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English Teacher
Lindsay's teacher who asked her as to the symbolism of the rose in "The Sick Rose." When Lindsay didn't hear her she got angry. Lindsay called her a "stupid bitch."

Grecco, Bill
He asked Lindsay out to the carnival and won a puzzle box by knocking over milk cartons. He gave it to her and said it was their "secret girft." The next day at school, he ignored Lindsay.

Lindsay's best friend. She's "really into puzzles." She was with Lindsay when Bill ignored her.

Lindsay's father. He gave her permission to go on her date with Bill. He forced her to go to schoo after she faked being sick for two days.

A young teenager who kept a diary. She went on a date with Bill to a carnival where he won a puzzle cube. He gave it to her as their "secret gift." The next day at school, she told Jackie about her date but then Bill ignored her in the hallway. She became obsessed with trying to solve the puzzle box and pretended to be sick for two days so she could stay home and work on it. She kept track of her progress in her diary. Her relationship with her family deteriorated the longer she worked on the box, and she stopped eating. After being forced to go to school by her father she returned home just in time to see her sister being taken to Hell. She didn't realise that was what the box would do and thought it should of been her taken instead.

Lindsay's Mother
She noted that Lindsay was in a good mood after her date with Bill. She became concerned with Lindsay's health after she started shutting herself up in her room.

Lindsay's younger sister. Tina read Lindsay's diary whilst she was at school and used the notes to solve the puzzle. She was taken to Hell.


Lindsay and Bill went on a date here. Bill won a puzzle box at the '3 Throws' stall and gave it to Lindsay.

Middle School
Lindsay's school. The day after the carnival Bill ignores her here. Later she fails to pay attention in English Class as she is thinking of the puzzle box.

Room, Lindsay's
After Bill started ignoring her Lindsay started spending most of her time here. She pretended to be ill so she could stay here and work on solving the box. Lindsay came home to see Tina being taken to Hell here.


Diary, Lindsay's
Lindsay used this to keep track of the movements she had already used in attempting to solve the Box. Tina found this whilst Lindsay was at school and used the notes to solve the puzzle herself.

Lament Configuration
Also: Puzzle Cube, Secret Gift
Bill won this at the carnival and gave it to Lindsay as their "secret gift." She attempted to solve it, taking note of her progress in her diary. Her sister, Tina, found the diary and used it to open the Box.

Note, Lindsay's Mother's
This read: "Lindsay-- Dad called to say he's working late, and I took Tina to school for parent's night. Dinner's in the over. See you later. Love, Mum".

Puzzle Cube
See Lament Configuration

Secret Gift
See Lament Configuration

"The Sick Rose"
Tennyson poem that Lindsay was studying in English class. When her teacher asked her about its symbolism she didn't have an answer.

3 Throws
A booth at a carnival where you throw a baseball at milk cartons. Bill knocked them all down and won a Puzzle Cube.


1990 (day 1) Lindsay asks her parents permission to go to a carnival.
1990 (day 2) Lindsay and Bill go the carnival on a date. He wins her a Puzzle Box.
1990 (day 3) Bill ignores Lindsay at school. Lindsay stays up all night trying to solve the Box.
1990 (day 4) Lindsay fakes illness in order to work on the Box in school hours.
1990 (day 5) Lindsay continues to fake her illness. Her parents talk to her about her attitude.
1990 (day 6) Lindsay is forced to go to school. Tina reads Lindsay's diary and solves the Box.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 5: "Dear Diary" by Sholly Fisch, Colleen Doran & Jade Moede

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