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Alex's girlfriend and a member of the Takata Team. She heard a voice compel her to unlock the combination of the Hartshorne Tower. She jumped off but Alex managed to open her Para-Glider and she landed safely.

Hunter, Alex
Alex's younger brother. When he was 10 years old he set fire to their bedroom in an attempt to kill Allen who he was jealous of. Allen survived and saved Alex from his own fire. Alwx dropped out of college and faked his credentials to join the Takata team. He jumped from the Hartshorne Tower alongside the Lemmings to try and discover what happened to Allen and survived due to Takata's para-glider. He later realised the Tower was a Condemnation Box and returned with Geena. They both lept off but he saved her life by pulling her rip-cord before falling through the Schism himself. He landed in Hell where Allen met him as a Cenobite.

Hunter, Allen / Hunter
Alex's older brother. He saved Alex from a fire in their childhood home that resulted in him being badly burnt and losing his left eye. He doesn't believe in Hell "except for Hell on Earth" but believes the Lament Configuration "opens the way into another world." He jumped off the Gulf Shore Tower and disappeared. He crossed into Hell and was made into a Cenobite with a glowing yellow eye where his empty socket had been. He greeted Alex when he arrived.

A group of people who meet at the top of large buildings and throw glitter into the air before leaping off. Some disappear but most die. The first jump occured in Calcutta, later ones in London, Madrid and Houston. More than 100 jumps have occured. 27 people died jumping from the Hartshorne Tower.

Takata, Dr. William
The head of the Takata Team who study the Lemmings. He observed them from a helicopter with "the latest in electronic surveillance and camera gear" as well as "a good pair of binoculars".

One of the Lemmings who approached Alex. Her pupils opened wide, "dead black", before she lept from the Hartshorne Tower. Alex saw her vanish through the schism as she fell.


Gulf Shore Tower, Houston
The location of a Lemming jump and also a Condemnation Box. Allen lept from it.

Hartshorne Tower, Seattle
The locaton of a Lemming jump and also a Condemnation Box. It's a 50-storey high office building locaed in Downtown Seattle. It is solved via a combination of left turns, right turns, stairways and elevators leading to the roof.

Allen believed this to be "another world, another dimension, another science". Allen landed here after jumping off the Hartshorne Tower.

Allen Hunter had an office here where he conducted his researches into the Lament Configuration.


Condemnation Box
One of "thousands" of keys to Hell. Both the Gulf Shore Tower and the Hartshorne Tower were both Condemnation Boxes. The door to Hell is opened by ascending the Towers in a certain way and then leaping off.

Elegy Configuration
One of "thousands" of keys to Hell.

"Gold and silver, jewelry, diamonds, coins, bottlecaps, other bits of worthless metal." The Lemmings throw this in the air before jumping as "a surrender of worldly things". When the sunlight catches them it seems like an explosion.

Key to Hell
See Lament Configuration

Lament Configuration
Also: Key to Hell
One of "thousands" of keys to Hell. Allen studied "the ancient beliefs that surround this puzzle box." He wanted to discover its secret.

Para-Glider, Takata's
Designed by Dr. Takata, it is "a way to navigate the concrete canyons of the city's air space."

The barrier between Hell and Earth. Alex fell through this when he jumped from the Hartshorne Tower.

Takata Team
A group of scientists who study the Lemmings, they are led by Dr. Takata. Alex faked his credentials to join the team. His girlfriend, Geena, is also a member.

Tears of Eternity
One of "thousands" of keys to Hell.


(years before) Alex sets fire to his home. Allen saves him and is badly burnt.
(past, uncertain) Allen tells Alex about the various keys to Hell.
(past, uncertain) Allen enters Hell after leaping off the Gulf Shore Tower.
1990 The Takata team study a Lemming jump off the Hartshorne Tower. Alex realises the tower is a Condemnation Box. Alex jumps with Geena and enters Hell.


Clive Barker's Hellraiser, Book 5: "Glitter and Go" by Ron Wolfe, Dan Spiegle & Carrie Spiegle

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