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Bright Eyes
Cenobite summoned by the Elegy Configuration, twin sister of The Voice. When they were human they "both had crystal blue eyes. Both had musical voices". Bright Eyes is bald, the skin has been removed from her womb area, she has a "curved, sharpened thumbnail" and her mouth is sealed shut with metal bars. She and her sister came to take Andy Kendall to Hell, when Laura gave chase she threw the remains of her coat over Bright Eyes.
Kendall, Andrew "Andy"
The baby son of Jack and Laura Kendall. He solved the Elegy Configuration in the hope that it would stop his parents fighting. His first word was "Momma" which he yelled as the Cenobites took him to Hell. He stood up and took his first step on his own in Hell.
Kendall, Jack
The father of Andy Kendall, married to Laura Kendall. He resented the attention given to his son and spent most of his time getting drunk on Jack Daniels. He used to touch Laura lovingly but since the baby came along he began to hit her. When the Cenobites took Andy he tried to prevent Laura going after them.

Kendall, Laura
The mother of Andy Kendall, married to Jack Kendall. She doted on her son, wanting to give him everything he would need despite their poor circumstances. She was worried that the Elegy Configuration was hindering Andy's development but couldn't bare to take away the only toy her son had ever loved. When the Cenobites took Andy to tell she followed, using her coat to blind Bright Eyes and snatching back her baby. She became lost in Hell and was chased by the Stalker which she distracted with one of Andy's shoes. She tried to flee but found Bright Eyes and The Voice waiting for her at the gates to her Hell. She agreed to stay and raise Andy in Hell so that he may one day have a chance to escape.
The Stalker
A squat, troll-like being that with long arms and a five pronged fork stuck into its chest, it patrols the halls of Hell, dragging behind it a cart of collected beings. "It's job is to stalk these passageways in search of living things that don't belong, in search of living thins that bleed too freely". It picked up Laura's scent but she threw Andys blood stained shoe which it chewed on whilst she escaped.
The Voice
Cenobite summoned by the Elegy Configuration, twin sister of Bright Eyes. When they were human they "both had crystal blue eyes. Both had musical voices". The Voice is bald, the skin has been removed from her womb area, she has a "curved, sharpened thumbnail" and her eyes have been removed and chains inserted into the sockets. She and her sister came to take Andy Kendall to Hell though she told Jack they would prefer him had they the choice. She offered Laura a bargain, if she agreed to stay in Hell forever she may protect Andy until he is strong enough to try and escape.


Apartment, The Kendall's
"Home... such as it is". A small apartment where the Kendall's lived and where Andy solved the Elegy Configuration. It's painted yellow with little furnishings and posters decorating the walls.

Also: Labyrinth
A vast and dark Labyrinth that Laura Kendall became lost in. She discovered a vast wall made from living beings, rough slabs of bloodstained rock flooring and a wooden stairway where she was pursued by The Stalker. Hell is accessed via the Schism which is opened whenever the Elegy Configuration is solved.

Hell, Laura's
When Laura stepped into her own Hell she found herself in a replica of her apartment where Jack was waiting for her, promising to make her "so damn sorry".

See Hell


Elegy Configuration
Andy Kendall's favourite toy, his mother "brought him the block in a sack of alphabet blocks from the flea market". It can be transformed into a sphere and a pyramid shape and solving it opens the gates to Hell. Before Andy managed, it hadn't been opened "since the time of Srivishaya, in Sumatra, 800 years ago".

Jack Daniels
Jack Kendall's drink of choice on which he spends a lot of the families money.

Jacket, Laura's
Her jacket was caught in the schism as it sealed. She tore it off and used the remains to attack Bright Eyes.

Law of Leviathan
The rules that the Cenobites must follow. They have to bring the puzzle solver to Hell and cannot choose.

Posters, The Kendall's
Four posters hang in the Kendall home: "Jed Set," "Back Street Hero," "Life's a Bitch," and "The Real Ghostbusters."

The seal "between Earth and Hell", it cannot be closed again until the Cenobites take back the being that summoned them.
Shoe, Andy's
Laura used Andy's blood-stained shoe to distract The Stalker.


1100s During the time of Srivishaya, the Elegy Configuration is solved in Sumatra for the last time for 800 years.
1988 Andy Kendall is born to Jack and Laura Kendall.
1991 Laura buys the Elegy Configuration for Andy in a sack of alphabet blocks.
1991 (months later) Andy Kendall solves the Elegy Configuration and is taken to Hell. Laura Kendall follows and stays in Hell with her son.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 6: "Original Sin" by Ron Wolfe, SMS & James Novak

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