal had vanished, a slime trail leading from the door to the completed sculpture. He decided to wait for Cal to come back through the door until the Building Manager suggested he solve the puzzle also.Even though he felt Evil behind the door he embraced it if it meant he could follow Cal.

Hub's Father
Hub dreamt that his father, along with his entire hometown, were at his wedding to Cal where they all looked at him "in blank disgust".

The Police
They suspected Hub after Cal vanished but could prove nothing.

See Building Manager


Apartment, Calvin and Hub's
"Top floor, last on the wing. No neighbours above and only one to your west; and a great view of Atlanta". When Cal and Hub first went to see it, it smelt of "fresh paint and polished wood" having recently been remodeled. It has a high ceiling and a large bedroom. The Building Manager told them that she thought it was the nicest apartment in the building.

Atlanta, Georgia
The location of Cal and Hub's new apartment. "No one asked any prying questions" here.

Bedroom, Apartment
"A large room. Eighteen by twenty. Good sized by any standards; especially in a mid-town apartment". The bedroom has the Sculpure laid into the middle of the floor and the mysterious door is set into the wall. Cal placed the bed with its back to the door. This is where both Cal and Hub solved the puzzle and entered Hell.

The Building
The building where Cal and Hub found their apartment, it had been remodeled not long before. It's thick walls muffled the noise from the streets outside. The wings had "been shorn off and braces put in" resulting in the door that led to nowhere.

Church of Jesus Christ
Hub used to go here when he was a child in his home town. He has a nightmare where his marriage to Cal takes place here.


Bed, Cal and Hub's
The head of this rested against the door, something which Hub hated. When Cal solved the puzzle of the Sculpture something pushed it aside when it came through the door.

Car, Cal's
When Cal vanished Hub looked for signs that he had left. However both his keys and his car were still in their place.

Diploma, Dr Affinito's
"This certifies that James Affinito is a qualified physician in the field of psychology."

The Door
An old door with a diamond wooden pattern on it that used to lead to the wings of the building before they were removed, now it leads nowhere. Hub heard strange sounds from behind it. When he returned home to find Cal missing a trail of slime led from the door to the puzzle on the floor. Hub knew Cal was behind the door and decided to solve the puzzle of the sculpture so he could find his lover.

"Pocked dust-encrusted limbs" that yanked Hub through the door after he solved the puzzle of the Sculpture.

Nightmare, Hub's
Hub dreamt of his wedding day in his hometown church where his entire town attended. When Cal walked down the aisle in a gown, everyone was disgusted.

"A sculpture a previous tenant left". It is a large rectangular frame in the middle of the bedroom floor with coloured pieces stacked next to it. The pieces can be placed in te frame like a jigsaw to form different patterns and shadings. Cal became obsessed with solving the puzzle which angered Hub who feared it. When Cal and Hub eventually formed the correct pattern the door unlocked and they both went through it into Hell.


1991 Jan Cal and Hub look around the apartment and agree to move in.
1991 Feb

Cal begins working on the sculpture puzzle. At night Hub hears noises behind the door. Cal and Hub fight over the sculpture puzzle and Cal storms off.

1991 March

Hub wrecks all of Cal's progress on the puzzle. He accidently hits Cal. Cal tells Hub to see a doctor.

1991 April

Cal solves the sculpture and is taken to Hell.

1991 May

Hub solves the sculpture and follows Cal to Hell.


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