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The Lord of Hell. Leviathan instructs Orno to create "new guardians and gateways."

Miller, Ian
The son of Orno and a prostitute. On his sixteenth birthday he recieved Orno's Puzzle Box and became its guardian.

Mr. Miller
Ian Miller's step-father. He read the birthday card from Orno.

She helped deliver the baby Ian Miller. She noted he had "lovely green eyes."

A Cenobite who creates "new guardians and avenues into Hell." He has three metal arrows pointing up to the top of his head, surrounding his stretched out face. He has white skin, flaps of skin peeled off his chest and wears a vast cloak. When he was human he had "a mind that was constantly searching for a pure formula or equation." The Lament Configuration became his "mathematical gateway" to Hell where he was made into a Cenobite. To create his new gateways, Leviathan first provides the Raw Material and then Orno opens up his head to expose the brain. He explores "the maze of the mind" and discovers the "quirks, expectations and co-called carnal desires." He then has a 'taste' before selecting a blank box and carving it into a new Puzzle based on the mans mind. He then sends the Raw Material back to earth with a libido and carrying Orno's seed, the resulting child being a puzzle guardian. When the child turns sixteen he sends them the new puzzle as a gift.

Orno Troop
This Cenobite delivered the Raw Material to Orno. It has leather straps on its arms and face and a circular mouth.

She was impregnated by the Raw Material that Orno sent from Hell. She died in labour but gave birth to Ian Miller.

Raw Material
A man who "no longer had any desire to bring his fleshy exterior to a focal point." Orno used the mazes of his mind as raw material for creating his new puzzle box. Orno gave him a libido, some of his own seed and released him from Hell. Back on earth, the Raw Material impregnated a prostitute before committing suicide by running out in front a vehicle.


Orno sent his Raw Material back here to spawn a puzzle guardian.

Home of Orno and location of his workshop. It is ruled by Leviathan.

Ian Miller lived in a suburb of this city with his step-parents.


Birthday Card, Ian's
This card arrived with a package on Ian's sixteenth birthday. It read "Happy Birthday... from your fathers."

Blank Box
Parts of the Gateway that Orno carves into Puzzle Bozeson Leviathans request.

The Box
See Lament Configuration

The entrance to Hell. Every Box is "a small part of the whole gateway."

Lament Configuration
Also: The Box
Orno solved this and was taken to Hell to become a Cenobite.

See Puzzle Box, Orno's

Puzzle Box, Orno's
This was created by Orno out of one of his blank boxes. He used a man's mind as raw material to create this puzzle, "each part reflects some strength or weakness." It is blue with gold patterns etched onto it. When Ian, its guardian, became old enough he sent the puzzle to him as a gift.

Seed, Orno's
Orno's sperm which he gave to the Raw Material as its own was too weak.


1990 Leviathan instructs Orno to create a new Puzzle. Orno does so and then sends his Raw Material to Earth to impregnate a women.
1991 A prostitute gives birth to Ian Miller but dies in labour.
2007 Ian Miller recieves Orno's Puzzle Box on his birthday and becomes its guardian.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 5: "Mazes of the Mind" by Mark Nelson & Willie Schubert

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